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The best alternatives to XYZ Books in 2024

alternative xyz books

The Internet is a place where you can get pretty much anything if you put your mind to it. Thanks to this, we will be able to get hold of very useful material such as free books in digital format. Nevertheless, XYZ Books Zone does not work, so we are going to show you alternatives to XYZ Books.

Pages like this and Bajaepub They have been of great relevance for lovers of reading, but they tend to have constant drops. Either due to saturation of its servers or due to maintenance, here we will leave you a couple of alternatives that can replace them without problem.

Without further ado, here they are! the best alternatives to XYZ Books in Spanish!


InfoBooks it's not just one of the best alternatives to XYZ Books, but also one of the best pages for lovers of books and reading in general.

Its modern interface, accompanied by a minimalist design, gives the web visual quality, and is also very simple to explore. Moving away from the conventional, the different categories are at the bottom and not at the top as we are used to.

We have 3 main sections: Theme, Author Y review. Each one adds images and lets us see a few of the titles included in the section.

Here are some of the InfoLibros features:

  • Contains a section of best books to read, where you can easily find the title for download, a review and a little history about its author
  • Your section of free books has a wide variety of study materials, all of which are in the public domain. If you need to consult a specific document about a university, you can most likely find it here
  • For the little ones, there is the section of recommended reading. Through this, you can reinforce the habit of reading with easy-to-read books that will help improve your vocabulary

This website is an excellent option for download free PDF books, all of its content being in Spanish and with quality translations.



Although it is a page still growing, Freeditorial has enough material to fill a position on our list of alternatives to XYZ Books. Here we can find an impressive variety of titles, focused on giving visibility to independent authors.

However, this is not an impediment to add classics, best sellers and recent works that have captured the public's attention.

The only aspect that can be considered negative for some is that Freeditorial has taken literally the saying of "Do not judge a book by its cover", since the books are accompanied only by their name and author.

Within the book as such, we will find different options, such as:

  • E-Reader: Allows you download the book in format EPUB
  • Send to your Kindle: To add the book to your Amazon Kindle, perfect for those looking for free books for their device
  • PDF: Download the book in PDF format
  • Read online: Open a new tab where you will have access to the book from the comfort of your browser



An indispensable site for those who see reading as something more than a hobby. LeBooks it is probably one of the websites alternatives to XYZ Books with such an extensive and varied catalog.

Literature and fiction, academic books, self-help, travel, video game guides, and much more! Its long list of titles has made it an excellent choice for download free books, steadily gaining popularity through an active community.

Another aspect that makes LeLibros special is its wide range of titles, as your team has access to books that you can't even imagine. It is possible that, by browsing other sites, you download files with the watermark from this website, so you already know where they are getting their content from.

All the books are translated into Spanish, also offering different download links and the option to read online. To this we add a beautiful cover and a description that will provide us with all the necessary information about the book, always without entering the field of spoilers.



ELibrary lives up to its name, presenting an amount of content that could easily amount to a library. Currently, it has more than 149,000 digital books and content continues to be added daily.

As if this large number of titles were not enough, Ebiblioteca presents a thematic scheme with their respective subdivisions. To give an example of this, we can take as a reference the art section, in which we can find: plastic arts, visual arts, theory of the arts, history of the arts, music and others.

Once we have chosen a title, we will come across some information about it, as well as a review. Instead of giving a synopsis, a large team is in charge of telling us a little about what we will see inside it, as well as other recommended reading.

This website is ideal for students, as many of their books belong to the academic texts section.

The best of all is that we will have up to 4 download options, also being on different servers. Thanks to this, you will rarely come across a dropped file; In the case of doing so, you can use their contact email found at the bottom of the page.

Do you want to interact with other users? You can do it too! In addition to ddownload books for free without registering, this website gives us the option to leave our opinion in the comments, simply by entering a name and the message we want to leave.

Without a doubt, one of the alternatives to XYZ Books more complete.

Free Books XD

free books xd

Free Books XD is a good option if you don't want to waste a lot of time browsing within the site, as its design is optimized to get straight to the point. For this reason, it has managed to sneak in as one of the alternatives to XYZ Books.

Regarding content, the team that manages it is committed to modern literature, these being the ones with the greatest presence on the page. As an addition, we will have a bibliographic file at our disposal, as well as a small summary, curious data and various free books download links.

Most of the titles are hosted on Mega and are available in PDF and EPUB, giving the user space to choose what they prefer.

A personal tip: use a ad blocker before entering. While it is true that these pages use advertising to maintain themselves, Download XD Books abuses this practice, saturating the page with dozens of annoying ads.



With almost 50,000 books available in its catalog, Lectulandia presents us with a simple and fast option to download free digital books. If you are one of those who do not dare to give a book a try until you know everything about it, this website will be of great help.

Each of the pages are categorized with the use of labels, allowing you to easily navigate the web through them. Do you want more books of the genre? Would you like to know more about the author's work? Do it!

Accompanying a short description, we will have a series of small reviews by specialized media, such as The Guardian, Sunday Times Style, TIME and even the Washington Post.

Its registration section also has a few advantages, as it allows us to categorize the content of the page using the following tools:

  • I want to read it: Add the book to a section on your profile with pending readings
  • I'm reading it: Update other users on what you've been reading recently
  • Got it: For those who love collecting physical books, they can even upload photos and show off to their friends
  • I have read it: Let others know what you have read and let the web recommend some books that you might like

The only problem that Lectulandia has revolves around its design, because to find the genres we will have to go to the label included in one of the books. However, you can use Google to help you.

Just write the title of the book or author you are looking for followed by the name of the website. For instance: "Myth and religion Lectulandia"By doing this, you will be able to find the books much faster.



Lektu is one of the alternatives to XYZ Books more original, as it presents us with a series of books DRM-Free. This term refers to those that are free from Digital Rights Management, something like copyright.

Through Lektu, you can get a varied series of books, both electronic and physical. In addition, due to its status as a Spanish page, we can get different titles of the country.

Within the site, we will have a more varied selection compared to others alternatives to XYZ Books seen in the list, because we can find comics and audio books free equally.

Unfortunately for us, not all content is free, as much of it is paid. Of course, you will be paying for a high quality product and being royalty free, you can do whatever you want with it.

The owners of the site have also made quite a few friends within the publishers, as we can often find ourselves with limited sales of special editions of our favorite books, and best of all, physically!

These include free shipping on purchases greater than 40€ and they make shipments within the entire Spanish territory.



Ebookworld occupies a place in this list of alternatives to XYZ Books, sharing several similarities with the website of the previous post. Here we can find books, comics and light novels, putting more than 15,000 tTitles at our complete disposal.

The books work with a star rating system, keeping the best valued by the users of the web, which make up the central axis of the web.

And is that for download free ebooks we will need to create an account on your site. Quiet! Registration is completely free and it won't take you more than a couple of minutes to complete everything to start downloading.

Navigating through Ebookmundo is extremely comfortable, something that is reflected in its simple design and the multitude of search tools that we can find. Something that is very appreciated, taking into account the large number of genres available.

The technical file of the titles includes very useful data, such as the number of pages, the weight of the file and the evaluation given by the users.

Hello Ebook


Maybe the main page of Hello Ebook may seem strange to more than one, as its design is strongly inspired by the blogs of yesteryear. However, once this first impression is over, you will be able to discover an excellent site loaded with high quality books.

Hola Ebook offers its users a search by genre and seeks to update its news with the best books. If a book has been adapted for film or television recently, you can find it on its highlights page just when you log in.

When choosing a title, we will have a quality review written by some of the members of its administration, its download links and a magnet link.

The latter is a luxury for those looking to add books to their electronic devices, as they can share it quickly just by pressing a button.

Similar to other websites seen on the list, Hola Ebook includes an option to online reading, which will open a new tab in your browser for you to enjoy the book.

Read Books Online

read books online

We close the list of alternatives to XYZ Books with Read Books Online, a blog dedicated to sharing e-books known to young people.

The strength of this website is in the youth texts, adding a great variety of these for reading online or through the download in PDF.

The only bad thing about Reading Books Online is that it does not allow us to filter by genre, only by the date of upload to the blog and through the integrated search engine. Luckily, these two tools will be very effective when it comes to getting something new to read.


Books are one of the hobbies that have helped people the most, as they tell us intriguing stories, instruct us on a specific topic and are capable of teleporting us to unimaginable worlds.

We hope that with all alternatives to XYZ Books seen here do not have to worry again if you can not access it. Have we missed any place you know along the way? Share it with us in the comments!

Keep browsing here at TecnoGuias and discover everything our team has to offer you. See you soon!