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Download TeleGorda APK with password (October 2023)

download telegorda apk

In Spain an application for Android called TeleGorda has become extremely popular. This application allows its users play TV channels without paying a single euro, enjoying pay channels with all kinds of content from your mobile phone. However, since it is not possible to download Telegorda from Google Play, we will teach you how to get TeleGorda APK so that you can install it manually.

In addition to the explanation of how to download install TeleGorda on Android, we will talk about how to get the Telegorda password, which is necessary to tune in to the TV channels. And also, we will explain a little about the origin of this application, and the inconveniences that it can bring you as it is not an official Google Play application.

What is TeleGorda?

TeleGorda is an application to view TV channels. This application is extremely powerful and popular, this is because it is not necessary to add any external content since it has integrated channels. So if you are interested in watching television content without worrying about its availability, perhaps Telegorda is your best option.

The operation of TeleGorda consists of the following way, you need to acquire a password to be able to open each of the sections. Among the sections of the application we have TV Spain, TV Sports, TV Movies and Series, Adult TV, TV Documentaries and Movies.

telegorda download app for android

To acquire this password just we need to view a couple of advertisements. Then, having passed the buttons and advertisements, we will be taken to a site where the password will be. This password is changed periodically and you will need to enter it each time you want to open a section.

Getting the key can be annoying as we must see a lot of advertisements. However, this is not the biggest problem, the dangerous thing about TeleGorda is that it is not an official Google Play application, and this is one reason why you should be careful when installing it. 

Who are the owners of TeleGorda APK?

It is assumed that the creators of the TeleGorda app they own a website where they used to share a playlist, these lists were specifically for the Wiseplay application. Then, they decided to create TeleGorda so as not to depend on an external application and thus profit more directly from their project.

The popularity of TeleGorda does not lie so much in the application, but in the content it contains. From the app you can find a lot of channels in very good quality and without as many drops as other applications. For this reason, many people have decided to use TeleGorda even though it is an unreliable app.

Is it reliable to use TeleGorda to watch TV channels?

We must have many points in consideration when using this application, as we said at the beginning, TeleGorda is not available in the Google Play store. Therefore, it is difficult to trust the privacy and security of the application. However, we can take certain points into account to prevent it from invading our privacy.

  • Try using TeleGorda on devices where do not store important personal information.
  • Do not download the application from another site other than the official. 
  • Stay tuned to any permission that the application wants to ask you. Either your camera, file or any other permissions.

These are some tips that we consider pertinent when using the application. However, we also have our reasons to think that this application is not so dangerous as it seems. For instance:

  • The application cannot be allowed on Google Play because violates copyright, so we could assume that this is the only reason why it cannot be in the store.
  • So far we have not found that it asks us for permission on our devices. So as long as it continues that way, we can be a little more confident.
  • The application depends on advertising that they put when sharing the password, so they have no reason to be looking for more from the user.

For these reasons we can assume that TeleGorda is not as dangerous as it seems, but that since its ways of working do not allow it to be in the store, it has to be downloaded from outside. Nevertheless, We ask you to be careful with this application and with any other that is necessary to install it outside the Google Play store.

If you want an alternative, we recommend that you use alternatives to PCTNew where you can download the movies through a torrent. But you will need experience with these clients, otherwise it is best to download TeLegorda.

How to download and install the Telegorda APK? 

App nameTeLeGorda APK
featuresEntertainment application, sporting events, online television.
PlatformAndroid and iOS
Do you need Root / Jailbreak?
Do not
Last update: 4 hours ago

If you already feel ready to start using the application, we will explain how you can download and install Telegorda on your Android device. You must first go to the official website You will see an image spanning the entire site, click on it and the download will automatically begin.

After downloading the application you must disable security lock for non-Google Play apps. On most Android phones the steps are very similar. You go to Setting, you click Security, you are looking for the option of Unknown sources and you activate it. 

Continuing you should look in the download folder, TeleGorda APK. You click on it to install it and it will ask you if you are sure, you give it acceptance and the installation will begin. After a few minutes, will install like any other application and you can run it.

How to get the Telegorda password

To unblock channels in the Telegorda application, we will need a password and this is obtained by watching a couple of advertisements. In addition, this password will be updated from time to time and you will have to use it each time you choose a category.

The same application offers a tutorial in its start menu, in case you do not understand how to obtain it. However, we will give you the step by step so that you can get the TeleGorda password if you still do not understand how:

  • Open a category that you want to view. Later you click on the link called HERE, which is below the text “To obtain the password”.
  • It will take you to a website where you will have to fill in a captcha. After a few seconds you will get a button that says "Click here to continue”. You have to click the button and you will get a lot of advertising. You just have to delete each of the tabs until you are taken to the next other link.
  • In this new site you will have to wait 10 seconds again and then you will get a button called "Get Link”. Click the button and the same thing will happen as with the previous button, a lot of advertising will appear, you must close it all until you continue.
  • Finally, it will take you to a site where they will give you the password. You must write down the password to avoid this process again and you will be able to enter it to see each of the categories.

Updated Telegorda password

If you have followed the previous steps you will know how you can get password From within the application itself, this password is used to enter Telegorda and you will find it by accessing it from the menu as you will see below.

telegorda password

Here are some passwords that have been used to access TelegordaIf these don't work, follow the steps mentioned above.

  • DA4PD2
  • S93FJS
  • PSJD24
  • APS761
  • 9AJDNE

Conclusion of Telegorda APK

This application is one of the many that have been created to view television channels. However, we can highlight that Telegorda fulfills its function much better than any other application. For example, the availability of the channels is very good, you will rarely find a down channel and also the streaming quality is excellent.

As long as the application does not affect us in terms of security of our data and privacy, we can say that It is one of the best that we can install to watch TV channels. Perhaps downloading this application outside the store is the price to pay for being able to watch television channels in a stable way and totally free.