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How to get a virtual number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the number one messaging applications worldwide. One of its fundamental aspects is that we need to have a phone number in order to link the number to a WhatsApp account. But nevertheless, it is not one hundred percent necessary to use a physical SIM card, there are telephone numbers that we can acquire through the internet. And we will talk about this in this article, about how to get a virtual number for WhatsApp.

Creating virtual numbers is nothing new, have been around for years. The point is that now, with the evolution of networks, many people are interested in acquiring telephone numbers in an alternative way to run a business, or simply have an alternative contact number. This allows you to keep a WhatsApp for friends and another for strangers.

Virtual numbers for WhatsApp, how do they work?

Virtual numbers can be said to be numbers that have the same functions as those we have used all our lives but with the fact that they are used through the internet. This makes it clear to us that we need internet connection to use virtual numbersas these are not connected to physical phone lines in your area.

If you acquire a virtual number this will consist of nine digits and it will have a prefix of the area where you purchased it. Therefore, if you purchase a virtual number from another country, you can have a local number from the country where you purchased the service. 

This is an interesting alternative if you want to contact people who reside in those countries, either by calls or messages.

Acquiring a virtual number also has other uses In addition to using it to have a WhatsApp account, we can even say that using this method for WhatsApp is an alternative option. 

Really, virtual numbers were used mostly to make calls to other countries using local numbers from that country, now the possibilities are greater and it is possible to associate it with messaging services.

The virtual numbers are completely legal, so you can buy any and use it without any worry. Of course, you will most likely have to pay at the time of obtaining a number since this is a service that some companies offer. However, there are ways to get virtual numbers for WhatsApp for free.

How can I get a virtual number for WhatsApp

First of all, as we said before it is necessary to have an internet connection at all times. Even when we use WhatsApp with our virtual number, we will need a connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Second, you need an Android phone or some Android emulator on your PC, for instance: Bluestack or MEmu Play.

Notably A large part of the services that we will share with you are paid. We will include pages and applications that offer this service for free, but generally there is a fee to pay. 

If you want stability and security with the numbers you are going to choose, we recommend that you pay for this service. The minimum rates are between two to ten euros, which is not that expensive. 

In case you want to opt for toll free numbersYou should keep in mind that anyone else can get the same number in the same way. This can lead to problems in the long run for not having a unique and secure virtual number.

Generate virtual numbers for WhatsApp, free and paid

Next we will provide you with a list of applications and websites that offer virtual number services. These numbers can be used on any platform that asks you to verify your account with a phone number, either; Paypal, Facebook, WhatsApp, among others.

GetGreeSMSNumber Virtual number

The first option that we will present to you consists of a site where you can choose from a large number of virtual numbers that will allow you to verify your WhatsApp, Paypal, Discord, Telegram, Facebook accounts, among others. The numbers are updated periodically, and we can see how many days they have been published.

This page offers users to receive messages In a completely simple way, you just have to select a number from the available list and you will see all the latest messages received in the inbox. In addition, it allows you to buy a private virtual number, so that you have all the availability of the number.

It has an application for Android and iOS, so you can enjoy its functions. And if it's not enough you can enter the Telegram group official to be among the first to use the updated numbers., receive virtual messages

Receive SMS virtual number

If the first option is not enough for you, we have an alternative. This page has functions very similar to the option presented in the previous section. You can receive any message using free virtual numbers that the page updates periodically.

In addition to having public virtual numbers, on this page you can purchase premium numbers or register a private one for yourself. And if for any reason you need to activate a number that is not available, you can do it., acquire a private virtual number

Sonetel virtual number

Third option we have Sonetel, a much more professional site that has more than a million companies using its services around the world. Using Sonetel you can answer any call anywhere in the world

An excellent option for companies who want to maintain effective customer service from each city. And, for anyone who wants to acquire a personal virtual number.

Sonatel is a business-friendly website, removing limits on phone calls. This way you can attract more customers by providing them with better service and better technical support.

It should be noted that this is a highly reliable site, as it is a respected company. And in addition, it offers free trials from the mobile application.

Hushed, virtual number for WhatsApp

Hushed virtual number

Hushed is one of the best apps for generate a virtual number for WhatsApp. Without a doubt, if you want to use an application to start using virtual numbers, this should be your option.

Using Hushed you can buy a virtual number from any countryIf you want a local number in the United States or Canada, this will be possible with this application. Besides that you can add multiple numbers from the application, and thus you will be able to keep your privacy protected.

Like any mobile application on virtual numbers, Hushed is a paid service. So you will have to pay a monthly payment of at least 1,99$. Nevertheless, you can choose the 3-day trial version (without credit cards). 

Conclusion about virtual numbers for WhatsApp

Using a virtual number is an option that should consider those who want to start a business, either for technical support or to serve customers. If you link your personal number to your business, your privacy may be involved, and this can be detrimental to you and your business. Therefore, the use of virtual numbers is an important decision today.

Among the options we have found around our research, we have found a bit of everything. In fact, finding free options to generate or obtain a virtual number for WhatsApp can be a bit complicated, but it is not impossible. 

In the previous section we have shared with you four options so that you can acquire a virtual number, either paid or free. Among the first options, you have the online messaging pages, a fairly accessible but complex option when activating a WhatsApp number since the demand is great.

Hence, the best option we can recommend is to use Hushed, since it allows you to acquire a free number without having to pay or link a card. Then if you are interested in keeping the number, you can choose to pay the monthly service fee.

Now, We will always recommend you to use pages like Sonetel, since they offer business-level services and offer you totally private virtual numbers. This is important since you must bear in mind that when using toll-free numbers, it is possible that at some point you will lose it and what you have built based on that virtual number, disappear from one moment to another.