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How to have Badoo Premium for free in 2024

badoo premium free

Are you interested in knowing how to get free premium badoo? During this last decade, applications of quotes they have become quite popular, thanks to their great success.

One of the most prominent in this sector is Badoo, which offers users a lot of very interesting functions, but some of them are only available in the premium version, keep reading until the end!

Badoo Like many other applications, it was designed with connecting people from all over the world, so they can get to know each other. Regardless of whether you are looking for a partner or not, Badoo Premium allows you to meet people around you who share things in common with you, something great if what you are looking for is your better half. 

Like other greats apps like Tinder o Grindr, this app focuses on dating, so its interface is designed so that you can find the partner of your dreams. Now, if you want to get the most out of the application, you should consider install Badoo Premium, something that we will be teaching you in this article.

What is Badoo Premium? 

Badoo is a social network that came to light in 2006, as a social network focused on dating and meeting people. Over the years, this application has become one of the most popular and with higher growth in the digital world.

One of the most common problems when it comes to looking for dates or finding a partner, is that we do not know many people or we have not yet found the ideal person. For this there is Badoo, this tool allows users to users interact online with other users, increasing the possibility of finding a partner or new friends.

However, this application has two versions, one standard and one premium. Although the standard version works fine, we cannot deny that this is a little basic and most options not available.

Therefore, if you want to have a more complete experience, which allows you to enjoy multiple advantages When it comes to flirting, you should undoubtedly purchase Badoo Premium. In this way, the chances of finding your ideal partner will grow considerably.

What are the fees for Badoo Premium?

If you want to save yourself complications and inconveniences when it comes to access Badoo Premium for free, We recommend you consider purchasing the premium version permanently for 109.99 euros.

You can also find other rates, which you can pay with paypal or card. Here, I will leave you a list with the prices of Badoo premium.

  • Day – €2.49
  • 1 week – €4.99
  • One month – €17.99
  • 3 months – €42.99
  • 6 months – €64.99
  • Permanent – €109.99 

As you can see, Badoo provides users multiple options and payment methods, in order to persuade users. Also, keep in mind that if you purchase the 14 days of Free Badoo PremiumAs the month passes, if you do not cancel the subscription, the same monthly fee will be charged again until you pay it in full.

How to get free Badoo Premium?

We have reached the section that you are waiting for so much, what is it get Badoo Premium completely free of charge. Surely you ask yourself, is this really possible? The answer is yes!. After investigating the different ways to obtain the Premium version of this social network, we have discovered several ways toAccess Badoo Premium for free.

To all users who have standard Badoo, can access the Premium version and thus not be left with the desire to know all its functions, best of all, totally free. 

Activate Badoo Premium by deleting your account

badoo premium deleting account

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are different methods to get free Badoo Premium. However, some of them are usually tedious to perform and take a lot of time,

However, the method that we teach you below is one of the most used and easy to carry out. But, this allows you to activate the Premium version only for a limited time.

This method consists of pretend that we are eliminating our Badoo account. But how should it be done? 

  1. Go to your Badoo profile and click on the options wheel
  2. You must go to the last options where you will get "Delete your account"
  3. Here you should only click and check the option "Delete account" 
  4. Below you will see a notice where Badoo offers you its free premium membership
  5. You just have to activate this option and return to your profile
  6. Clever!

 As you can see this is a very simple process and totally legal that will allow you to enjoy Badoo Premium for free. However, this method only gives you access to a two-day membership,

Get Badoo Premium by invite

badoo invitation

Another of the most effective and simple to get your Badoo premium account, one of them is by invitation. Through this method you can enjoy the premium version of free way, just by applying these simple steps:

  1. Access your Badoo profile either from your mobile or computer
  2. Click on the option "Activate Badoo Free"
  3. Then, you must request invitations from your friends via email.
  4. Here you must enter some emails  of your friends or acquaintances.
  5. Once the emails are sent, the Premium version is automatically activated
  6. Clever!

When you have completed the above process, Badoo gives you 15 free days of Badoo Premium, but What happens after the 15 days? 

After 15 days your account will return to the standard version, but do not worry. You can reactivate the Badoo Premium repeating again the steps that we mentioned above.

Download Badoo Premium APK for free

badoo premium apk

Another popular way to get Badoo Premium for free is download its APK, which allows you to access Badoo Premium in a permanent free. Of course, this application is not official.

Now, maybe this option seems more interesting and effective to get Badoo Premium, but the truth is that you must be careful. Being a version "Not official" These apps are modified by third parties, which may impair their operation.

Also, it is common that these applications have to be downloaded from web pages of dubious origin, which can contain viruses or malware that affect the mobile or your computer.

Therefore, this is an option that you should study in detail if you want install on your computer or mobile.

Free Badoo Premium accounts 2024

UserPasswordTime left
[email protected]3337183 months
[email protected]whiterhino245 months
[email protected]ithyKick131 year and 2 months
[email protected]1909921 year
[email protected]wiseghost279 months
[email protected]1111112 months
[email protected]luckyAn737 months
[email protected]invyc054 months
[email protected]accessnacc1 year and 3 months
Last update: 3 hours ago

The free Badoo Premium accounts that we share on our site are new accounts that basically have the Premium subscription activated.

We share these accounts with our readers for free, and we periodically try to update them with new accounts.

Once you get access to a Badoo account activated, you can change the password and use it unlimitedly until the subscription expires.

These accounts are created from an online generator which we will explain to you how it works below.

Account generator with Badoo Premium activated

Apart from all the methods that we have talked about previously, there is a tool called premium badoo account generator that allows you to generate a new account with an active subscription for a limited time.

Usually the accounts come with Badoo premium between 2 months and 1 year, once that period has ended, you must create a new account with the generator.

badoo premium account generator

To use the generator, you just have to follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Access the Badoo Premium generator
  2. Click on «generate«
  3. Wait 30 seconds for the process to finish.
  4. Complete the Google Captcha
  5. Your account will be visible
  6. Clever!

The generator has a limit 1 account per IP per month, that is, you can only generate one account each month. The best thing is that when your subscription expires, you generate another account again.

Advantages of having Badoo premium

If you are thinking of install Badoo or you already have it installed, you must bear in mind the different advantages that it offers to users. Among its main characteristics, we can highlight its great versatility, since this app can be used on any device and even computers.

In addition, by having the Premium version of Badoo you can make sure you get the most out of this app and therefore you have many more chances to flirt. For example, thanks to this version you can write to as many people as you want and get much more scope, something that the standard version does not have available.

Now, there are many actions that Badoo premium offers to optimize the search process for your desired partner, but What are these advantages? 

  • Visit any badoo profile anonymously
  • Know who likes you
  • Modify any of your feedback from "I like" and "I don't like" 
  • You can find out who has added you to favorites
  • Your profile has priority when interacting with new people
  • You can send custom stickers
  • Chat with the most users popular Badoo

Final tips on using Badoo Premium 

As you can see, there are many methods that allow you access Badoo Premium for free, even without breaking the rules of the application. However, remember to keep a low profile and don't abuse of these tricks.

Given that. the application can detect this strange behavior and can ban your account. Therefore, you should be careful of do not lose your account, by frequently performing any of the aforementioned tricks.

Therefore, we recommend that you do one of these tricks but do not prevail in them, so you can avoid falling into breaches of the legal rules of the app, such as its Privacy Policy, which is accepted at the time of install the app.

In conclusion, Badoo is an excellent application if you are looking to flirt, meet new people or make new friends. However, to fully enjoy this application, you must definitely purchase theto premium version or perform some of the methods previously seen, to enjoy a complete experience.

If you liked this article and want to continue learning more applications to flirt, you can use Free Tinder Gold to have more chances of flirting. You can not lose this!

Badoo faq

Does Badoo allow adult content?

No, this app detect immediately which account is the offending and will be blocked.

Can I get Badoo Premium without paying?

Yes, through the methods that we explained to you above.

Is this application available to minors?

Unfortunately no, this application was created with the adult audience.

Is it available for iOS?

Badoo is designed to run smoothly both on Android and iOS.