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Hay Day Free Diamonds: Unlimited Coins and Diamonds Generator 2024

hay day free diamonds

If you are looking for a quick way to get unlimited coins and diamonds on Hay Day fully free, then you have come to the right place. Here we will explain the available methods so that you can get an unlimited amount of resources in Hay Day.

One of the most popular methods is through a diamond and coin generator, which we will explain how it works later, but there are other options, such as a modified version of the game, called Hay Day Mod APK.

If you are interested in knowing how to use the best tricks or «hacks» for Hay Day, then stay in this article, where we will explain step by step how to use each of them.

What does Hay Day consist of?

Hay Day is a farming simulator for mobile devices developed by Supercell (Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars) and published in 2012, the objective of the game is to build a dream farm, allowing us to fish, raise animals, explore, harvest crops and customize much of our environment.

there is day game

Luckily for everyone, there is no setback in terms of animals and crops, as they do not suffer damage as long as we do not play. However, it will delay our progress, making things a bit more difficult.

This is not all bad, as the daily income will not only help us to progress faster, but also offers free rewards that will improve as we claim them. Some of the things you can do on Hay Day are:

  • build your farm
  • harvest crops
  • Hundreds of places to visit
  • Play with friends and neighbors
  • trade products

Tricks to get free diamonds

As we have explained before, there are several tricks to get an unlimited amount of diamonds and coins in Hay Day, one of them is through a diamond generator, which is an online tool that allows you.

Get 9,999,999 diamonds for free

It is also possible to obtain coins without using any tricks, you just have to play for many hours and complete all the necessary tasks so that you can earn as much money as possible.

Next, we have made a list of things that you can do within the game to level up and thus earn more. free diamonds and coins, without using any external tricks.

Free Diamond Generator Hay Day

A diamond generator is an online tool that will allow us to add an unlimited amount of diamonds and coins to our Hay Day account fully free.

Because it is an online tool, you can only use it once a day, since there are more users who also use it to get resources. The maximum amount of coins and diamonds you can generate every 24 hours is 9999999 coins and 9999999 diamonds.

hay day diamond generator

If you want to know how, here we tell you:

  • Enter the diamond generator pressing the button what we leave you next
  • Once inside the site, enter the necessary data to confirm your account
  • Click on "Generate" and wait 30 seconds
  • At the end of the time, the page will show you a code that you can redeem in the game and get your diamonds
  • Excellent! Now you can go through this procedure a few more times and progress without installing Hay Day MOD APK

Unlimited Diamond Generator Hay Day

Note: The generator has a limit of uses, so make sure to redeem your codes before generating the next one.

Download Hay Day Mod APK 2024 (Unlimited Resources)

Unlike the original version, Hay Day MOD APK includes improvements in its playability, giving us infinite money to get the farm of our dreams; something similar to what can be done with the Clash Of Clans Free Accounts to build a village.

Hay Day MOD APK, as its name suggests, is a modified version of the original game. Through it, we will have access to coins, gems and unlimited seeds.

Using this head start, building our dream farm will be a quick and easy job. However, it will be necessary to have a device Android. The Hay Day cheats are not available in ios, since said operating system is not compatible with the files APK.

hay day mod apk

In case you don't know them, APK files are installation packages for Android. Thanks to them, it is possible to install apps on our device without having to use an official store.

Using these applications, we will be able to get paid versions without having to pay. Are you interested in getting Hay Day APK? Then follow these steps!:

  • Open this article TecnoGuias from the mobile device where you want to install the app
  • Press the button that we leave at the bottom of this list
  • Tap on the button "Download" and wait a few seconds
  • While the download is finishing, go to your device settings and give unknown sources permission to install
  • Open the file and click on “Install Hay Day”
  • Excellent! you already have the hack Hay Day installed and you can start playing

Note: Before you do with Hay Day MOD APK, you need to uninstall the original app. If you don't, you may run into problems and lose your data on the original version.

What does Hay Day MOD APK offer?

  • Unlock all the buildings and buy all the crops and animals using the infinite coins
  • Use the unlimited diamonds to speed up crops and buy special products with your neighbors
  • From the beginning, you will have available infinite seeds of any crop you want to place
  • Hay Day MOD APK has a mode automatic fishing to collect fish in a short time

List of promotional codes Hay Day

It is true that consistency is key to obtaining coins and gems within Hay Day. However, there is a way to speed up getting the rewards.

We refer to the Hay Day promo code, exclusive codes that the Supercell team gives to players to motivate them to enter.

Besides free codes, you can also get some through purchases from third parties, although it is not something highly recommended.

If you're looking for one of these codes and don't want to spend money or time looking for them, check out this list:


We recommend that you activate them as soon as possible, as they have a limited duration and will expire soon. Despite this, we will do our best to maintain the list with updated codes, so don't hesitate to stop by again.

How to level up faster in Hay Day

In case you don't dare to use a cheat for Hay Day and you want to level up the traditional way, there are a couple of tips that can help you:

  • Use durable crops: Within Hay Day, the cultures that take the longest to grow are the best. In addition to giving you more experience, they can be sold more expensive despite not being processed
  • Complete the orders: From time to time, the neighbors will order products that you can get on the farm
  • Fill your stall: As soon as you get your stall in Hay Day MOD APK, fill it with products and make sure it stays that way. This is a great way to consistently earn coins.
  • Dedicate space to wheat: It is one of the first crops that is unlocked and although it takes a short time to grow, it is ideal for making other products and getting easy money
  • Don't waste diamonds: Spending diamonds may seem tempting at first, but it's a bad idea. wait until the level 24 to unlock mine and manage your resources wisely
  • Log in daily: In addition to getting your daily rewards, you will be able to better manage the time of the crops and collect everything you have pending
  • Don't give gifts! If you have items you don't need, put them away until someone asks for them or you can sell them. Giving away your products will simply make you lose money
  • Products that generate better profits:
    • Cream
    • Cheese
    • Butter
    • Cakes
    • Sugar
    • Syrup

Get free diamonds daily

  • press on it purple ticket next to the daily reward. This will take you to a promotional video that will give you a couple of diamonds As a reward
  • You can get a gift item if you fill an area with wheat and collect it simultaneously. Try this from time to time and with a bit of luck, you can get diamonds
  • When you reach level 24, you can have a mine. Once you get it, disconnect your internet connection and try your luck with the diamonds and reconnect once you have done it; if not, open and close the game offline until successful
  • Follow the social networks of Hay Day to free diamonds
  • Link your Facebook account and get 5 diamonds

Do you recommend using these hacks for Hay Day?

Definitely yes! Hay Day hack It is one of the best modifications for games today, since you do not run the risk of being banned and it allows you to advance without problems.

What are you waiting for to build the farm of your dreams?

We hope that our guide will help you and that you have installed everything correctly. In any case, do not hesitate to leave your doubt in the comments and we will gladly answer you.

Don't leave without first visiting our guide to free gems Brawl Stars, so you don't have to spend a single euro. Keep browsing our site and discover all the information we have for you.

See you!