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How to create a survey on Telegram

create telegram survey

In relation to this topic, it can be noted how the platform became popular, showing that different types of activities and actions can be carried out that can help you at a personal or business level. In the scenario of creating a survey in Telegram, here we are going to explain in detail everything you must do to achieve a efficient data collection.

If you are a lover of using other instant messaging and you still do not give this platform the priority it deserves, I invite you to follow this application very closely because little by little it is gaining influence in the market, therefore, you cannot stay behind.

Learn how to create a survey or questionnaire in Telegram

To achieve the achievement you require, collecting the necessary information there are two ways to create surveys in Telegram, the first is through the computer, the other is through your mobile device.

Here are the ways:

Create questionnaire using the computer

One of the basic components to design your questionnaire is to have a group or list of groups where you will send the survey, otherwise the objective of applying one would not work.

To apply your cost with a desktop computer you must apply:

  • Enter Telegram Web.
  • When you enter the platform, press the icon with three vertical points. It is located at the top of the interface.
  • When you click it, a menu opens. Here you must select where it indicates "create surveys".
  • Once a settings window continues to open. In this section you must choose your questions, in addition to the possible answer options that users will have. (For each question, you are limited to 10 answers.)

Once the whole process is applied, when you finish the survey, it will be sent directly to the entire chat. The advantage is that Telegram everything work anonymously, so you collect data without knowing specifically from whom.

Create questionnaire using mobile device

The most important thing about following this methodology is that you will use it with your mobile device that you have active with the telegram appAmong the process that you must apply is similar to the previous one, you only have to keep in mind that you need or require a group to be able to run a survey.

When creating the questionnaire the members of the group must respond. Then it is up to you how to use that information on a business or personal level.

design telegram surveys

Create polls in Telegram with Bots

It can be noted that Telegram the differential variant to other instant messaging platforms is the bot configuration for specific tasks. To perform this task of creating a questionnaire to collect information from users, the best is one with the name "@pollbot".

How to activate it?

  • The first step is to enter the portal.
  • Then write on the icon of the search the name "@pollbot".
  • Once inside the chat, you must click Start. This is how you begin to write the questions, with possible answers.
  • Keep in mind that you must go by segment from question to question. As soon as you finish your little survey, keep typing "Done" to finish.
  • The bot will throw you a URL, in addition to a conversation list for you to send the survey to your contacts.
  • In the same way, you can choose the group of your preference to share this questionnaire.

Tips for creating a complete survey on Telegram

To finish now that you know how to create surveys on the Telegram platform, now it only remains to give you some tips so that you get the most out of the information.

It is good that from the beginning you define your objectives, perhaps it sounds simple, but when it comes to applying it it is difficult. Because, believe it or not, the purpose of the very easy questionnaire is lost.

A key advice that you must fundamental to achieve better your results is to choose a target audience, never throw your survey to any sector. Because you are not going to receive what you want and particularly what you want are honest responses from people committed to what you are looking for or your target customer.

On the other hand, always keep your simple and empathetic questionnaires. Analyze, if these answers you want to answer yourself, sometimes they do not think very well about this in detail and it can be a big problem, it is best not to overload the survey and use logic to receive the best possible feedback.

At the end, acknowledge the help and if you can, schedule certain rewards for the support. The good thing is that you can apply everything through this currently very popular messaging platform.