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Instagram Guide: How to put music on Instagram?

How to put music on Instagram

The instagram stories They have become one of the most used functions within the application, thanks to their operation, they allow a closer interaction between users. For this reason, in this guide we will teach you how to how to put music on instagram, in your stories and in your reels.

In addition, we will give you a few tips so that you can get the most out of your stories and thus increase your number of followers on Instagram. That is why we invite you to stay until the end, without further ado, let's get started.

What are Instagram Stories and how do they work?

Before explaining how to put music on Instagram stories, let's talk a bit about this feature and how it works. The stories of Instagram or Instagram Stories By their name in English, they are audiovisual content with a temporary duration of 24 hours.

In other words, the stories of Instagram allow you to share photos or videos that are will automatically delete the next day. In this way, you can interact with your followers without having to post.

How to put music on an Instagram story?

According to Instagram data, more than 400 million people enjoy Instagram Stories. So, if you want to share the music you like with others, here are the steps to follow to bring your stories to life:

  1. Go to the main screen in the application of Instagram.
  2. Tap on "Your history".
  3. Choose what you want to post, a photo, a boomerang or a video.
  4. Select the option stickers, is the one with square shape and a happy face.
  5. Choose "Music".
  6. Search the name of the song or the artist and swipe until you find the song.
  7. Choose a 15 second fragment of the song.
  8. Add text or filters if you wish and publish your story with music.
How to add music to Instagram

As in the stories, there are other ways to how to put music on Instagram.

What are Instagram reels?

Like the stories, the instagram reels they came to stay. Similar to the stories, the reels allow you to share videos of 15 or 30 secondsOnly these remain permanently in your account.

In fact, instagram reels they have a space dedicated only to them, being able to play several short videos for your fun

How do I add music to my reels?

If you want to know how to put music to a video on Instagram, we are going to explain it to you. Like the stories, the reels have the function of add songs, here we explain how you can do it:

  1. Open the app Instagram.
  2. Go to "Your history".
  3. Select option "Reel" on the bottom.
  4. Press the music note icon on the left side of your screen.
  5. Browse through the songs and select the 15 seconds you want to use.
  6. The music is ready, now you can record your reel, add effects to it and publish it on your account.

With this is more than enough, use music on Instagram reels can endow them with quality, so try to use them whenever you can.

Tips for your Instagram stories

Previously we show you how to put music on instagram; Now, if you want to make the most of this function, we will give you some tips. By following this guide, you will get new followers on Instagram, pay attention.

Share cool things about your day

Keeping your followers updated is important, but remember that you should not share very personal things. Therefore, focus on showing interesting facts: a movie that you liked, a tourist place, food from a new restaurant, clothes from an online store, among other things that you think are convenient.

Interact with your followers

The stories of Instagram allow you to have a direct interaction with your followers. You can try questions, surveys, and quizzes; These options are available in the section of stickers just like music.

Share interesting posts

You can also try to attract more people by sharing some posts in your stories, both yours and others. Later, you can upload a couple more stories commenting on your opinion about it.

Mention your friends

In section stickers, there is also an option in which you can mention a profile in your stories. Therefore, you can motivate your friends to do the same with your profile, so your followers can come looking for you.

Try to mention a famous person

Maybe, if you dedicate yourself fully to content creation, this option can benefit you. Similar to mentioning your friends, you can also try to mention a famous person in your storiesIf you are lucky, he may share your story in his, causing your profile to be visible to many people.

An extra tip, following the topic how to put music on Instagram, you can mention a singer while dancing or performing something related to his music.

How to put music on Instagram

Conclusion on Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels

In conclusion, we hope that the guide on how to put music on instagram has been helpful. It is time to put into practice the advice we gave you so that you can upload your number of followers.

With all this said, we invite you to continue browsing our website in which you can find equally interesting articles. Until next time!