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How to cut video with VLC Media Player?

cut video vlc media player

When we talk about media players It is impossible not to have the VLC player in mind, this is a very simple and powerful player, just by installing it we can enjoy all the multimedia content regardless of the format. However, this fabulous program is not limited as a player, has multiple functionalities and among them we have a very interesting one that is used to cut videos.

The VLC player stands out among all those that are available on the internet, and with good reason, since it has bailed out many. 

The function of cutting videos with VLC that you did not know

There are multiple functions that can help us when using the VLC player, cut a specific part of a video it is a very interesting one.

In this way we can cut a long video of about 60 minutes in small parts, and thus have at hand those that interest us the most. You may also have recorded a video yourself and there are specific parts you need. So this is what you will learn today.

The first thing we have to do is have the program installed, if you have reached this point and you do not have the VLC player installed, what are you waiting for? Download it from VLC official page and let's start cutting videos.

Step 1: Download and Install the VLC program.

Downloaded and installed the player, we can start cutting our video. This time I have a chapter of my favorite series, from which I will take the parts that I like the most to be able to share them. 

2nd Step: Activate the VLC Advanced Controls.

In the VLC interface there are several options. Let's go to the tab Watch and we click on the option Advanced controls.

Step 3: We will use the Record function.

We will notice that just below the timeline we have new options. One of them will help us to obtain a part of the video that we have opened, which is the option of Engrave

With this option simply we have to click on it and when the scene we wanted to cut from the video has passed, we click the same button again.

Immediately the video will be saved in the folder Videos which is located in your Documents.

Step 4: Other advanced options. (Optional)

This case is optional for this tutorial. Even so, it is worth seeing the other functions. 

The first option where we see a camera, it works for take a screenshot of the current moment of the video. In the second option, where we see an arrow and the letter R and B, we can do a loop from point A to point B. And in the last option, we will have the combined button of "Pause" and "Play", where we can see our video frame by frame.

The frame-by-frame function can be combined with the recording function and thus we will make a completely accurate recording.

The function of recording in VLC Player

How could we have noticedwe're not actually cutting a video but taking a piece of it using the record option, so the original video is not affected. The recording function is an extremely interesting and at the same time very useful function.

Without need to some external program We can make small recordings of the parts that we like the most of a video, in a simple, fast way and with the same video quality.

Even so, you have to keep in mind that the VLC is not an editing programIt is simply a player that has some added functions that can be extremely useful. If you need to edit a video, the most fair thing would be to download a program made specifically for it.