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Best IPTV apps for Android in 2024

best android IPTV apps

Currently, streaming services have taken over the market and have become the new way to consume content online. Would you like to watch tv online for free? Here we show you the best android IPTV apps to do it. You're going to love it! 

IPTV is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television, it is a television service that is broadcast on the Internet, without the need for a cable television service. Best of all, you can access different IPTV lists or m3u lists, where free and paid channels are broadcast.

With the iptv apps for android You can watch different TV channels from your mobile or tablet. However, in order to access the best channels, you must search for IPTV lists on your own and insert it into the app or, on the other hand, find an iptv app with pre-installed lists.

What are IPTV applications? 

IPTV apps work as empty devices that cannot broadcast any channel without user intervention. Therefore, you will have to be the one who has the responsibility to add lists of channels of reproduction from other sources.

iptv apps for android

In general, IPTV applications are used to view content from platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc. Therefore, they are an excellent alternative if you want to see the best series of the moment, without having to spend a single dollar.

If you are new to the world of applications and IPTV lists you should stay until the end of this article. 

Best IPTV apps for Android in June 2024

Are you looking for the best IPTV app for android? There is a long list of IPTV applications, but the truth is that not all of them work equally well. It is common to find applications that do not work or that are poorly compatible with channels.

Therefore, so that Don't waste time downloading an app that doesn't work and is riddled with ads, our team has taken it upon themselves to test and purchase each app in order to find the best one.

Of course, choosing which one will be the best can be very complicated, since each application works in a different way, so you must choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. 

Without further delay, we begin with the list. 

Lazy IPTV 

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular applications is Lazy IPTV. An app that allows you to enter your favorite IPTV lists and M3u. In addition, it allows you to link Youtube or Vk videos in case you use it. 

best android IPTV apps

But that's not all, it also allows HTTP and UDP, as well as many more formats that will allow us to add a large list of television channels within it. If that were not enough, you can also organize your lists and classify them to adapt it to what you need. 


This is one of the iptv apps which stands out the most for having no ads. It has a very easy to use and intuitive interface at the same time. In addition, they use HLS, RTSP, UDP, RTMP protocols and M3U lists. 

This is one of the most complete applications of the IPTV app, You just have to create an account in OttPlayer in the application and that's it. 

IPTV Smarters Pro 

This app is perfect for add IPTV content, since it has API code support and you can also add M3U lists. Its interface is quite intuitive and attractive to look at, which gives us an excellent user experience.

You can navigate very easily on its main screen, where we can see the different separate options. Among them we find the Live TV, series and movies, even a multiscreen option.

best android IPTV apps


This is one of the most downloaded applications on the Google play. It is a tool where you can see both the IPTV lists like M3U lists to tune other channels.

Its interface is quite modern and simple, quite adapted to the new times. This app stands out for its simplicity and simplicity, which has caused many users to join it.

IPTV Player Newplay

This is a very complete IPTV player, where you can share content on your Chromecast to see the best television channels, from your smart tv In addition, this application allows us to add reminders for programs or television content, so you won't miss a thing. 

If you are one of the people who falls asleep watching a series or a movie, now you should not worry about that, since the application incorporates a power off option automatic, in case we fall asleep.

Perfect Player IPTV

This application offers a very visual organization of all its elements, which allows us to navigate in a very complete way through the m3u lists.  Since, this app has IPTV support with groups of channels and logos. 

Best of all, you download the application and once installed, you just go to its official website and you will find channel playlists.  In this way, you can find all the series and movies you are looking for.

IPTV Extreme 

Another of the most complete applications to watch TV channels over the Internet is IPTV Extreme, this is an app that gives us access to the television service of your telephone company, as well as the lFree M3u channel list.

This is a very complete app where we find different very interesting functions, such as the integrated player, chromecast support, parental control, automatic channel authorization, timed recording and more than 10 themes to change your interface.

Undoubtedly, one of the best options we have tried, you can watch your IPTV channels in the best quality and without any advertising.

video player 

This app supports both M3U8 and M3U playlists, which can be streamed via Chromecast with a simple option in the app's main menu. It gives you access to all media formats which gives you access on various levels.

This compatibility allows the player to accept almost any type of file format, be it audio or video, as well as different scripts.

XCIPTV Player 

This is one of the few iptv apps for android that incorporates its own streaming player, without the need for an external application. In addition, you can access on-demand content with official descriptions from IMBD.

If you change your device and want to see all the series and films of your preference, the application incorporates a synchronization system that saves and restores the configuration already made.


This is a cross-platform app for macOS, Widows, or Linux. This application is characterized by offering all people with Android TV, the opportunity to play lists or m3u files.

VLC has become one of the most popular media players, which has software OpenSource which can be obtained completely free of charge. In this way, VLC allows us to enjoy any type of content, without the need for additional codecs.

You just have to go to the Play Store and search for the VLC application, download it to your smartv or mobile device. Once downloaded, you must enter a list and it will open automatically.


This is an app with an interface very similar to VLC, it has very similar supports for play IPTV channels of any kind. In addition, it has a system to add content that comes from platforms such as HBO, Netflix, YouTube or Switch.

best android IPTV apps

You can even play live streaming content. An excellent option to download iptv applications for Android TV.


This is a multiplatform application that works on Windows, macOS or Linux, being one of the most popular and used applications since the Smart tv or PCs Its operation is the same as that of VLC, it is a multimedia player that you can use totally free.

One of the most outstanding advantages of Kodi, is that it provides users with many possibilities with its Add-ons. This way, you can do pretty much whatever you want within Kodi.


Other favorite applications of IPTV content consumer users it is GSE Smart IPTV. This app has support for Chromecast and is translated into more than 31 disitnot languages.

But that's not all, you also have the possibility to change parental control and theme, as well as add new m3u lists to the application. It has been so successful that some TV Boxes already come with this application pre-installed and it is compatible with 100% with Apple TV.


When talking about IPTV we cannot ignore Wiseplay, this is an app that currently receives the most support. This application is the same as Kodi, it has multiple options and allows you to access much more than IPTV.

This is one media platform where you can play your files, send to Chromecast, VR videos and browse IPTV lists. 

IPTV Lite HD Player 

This is one of the iptv apps for android most downloaded today, which you can download for free on your mobile, tablet and Android TV. Like most previous apps, you can add m3u lists to watch dozens of live television channels.

When you add the IPTV list, it will be saved in the app and you can access it whenever you want to watch your favorite channels in the integrated player.

Final words 

With this we end this article, we hope that now with these IPTV applications for Android you can watch your favorite series and movies, we recommend you visit our article on m3u lists where we bring you updated channel lists and functional 100%. 

We recommend that you carefully read each of the IPTV apps for android free, so you can choose the one that you like the most and that suits what you are looking for. 

Do you know another IPTV app? We invite you to share it in the comment box, so our team can analyze it and if it works correctly, we will incorporate it into the post.