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How to create a Netflix account? Step by step guide

create netflix account

In this article we will explain you step by step how create a Netflix Premium accountWe also propose some alternatives that may be useful to you.

Today, Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms on the Internet.

Through it, you can enjoy a large number of series and movies without having to be interrupted by advertisements or other types of elements that can often be annoying.

What should you know before creating a Netflix account?

It is important that you keep in mind that Netflix is a paid streaming platform.

This means that in order to use it you will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Prices may vary according to various factors, such as the plan you hire and its benefits. Although about this, we will talk to you in more detail a little later.

Steps to create a Netflix account

As we have mentioned before, create a Netflix account It is a fairly simple task, which will take you a couple of minutes to complete. To do this, you will only have to follow the instructions that we will indicate below.

Time required: 10 minutes.

  1. Access the Netflix website

    The first thing to do is to access the Netflix official website.

    netflix website

    Once inside the page, you will find the option to 'Sign in' or 'Try now', in this case, We will select this last option that we can see at the bottom of the web.

    Once this is done, you need to enter your email address in the corresponding field, and then select "Try now”.
  2. Select the plan of your preference

    Once this is done, a new window will open where you will be briefly told about the various advantages that you will find by joining this platform.

    Once you have read this information, click on the option "See the plans”.

    Now, 3 plans will appear, these are: the 'basic plan', the 'standard plan', and the 'premium plan'.

    netflix plans

    Each one of these, has its respective benefits and based on it its price varies. For example, if you hire the basic plan, despite having access to unlimited movies and programs, you will not be able to enjoy such programming in "HD".

    Also, you will not be able to select several screens to access the platform simultaneously.

    This advantage, if you can find it present in other plans such as the “Standard" and the "Premium”. So, choose the option that best suits both your budget and what you are looking for, and click on the button "Continue”.
  3. create your password

    Following the step indicated above, a new window should now appear where you will be asked to create one password for your Netflix account.

    create netflix account

    Try to choose a password that is secure and easy for you to remember. Once this is done, click on the option "Continue”.
  4. Set up your payment method

    At this point, a new window will appear where you will be asked configure the payment method that you will use to contract the Netflix membership.

    If you wish, you can hire the service by paying with your credit or debit card. The 'Visa', 'MasterCard' and 'American Express' cards are available for payment.

    Netflix payment methods

    Having selected the method that results in your preference, now you will have to fill in the corresponding data to pay for the service. Among them, you will find your name, your last name, your card number, its expiration date and its respective security code.

    Once you have completed all this information, you just have to click on "Start membership".

    It is important that before hiring the service you make sure to read the respective terms and conditions of use that this website has. In that way, you will be clear about all the aspects that include the hiring of the membership in this platform.
  5. Enjoy Netflix programming

    That is all. Done the above, you can enjoy all the advantages of having a Netflix account. Enjoying the large number of series and movies that this streaming platform hosts on its website.

Can Netflix be used for free?

This is a question that surely many are interested in knowing. You should know that Netflix previously granted about a free trial month to use its platform prior to contracting the service.

However, at present this option is no longer available. Being necessary to contract the membership to access the content offered by this website.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives to reduce monthly costs in the Netflix monthly payment.

One of these can be to contract the "Standard" or "Premium" plan among several people, and make the monthly payment together.

For example, with the 'Standard' plan you have access to two screens, so the monthly payment could be paid between two people.

While with the 'Premium' plan, four screens are accessed, with the possibility of dividing the payment between four people.

This is a great advantage because the monthly service payment as a whole would be reduced considerably.