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Best Alternatives to ChatGPT in 2024

alternatives to chatgpt

If you are an active ChatGPT user, you are most likely already aware that this artificial intelligence will become a paid tool. For that reason, we have decided to bring the best alternatives to ChatGPT so that you can continue to have a quality job performance.

We are living a new era in the history of technology with the use of artificial intelligences and ChatGPT is in the crosshairs of all Internet users. However, a few months ago changes were announced within the platform, including a payment plan.

Although there is still a free version, it will have many limitations, but this should not be a problem for you. Our team has taken the task of researching other AIs to bring you the most similar to ChatGPT and with even better resources. 

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What is ChatGPT and why look for alternatives?

It is a project developed by OpenAI that has become a very popular topic in the internet world. Its main function is to manage to maintain a conversation with the users to help them with any question or problem that they wish to solve.

Thanks to the fact that this tool manages to use more than 175 million parameters, users can talk to Artificial Intelligence. One of the features that makes this app stand out is that all its answers are generated through your database, that is, you are not allowed to access the internet.

what is gpt chat

Unfortunately ChatGPT has been receiving constant updates in its conditions of use, among them, the implementation of an established fee to use its services. This change did not please his audience as much, since it has a cost of 42$ per month, being an unpayable price for many of its users.

In addition, the platform has blocked access for users from certain regions. No matter what your situation, we have alternatives to ChatGPT so that you can continue enjoying the advantages of artificial intelligence. 

List of alternatives to ChatGPT for free

Despite the wide variety of artificial intelligences available on the internet, the reality is that most require a subscription to use the tool. Therefore, our work team has been in charge of looking for all those AIs with a free version but very effective.

YouChat of the best alternatives to ChatGPT

We start the list of alternatives with YouChat, an artificial intelligence that is characterized by being able to give quick answers to specific questions. Therefore, it is the indicated option for those users who wish to carry out their academic research.

It has an interface that is very pleasing to the eye and comfortable to use. Thanks to the database, YouChat is able to maintain a constant conversation with you. Besides has an application Available for Android and iOS devices.

best alternatives to chatgpt

google bard

One of the drawbacks of ChatGPT is that its database contains information acquired up to September of the year 2021. Limiting the results that artificial intelligence can provide us. 

Google has not been left behind in this artificial intelligence race and has announced that it is working on a model conversational and language. It is currently in the testing phase, but its official launch is getting closer. 

best artificial intelligences

Google Bard unlike ChatGPT and other AIs that work in a similar way, extracts all your information from the web. In this way, it manages to provide much more precise and updated answers. 

Perplexity AI 

Despite not being an artificial intelligence of text and conversations, this alternative to ChatGPT It comes in handy for those who want to investigate with complete precision. Well, it shows you all the data together with their respective sources so that you can access it with just a click.

When you start on this platform, you will be shown the most popular search results of today. On the other hand, it has a very useful option called “bird sql”, which works as a powerful search engine for Twitter, showing information and source of any tweet. 

perplexity artificial intelligence


This project has been planted as one of the direct rivals strongest of ChatGPT. Well, in addition to carrying out research and offering exact data, ChatSonic is capable of generating images through your instructions.

Another of its most notable differences is that it is connected to the Internet and at the same time has a database. That is, you can get all the updated information and in turn, converse with the AI as if it were another person. 

chatsonic artificial intelligence


Developed by a team of artificial intelligence specialists, Bloom is a alternative to ChatGPT open source that handles multiple cutting-edge languages. For that same reason, it is considered one of the best options to deal with this OpenAI project.

Bloom may be able to generate large texts by handling up to 46 different languages. On the other hand, it is capable of handling 13 programming languages and writing codes just like a human being would do.

bloom artificial intelligence


This is one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT, as it is more focused on helping companies, optimized and designed for multitasking. Among them the use of social networks, marketing, email advertising campaigns and is even capable of creating websites. 

jasper artificial intelligence

It has several tools, which are:

  • smart chat
  • Content creator
  • art generator

With these options you will not only gets true and accurate information, you can also compose emails, create images and graphics instantly. If you are the owner of a venture or business, you should not miss the opportunity to try Jasper.


If you need to constantly create presentations, this alternative makes use of the same ChatGPT to design texts and DALL-E 2 to generate unique images. Tome is one of the first tools that work after the combination of Artificial Intelligences. 

To make correct use of this tool, just you must define the instructions to carry out the job. For example the style, tone and color of the image you want to generate, as well as choosing between presentations, stories and outlines for your output.

best artificial intelligence

Benefits of using artificial intelligence

It is no secret to anyone that AIs have come to solve our lives in terms of time and effort to perform various tasks. However, there are other benefits which we will name you below:

  • Improve decision making: Thanks to its ability to analyze infinite amounts of data instantly, it helps us to choose more carefully
  • Perform tedious tasks: By making use of artificial intelligence we can carry out various tasks that can be very time consuming and annoying for users 
  • Increase your creativity: If you are a designer or need inspiration, the use of some artificial intelligence develops and drives the creativity of users
  • Minimize the margin of error: When performing any task we face several limitations thanks to the human being. Artificial Intelligence is responsible for analyzing all possible errors and discovers those that the human eye cannot reach

Therefore, we recommend you take a look at each of these alternatives to ChatGpt

Enjoy artificial intelligence with all these alternatives to ChatGPT!

We have reached the end of this article on alternatives to ChatGPTWe hope that each of the options shown throughout this post will be of great help to you. Do you know another artificial intelligence similar to OpenAI? Tell us in the comment box!

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