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Download Meta the new version of Facebook (2024)

download meta facebook

Download Meta, the new version of Facebook that was recently launched by Mark Zuckerberg, is now available for devices Android and iOS.

The social network Facebook will now be known as Goal and it will be a virtual world where we can take advantage of the many services and technologies that we envision for the future with the help of the Internet.

Facebook was named a Meta because Facebook is also preparing to go Metaverse in addition to social media, for which Facebook has said it will employ 10,000 new employees.

Today we will explain how you can download Meta for iPhone and Android in its latest version and we will get you out of the doubts you have about this new social network.

What is Meta?

On the surface Meta Facebook seems like an extension of virtual reality (VR), where users can interact with each other through a variety of video games and social spaces. Facebook has invested heavily in virtual reality, spending 1.46 billion on the acquisition of Oculus. 

goal that is

It looks like the metaverse will take this on a deeper route with the vision of creating a virtual reality space all over the internet. It is not only focused on video games and creating more space on various platforms. 

But the metaverse is not just virtual reality. It will be accessible on all our different computer platforms; VR and AR, but also PC, and also dispMark Zuckerberg

In the announcement, Zuckerberg also discussed the future direction of the company by segmenting into two key focus points. Development of applications and projects for the future. 

Where this doesn't leave much to go, app development can come up with a way to diversify your apps away from being Facebook-centric. 

Download the Meta Facebook APK app for Android

download meta android

Goal is now available for Android, and you can download it APK easily through Google Play. You should know that for the moment, the name of Facebook has not changed, so it is the same app. For install Meta on your Android smartphone you just have to follow the instructions below.

Download Meta APK (Android)

  1. To download Meta, first of all you have to open the Google Play store.
  2. Now write "Goal"Or" Facebook "and search for it.
  3. Once you've found the app, select the one created by Facebook. 
  4. Now click the install button and wait for it to install successfully.

If the direct download link does not work, use the official link that we have provided below.

  • Official link for Android:

Download the new version of Facebook (Meta) for iPhone

Right now the version of Meta for iPhone It is now available to download on all iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. Through the App Store you can get the application on your Apple device easily.

  1. First of all access the App Store
  2. Now search «Goal"Or" Facebook "since they are the same application.
  3. Select the app developed by Facebook Inc.
  4. Finally, click on the Install button and wait for the app to install.

Download Meta Facebook for iOS

  • Meta official download link:
  • Meta Official Website:
download meta ios app store

How to create an account on the new Meta social network

If you want create Meta account, the steps are:

Step 1: create an account

Before creating an account, you will need to tap on 'settings' on your smartphone to find the Meta logo displayed, then tap on 'develop new account'

Action 1. Develop an account.

Before creating an account, you need to tap "Settings" on the iPhone or iPad to discover the Meta logo design and then choose "Develop a new account".

Step 2. Fill in your information to register.

Then enter your last name, first name, email address, date of birth, gender, and password. You must use your real name for your account. After entering all your information, tap "Register" to go to the next page.


It appears that Facebook as a social networking site will continue to exist as part of Meta's offerings, but it will not be the main focus of the company. "From now on, we'll be metaverse first, not Facebook," Zuckerberg said.

The company provided some details on the future of virtual reality and augmented reality, including very limited previews of a future headset and its codename.

Therefore, we hope that our article has helped you, you have to be clear that the name of Facebook is not going to change for the moment but now download meta on your device.