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How to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram? All you need to know

How to know who unfollowed you on instagram

One of the most important characteristics in social networks is undoubtedly the number of followers. Because of this, applications and guides have been developed that can teach you how to how to know who unfollows you on Instagram, if you are curious about this, stay to the end of the article.

It is important to mention that grow on Instagram is a bit of a complex task, but with a couple of tricks and constancy this work can become easier. Don't be afraid to give it a try, pay attention and take note of what you will learn next.

What are Instagram followers?

Before answering your questions about: How do you know who unfollows you on Instagram? Let's talk a bit about followers and their function within the application. The instagram followers They represent the people who follow you, that is, a kind of subscription to your account.

Just as people can follow you, you will also be able to follow others. It is worth mentioning that something you should consider is don't follow anyoneSince, it is better if more people follow you than you follow.

Your followers will have access to your Instagram posts, reels, videos TV and your stories, being able to activate notifications if they wish.

What is the role of followers on Instagram?

Although, at first glance it seems that increasing your followers in Instagram it's just a few more numbers on your profile, there's a bit more behind it.

The term has now become popular "Influencer" to describe people who have a significant influence on social media. For this reason, a variety of brands, companies, social causes, etc; have been adding to their ranks some "Influencers" to make yourself known to more people.

That is, have followers in Instagram goes beyond simple numbers, since these represent real people. You have at your fingertips a multitude of people willing to listen to what you have to say, so you must have maturity when undertaking this path. Without further ado, let's answer the question: How to know who unfollows you on Instagram for free?

Methods and tools to know who unfollows you on Instagram

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in how to know who unfollows you on Instagram. Next, we are going to mention a couple of tools and tricks that will help you if you want to keep track of your followers.

Keep in mind that these tools will only do part of the job and it is up to you to take the necessary actions to have a better profile.

Manual methods

What we must do here is enter our profile of Instagram, to be more precise, to the followers section. You should regularly check the accounts that follow you, take note of your number of followers and see how fast they grow or if they stop following you.

This is the most tedious method of all, and we recommend it as last option if you don't have a mobile phone.

It is true that this is tiresome, so let's go into detail with the second way of how to know who unfollows you on Instagram, the applications.

How to know who unfollowed you on Instagram

Mobile applications to monitor your followers on Instagram

In order to facilitate the control of your followers, a multitude of mobile apps that will be of great use to you. Therefore, we are going to name some applications and explain how they work, feel free to choose the one you like the most.


This may be the best known on the list, it is available for Android and iOS operating systems and offers exact data about who has stopped following you on Instagram and at what time.

FollowMeter is linked to your account Instagram and through a few simple statistics, allows you to see your followers, who has unfollowed you and which accounts are the most interacting with you.

The most interesting thing about the application is the section "Unfollowers"; This shows the accounts that have unfollowed you, so you can better control the type of people that your content does not attract.

Unfollow For Instagram

In the same way as the previous one, this application will help you how to know who unfollows you on Instagram. It should be noted that this has a very useful function, which will show you the accounts that you follow and do not follow.

Thanks to this, you will be able to delete a few in a row in a fast and efficient.


The main advantage of this application is that it automates things a bit, allowing stop following profiles automatically. It also allows you to activate notifications of new followers and accounts that have unfollowed you.

Tips to not lose followers on Instagram

It should be noted that although we can monitor who has stopped following us, it is worth trying this. Here are some tips that can help you add more followers instead of losing them:

Tips to not lose followers on Instagram

Keep your account active

In other words, post and live, upload stories, create reels; keeping your account active will give you visibility, encourage your followers to interact and try to respond to their comments, as well as liking their profiles as well.

Tailor the content to your followers

The most important thing you can do here is check your followers' accounts. "Do they like what you do?" You can try to upload various types of content and see which one is better for you when it comes to attracting more people.

Make collaborations

For the latter, you are going to need a significant number of followers. Since some time ago, many brands and enterprises have sought to collaborate with accounts that give them visibility to their products, you may start receiving offers from products in exchange for advertising.

If you want to give it a try, but don't have enough followers, you can always support your friends' ventures; this will be an excellent starting point.

Conclusion on who unfollows you on Instagram

In this article we have detailed several ways to how to know who unfollows you on InstagramIt is important to mention that you should not let social networks dominate your life. Try little by little and put our advice into practice that we hope will be of help to you. If it has been helpful, we invite you to visit our other guides related to Instagram.