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Monster Legends: Free Gems and Gold Generator 2023

monster legends free gems

Monster Legends It has become one of the most downloaded mobile simulation games today, where you can train monsters in a strange world never seen before. If you are starting in the game or you already have experience, in this post we will bring you the best methods to get infinite gems in Monster Legends. 

If you are a lover of role-playing games multiplayer mmorpg, then you must try Monster Legends. You will be able to gather an army of monsters that start as unhatched eggs and you must take care of them until they become formidable fighters, ready for the battlefield.

This game has quite fun and entertaining gameplay mechanics so you will spend hours playing it. However, being a game of the type "Freemium” At a certain point you will not be able to advance if you are not using the gems, which work like the official coin of the game.

You can get these gems inside the game store, you just have to pay them with real money or Also, you can accumulate them by playing. 

Don't want to spend money on Monster Legends? Then stay, then we leave you the best methods to earnr free gems in Monster Legends (Updated December 2023).

What is Monster Legends? 

This is a game available on Facebook and on android apps and iOS. This game focuses on breeding of beasts specially trained to battle with enemies, allowing you to compete with people from all over the world.

monster legends unlimited gems

As you progress and increase your army, you will be able to upgrade your monster paradise personalized as you want. Within the island, you will be able to raise and train your beasts so that they arrive as prepared for battle as possible.

In the game you will have to venture on missions and loot other nearby islands, for what you owe train your army in order to kill your enemy. Also, it has many more minigames, in order to provide more dynamism to the game and to be able to give rewards to the players.

In addition, this game has many aspects similar to the traditional RPG battles and that require a strategic mind and detailed planning, when it comes to raise levels and skills.  As your team gets stronger, you will be able to face other players of the same level.

What are gems for? 

It is common that in most mobile games an official currency is used to buy items, resources and much more within the store. Monster Legends is no exception, this game has gems and gold, which are of great help to us to level up quickly.

When you start in Monster Legends you can start to earn gold and even gems easily just by playing, but at a certain point, it will be necessary to have these resources to move on At the same rhythm. This is a popular mechanic among Freemium games to incentivize you to spend your money on the game.

Therefore, if you want to continue enjoying Monster Legends and be the best on the battlefield, you must learn how to get free gems in Monster Legends. 

Best methods to earn free gems in Monster Legends

On the internet we find many sites that offer us to download any program, provide tor login information, fill out surveys, etc. However, most of these sites mislead us with false information and waste our time.

monster legends infinite gems

Also, you should keep in mind that many of the sites that offer us quick solutions are usually full of viruses and malware that may endanger your security or that of your mobile device.

Therefore, if you do not want to be a victim of any of these fake sites, our team has been in charge of compiling the best methods of today, assuring our users safe methods to achieve infinite gems in Monster Legends and many more free resources.

Earn free gems in Monster Legends by completing missions

Monster Legends has a reward system for all its players, only by playing achieving achievements, completing objectives, as well as daily missions, you will be able to get gold and gems in game. Of course, the official currency, that is, the gems are the most difficult to obtain.

If you are starting in the game then you should read carefully, here we leave you the actions that will best reward you in Monster Legends:

  • level up by winning experience points
  • Fight the bosses on the adventure map 
  • Fight in the monster arena
  • Connect daily and get your daily bonuses
  • look at the ads and complete tasks in the forest of monsters, once unlocked

Gem generator for Monster Legends 2023

Other of the most used tools to get large amounts of gems, gold and even food, are the online resource generators. These are tools developed by third parties, which allow us to obtain a certain amount of gold and gems for free.

monster legends gems generator

Of course, this method is not official and you can only do it from an external web page. These pages work with an application that connects the generator to the monster legends servers, allowing us to obtain unlimited resources.

However, one of the main problems when using generators is that they usually stop working over time or many pages deceive us with them. Since it is common to find numerous websites that only seek to monetize with our visits or actions within the website.

How can you recognize these sites? They are characterized by offering you free generators or hacks, in exchange for filling out surveys, download unknown apps, etc. If you have entered a site like this, we recommend that you leave as soon as possible, as you may end up infecting your device with viruses or malware.

would you like to use a infinity gems generator So that you don't waste time browsing infected sites, our work team has been in charge of finding a generator that is safe and that above all works. 

Steps to use the generator 

You don't have to be an expert to use the infinite gem generator correctly. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Access the generator.
  • Choose the operating system of your device
  • Define the amount of gold and gems you want in your account
  • Click on “Process"
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Clever! You will already have all the resources you are looking for in your account

NOTE: When using the generator, we recommend doing it from your Android or iOS mobile device, as it is specially designed for run on smartphone. In this way, you avoid any inconvenience that may arise. 

Download Monster Legends Hack Mod Apk – Latest Version

Another of the best options to get unlimited resources and without having to pay within Monster Legends, are the MOD Apk. Monster Legends apk Mod It allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest, without worrying about running out of gems and gold.

monster legends mod apk

How do MODs work? These are codes or patches that are installed to a copy of the game identical to the original. Therefore, the game works completely the same, only with the difference that you will have unlimited resources.

These patches are installed in strategic places to eliminate the barrier that protects the game resources. Thanks to the fact that it is easy to download and use, it has become one of the most recurrent alternatives when searching in Monster Legends Infinite Gems.

The problem when Download Monster Legends Mod Apk, is that finding an app that really works can seem impossible. On the internet we find hundreds of websites that offer us to download this type of file, but the truth is that the great most don't work.

Also, since it is about downloading unknown files on your device, they can easily enter viruses and malware undetected.

Steps to install Monster Legends Mod apk 

Install Monster Legends mod apk It is easier than it seems, to do it properly you must follow these steps:

  • Download the mod from above and save it to your phone.
  • If it is the first time that you download an apk outside of Google Play or App Store, you will first have to go to “Settings” – “Security” – “Permissions” and enable the option of downloads from unknown sources
  • Once downloaded, look for it in the file manager and install the apk
  • Find the game and enter

Clever! It's that simple to download this mod on your device. If this apk has not worked for you, you can let us know in the comment box, so we will make sure to review and bring you a new option

Unlock Monster Legends achievements to earn infinite gems

This game has a large number of achievements, which you can reach to collect a certain amount of gold or win battles. every time you achieve unlock an achievement, you will be awarded gems and experience.

It is important to know that each achievement in Monster Legends has three levels, every time you pass one you will get a prize. For example, if you get one gem for collecting 500,000 gold, three gems for collecting 10,000,000 gold, and 10 gems once you collect 500,000,000 gold.

If you are able to unlock all the levels, you will be able to reach up to 300 gems.

Rewardhow to unlock number of gems 
collect gold Receive a total of 500k, 10M and finally 500M gold from their habitats1-4-10
gather food Get 100k, 2.5M and finally 50M food on your farms1-5-25
collect stars Collect a number of 20, 100 and finally 300 stars on the entire map5-25
remove obstacles Clear first a total of 10, 50 and last 500 obstacles from the islands10-2-10
get monsters Collect about 50 different monsters 1-3-10
stolen goldSteal your enemies a total of 50k, 2M and finally 100M gold in the monster arena1-3-20
stolen food Steal a total of 10 food, 250k and finally 5M food from monsters 1-2-10
Evolve your monsters Reach the evolution of 5, then 20 and finally 75 adult monsters1-3-10
Level up your monstersRaise first a 5, then 25 and finally 15 levels to your monsters1-3-10

To end 

If you have reached the end of this guide, now you know the different options for get infinite gems in Monster LegendsYou just have to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

In case there is any inconvenience when using any method, you can explain it to us in the comment box, so we will take care of updating said option and bringing you one that works. 
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