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How to appear in the section for you on TikTok

how to go out in for you on TikTok

As a result of the large number of users who have reached TikTok, there is a great variety of content in the application, videos of all kinds and for all tastes. That is why there is a specific section where you can get videos that you may like, the famous section "For you".

For this reason, in this guide we are going to teach you how to go out in for you on TikTok, we will explain how the algorithm works and some tricks that you can use to achieve one of the greatest achievements of any user in TikTok.

How does the TikTok algorithm work to recommend videos?

First of all, we must understand the operation of the TikTok algorithm. Despite what it seems, this algorithm is quite simple and works in a few steps that we are going to detail below:

  • The video is published on the platform and shown to a group of spectators.
  • At this point, the actions of the viewers are taken into account; their I like you, comments and the time spent watching the video.
  • If the video has a good performance, it is shown to another group of spectators and the cycle begins again. In this way, if you have a good interaction, little by little gains popularity and positions.

It should be noted that the most important of all this is the time that the user plays the video. Therefore, if viewers stay until the end of your video, the chances of it being recommended are greatly increased; this is known as audience retention.

Tips and advice to appear in "For you" on TikTok

Since we explained the operation of the algorithm of TikTokLet's go with the important thing how to go out in for you on TikTokPay attention and put these tips into practice if you want to be recommended.

Be aware

There is no doubt that to achieve success you must put effort on your part; because of this, you must keep new videos on a regular basis, make direct Y spend time editing, something that undoubtedly gives an extra touch of quality to your content.

Make original and quality content

Even though you upload a lot of videos, you can never neglect the quality. That is why you must make content that others may like, make an effort to do something different on what already works (such as trends).

how it works for you by tiktok

Act according to the needs of the public

If what you want is quick success, you can try to do what works in your environment. Look for what it is populacer in your city, observe the content of your friends and what they usually share on other social networks. With this in mind, you will be able to make videos that work with your viewers.

Shorten the length of your videos

The most important thing to achieve popularity, is retain audience, given that TikTok seeks that users spend more time within the application. So if your videos are short, a person is more likely to take the time to watch it.

In any case, this does not mean that you cannot make long videos, but in the long run, short, well-edited videos They will benefit you more in your growth.

Work on editing your videos

As long as you make short videos, you will have more time to dedicate to editing, a point that adds quality to your work. In fact, you can try with external programs, both for PC and cell phone.

Add music to your videos           

First, TikTok was born as an application to make lip sync with popular songs. Although this tool is still available, it can be used for many more things. The music gives a unique touch to your videos, you can do covers or put Popular songs to spice up your videos.

Join the trends

An example of how far you can go in TikTok, are the trends. While you have free time, dedicate yourself to see what is fashionable in the application and be part of these trends that appear quite often. Even so, do it better than the rest, it is not only part of the trend, do something unique to help you stand out.

Use the hashtags  

In any case, there is no hashtag to appear in for you on TikTok, so we can't tell you a specific one that you can use. However, we recommend that you take a look at the page "For you" and see the hashtags that are used the most. Also consider using tags related to your content.

Tips for generating engagement

Just as we gave you some tips for you to learn how to go out in for you on TikTokNow we are going to give you some recommendations so that your content generates more interaction between the users of the application.

appear on for you tiktok
  • Encourage users to visit your profile: You can ask them to visit your profile or create videos that connect. We do not mean that you divide your content into two parts, but that you try to do something like a "Serie", videos that they relate to each other but do not depend on each other.
  • Improve editing: Even if a video is a bit lazy, it can gain engagement if it is visually attractive.
  • Interact with your followers: Answer their doubts in your content and make them feel heard.
  • Try the giveaways: When you have a significant number of viewers, you can do giveaways and attract new audience.
  • Create your own trend: This last tip may be difficult to execute, but the benefits it will bring you are spectacular. Do something original that has potential, invite your friends to participate and with a little luck, you will be successful.

Conclusion about for you on TikTok

Despite all the content available on TikTok, very few know how to make the content work; for this reason, you can take advantage and start to gain popularity based on the algorithm.

Finally, we thank you for reading this far and we hope you have learned how to go out in for you on TikTok. Remember that on our website you can find more similar items to get the most out of it to TikTok. See ya!