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How to install Kodi on Smart TV?

install kodi smart tv

Currently, most households have a smart tv. However, few know all the functions that we can exploit from our smart TVs, such as the «Content managers«Therefore, today you will discover everything about Kodi and how to install it on Smart TV an excellent tool for your Smart Tv.

Do you want to see your favorite movies and series? Do you want to record your favorite shows? Therefore, if you do not know the Kodi tool, or if you are wondering How can I install Kodi on Smart Tv?, Do not worry!, because at this time, we will give you the best information about it, and a complete guide to install Kodi on your Smart Tv, as well as enjoy other functions and applications. Excited? Being so, Let's get started! 

What is Kodi ?; Meet The Best Content Manager

The moment has arrived, that you were waiting for so much. You have already turned on your new Smart TV, but you don't know how to watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite music or install apps What "Netflix"Or"Youtube«. Quiet!, because you will only need install Kodi on your Smart TV.

What is Kodi?As we had mentioned before, Kodi is a content manager, being an application that will allow your Smart TV to enjoy any type of content through a pleasant and simple interface.

Its main attraction being the possibility of installing different applications that did not originally come with the TV, and that can only be used through Kodi, these are called common «Addons«, Do not worry!, which we will explain in detail later.

Learn about Kodi Features

If you are not sure about installing Kodi on your Smart TV, at this moment we will tell you some of the features that Kodi has for you, so you can solve all your doubts, and know why it is important to have this Content manager.

  • Surfing the Internet: Thanks to Kodi, you can browse any web page, and a feature that you can do because of it is to be able to download or view any content. 
  • TV series: Through Kodi, you can manage and order all the content of your favorite series, either by seasons, chapter synopses, even reminders when a new episode comes out.
  • Play music: Some Smart Tv televisions can present problems when playing music of different formats, that is why Kodi is perfect, since it can play MP3, Wav files, among others.
  • Interactive Recording: You can record your favorite TV shows or live events via satellite TV.
  • Multimedia Playback: Kodi can store, play, and order your movies or videos, regardless of their format.
  • Enjoy Games and Other Tools: Also, a great function of Kodi, is through an Addon to be able to play, use the radio, set an alarm, among many more options.
  • Streaming Services: A Smart TV can support live streaming or content «Streaming»Thanks to Kodi, in addition to connecting with public or private servers.

Note: Kodi has hundreds of functions, especially if different ones are installed Addons, however the above mentioned are the common ones and the main ones that you will find when you start use Kodi.

How to Install Kodi on Smart Tv?

If you have come this far, surely you should ask yourself the following question, How can I install kodi on smart tv?, Quiet! At this time we will show you a quick guide to install kodi on your Smart TV in a few minutes.

1. Find the Application in PlayStore

Most Smart TVs use a Android Tv operating systemTherefore, you will have at your disposal the application store for Android systems, called «Play Store»Which will be located in the main menu of your Smart TV, finally we will have to look for the application«Kodi»And the latest version of Kodi for Smart TV will be downloaded and installed.

2. Configure Kodi in Spanish Language

When we open kodi for the first time, the menu will be shown to us in the English language, therefore, it is convenient to know how we can change it to spanish language. To do this, select the icon «Setting»On the side of the kodi menu.

Now, we will have to go to the option called «Interface«, Then a list of options will open, there we select«Regional«.

Finally, we select the option «Languages»And we look for the language we want for our kodi menu, in this case it would be«Spanish«. Clever!, we would already have our kodi menu fully configured to Spanish.

3. Unlock Kodi

Before you start using kodi, it is recommended to activate the option «Unknown origins»This will help to install different«Skins»And accessories, better known as«Addons»On your Smart TV.

First, we will have to go back to the main kodi menu, now we will select the option «System«, Then we will click on the submenu called«Add-ons«. To finish, we activate the option «Unknown origins»And select«Yes«.

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will have kodi installed on your Smart Tv, fully configured in Spanish, and ready to change to the Skin that you like the most or use any complement for your Smart Tv.

How to change Skin on Kodi?

One of the biggest attractions of Kodi, undoubtedly is being able to change the «Skin"Or"Mask»From the menu at any time, especially being able to choose from hundreds of options and designs. So, let's go over how to change skin in kodi quickly and easily.

1. Go to Interface

Since we have our kodi menu, fully configured in Spanish, it will be easier to navigate through the Kodi options. First, we must go to the main menu and select «Interface«.

2. Select the Submenu «Mask or Skins»

Now, we select the submenu «Mask»If you have the menu in English it will be called«Skins«. Then, we go to the first option called «Mask«, In it we will find the most basic topics, but if we want to see the most updated designs, we will only have to select in«Get more«.

3. Choose the topic you like the most

To finish, we only select the topic that we like the most, then it will show us a box where it will ask us if we want to keep the changes, and we will click on «Yes«. Clever!, and if you have followed the previous steps, you will already have the new theme of your kodi menu.

Note: Each kodi Skin can be configured according to your needs, consequently you will have hundreds of ways to view the content of your Smart Tv.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kodi

Finally, we are going to answer some doubts about kodi, above all when installing and learning more about its use on your Smart TV

1. Is Kodi compatible with all Smart TVs?

In Smart Tv televisions, who use Android Tv, there will be no problem when installing kodi, since you can find its official application in the application store (Play Store). However, for Smart Tv that use «Apple tv»Or another operating system, you must use XCode 8 or any other program that allows the installation of applications for Android.

2. Can I Install Kodi on TVs other than Smart Tv?

If you don't have a Smart TV, you can install Kodi through a "Set Box" a device that converts some televisions into Smart Tv. Therefore, you will only have to download Kodi on pc and save it in the set box, finally you just need to connect it to your TV and that's it.Do you already have kodi installed on your Smart TV?Remember that just by following the aforementioned steps, you will have kodi installed on your Smart TV, especially being able to enjoy your favorite movies, series and music in one place. Do you have any questions? Leave us your opinion in the comments section. Until next time!