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How to delete Telegram account forever?

delete telegram account

The reason for this particular article is to teach you the fastest methodology to delete Telegram account easily. Although instant messaging platforms in the last decade have had a positive impact, sometimes you want to erase trace of an account at 100%.

Telegram is the second platform in this sector, probably the one with better enterprise-level features. Thanks to WhatsApp being more focused on personal use.

For this reason, if your wish is jump the boat or not having any type of connection with this digital tool, I invite you to follow the guides that will be explained in this post.

Delete Telegram account step by step

Depending on the situation and circumstance, there are different methods that you can apply it, since they are naturally synchronized between the app on Android phones or computers, specifically here we will explain how it is done for each medium:

Computer removal

Delete-account- Telegram-computer

According to what has been said so far, this is the first way to apply it. So run the following actions:

How to do it?

  • Enter the browser of your choice (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla or Brave) and enter the following URL;
  • It is convenient to reaffirm that in said link you will enter the page that indicates the step by step to request to delete your profile.
  • Here you have to enter your phone number.
  • When you press “Next”, a message will open asking you for a code that will arrive on your mobile.
  • Obviously this will serve to confirm your withdrawal from the platform. Usually it asks you for a reason, you can place it or click on "Done" directly.

Removal by mobile device

Depending on what has been proposed, now the step by step to apply the same on your Android device, you need to apply the following:

  • Search your mobile for the web browser, mostly the one installed is Google Chrome.
  • Enter the following link;
  • In the same way, write your phone number, you almost apply the same process as above.
  • You receive the code on your mobile device, copy and paste it to confirm your cancellation, in case you have a reason for it, the platform leaves you a section to clarify the reasons such as support and improve the same company.
  • Once everything is finished, all you have to do is click "Done" and you have your account deleted forever.

Delete account with self-destruct settings

delete telegram account configuration self-destruction

Taking into account that the methods explained above are the most traditional, you also have a way to establish a period of self-destruction. Since it is very simple, you just have to look for the platform menu.

Enter the "Settings" section, in parallel now select the "Privacy and security" option. In this section you have an option that indicates (delete my account if I am out).

In what precisely refers, it is a process of self-destruction in the scenario that you do not enter the platform again. Despite the fact that these tools always have activity, it is a means to delete Telegram account due to inactivity.

The periods that you can choose are; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

So don't worry, when you select any option and that period elapses, the created profile will be deleted.

What happens when I close my Telegram account?

close telegram account

The most important thing about making a choice like this is to be clear that at the time of execution you will not be able to recover any type of documents or files received within the term of use.

That means that the best thing first of all is to make a backup, so you have a backup of all your information. In the opposite case, it is impossible to recover information, because when the self-destruct process or delete Telegram account By linking, the profile is completely deleted.

As long as this platform meets the requirements you require, I encourage you not to delete your profile. Currently Telegram has become an important means of communication that you cannot put aside and more so because of the variations that each day brings.