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Learn how to flirt on Instagram without failing in the attempt

How to flirt on Instagram

Maybe you are wondering,how to flirt on Instagram? orhow to flirt on Instagram stories? Are you looking for some funny compliments To conquer that girl who has returned the follow to you? Here are some tips and strategies that can help you find the ideal person.

Do not be afraid to try, you never know if the love of your life is only a few likes away.

Finding who to flirt with on Instagram

The first thing you should do is enter Instagram and look for someone who catches your attention. You can easily find people using the app's search tool.

From here you have several options to choose from, such as:

Explore suggestions

By pressing the search icon (the magnifying glass) within the application, it will automatically show you publications related to your tastes. Are suggestions They are based on the posts you interact with to offer you similar content.

Explore hashtags

It is normal that, when uploading a photo, they add hashtags to stand out. You can also look in this section for some characteristic in specific of what you are looking for and in your potential flirt.

Explore the locations

A very useful option if what you are looking for is a quick find with someone close. Search by location allows you to see photos that were taken in certain places, in order to find someone live in your city.

Find someone you know by name

If you are a little distrustful, and you prefer dating someone you already know, you may be interested in this option. Just press the magnifying glass inside the application and write the name of the person, with a bit of luck, you can contact Instagram.

Search among the acquaintances of your friends

Do you have a friend with many followers? So don't waste the opportunity. You can enter their profile and review their followers to find someone who catches your attention.

How to contact someone on Instagram

Once you have found the ideal person, what is the next step? Simple enough, it's time to get in touch. Instagram It has several ways with which we can attract the attention of that someone and start the flirt.

We are going to talk about these functions and how to use them correctly. Pay a lot of attention and choose the one that suits you best.

How to link by Instagram comments?

If you want to get someone's attention fast, this is a good choice. Many people they don't usually read your messagesSo, commenting on their photos increases the chances of being noticed.

Remember act on the number of interactions. If you see that many people comment on their photos, yours may not stand out.

How to link on Instagram stories?

Stories are one of the most useful functions for flirt with a stranger on Instagram. People usually share their day to day here, so you can learn a little about their life without having to talk to them.

This will help you try to find some topic of conversation and that both manage to be interested. After this, you can answer some story and start flirting.

How to flirt by Instagram direct?

If you plan to get straight to the point, maybe you should use this one. Contact with Instagram direct allows you to send a direct message to the person you want, so you should think carefully about what you want to say to him.

May use phrases to flirt is not the most appropriate; try to think creatively and say something that stand out from the rest of messages that the person with whom you plan to flirt may receive.

The best tips for flirting on Instagram

How to flirt on Instagram

We already talked about how to find someone and how to communicate, now, surely you are wondering, How can I improve my chances?

We are going to mention a couple of things that you should keep in mind if you want improve your dating skills on Instagram. Pay a lot of attention!

Your image on Instagram

You must bear in mind that your Instagram profile will be your cover letter, it should be serious and interesting. If you try flirting with a stranger on Instagram, he will surely check your profile for a little more information, so make sure he liked what he saw.

How can you stand out? Some tips that can help you are:

Update your profile

Take some good photos and try to keep your feed visually appealing, match colors and order your photos.

This will not only make your profile stand out, but it will also bring you a couple of new followers. Don't forget to use the hashtags and locationsIf you stand out enough, you might get someone to decide to flirt with you.

Take care of your comments

Comments made in Instagram They are public, so you have to be careful what you say. There is things that can be misinterpreted or make yourself look bad in the eyes of others.

In addition to taking care of what you say, consider also do not flirt with more than one person at a time. Take things seriously and maturely.

Check your labels

In Instagram it's very normal to get tagged on things you have no idea about. These publications are shown in your profile and you should keep an eye on it whenever you can.

Most are spam, but still, having a clean profile shows seriousness and that is what we are looking for.

3 Tips for writing to your flirt on Instagram

How to flirt with stranger on instagram

The next step is as important as the first, you must consider that you are not the only person interested in flirt on Instagram; you should focus on standing out from the rest.

It is better if you try to engage a friendship first, going directly to the league can be daring. Some tips that can help you are:

1. Be original with what you say

The cliche flirting phrases They are not going to be of much help if you plan to have a conversation with someone. A compliment may be nice, but you should save it for later.

Probably many people must be doing the same as you; try to think of something interesting what to say before starting the conversation.

2. Do some research

Although it sounds a bit harassing, doing a little research on the person you want to flirt with can be very helpful. Check your profilel and look at their stories, this can help you find Common tastes and make the conversation flow.

You can also try with their followers, can you find some common friend and start a conversation out there.

3. Don't be rude or daring

If you want to flirt, try not to be daring. Show initiative Okay, but you should know what you are saying and how to say it.

Using profanity and misspelling is a sure failure. Always show that you are a mature person and talk to I respect.

Conclusion on how to flirt on Instagram

In this virtual age, social networks have become a useful tool for the partner search. As silly as it may seem, Instagram it can be helpful if you want to meet interesting people.

Hopefully the guide has been helpful to you. Always remember to have confidence in yourself, so it will be much easier for you to flirt.