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Get OkCupid Premium for Free 2023

OkCupid Premium free

Few dating apps and services are as popular as OkCupid. For this reason, we are going to show you the different ways to obtain OkCupid Free Premium, through different methods that you can try both on your computer and on your mobile.

This site ensures you find your ideal partner in a very short time, thanks to its algorithm which has been a novelty for the world of online dating. Are you interested in learning more about it and how it works? Well let's get to it!

OkCupid, what is it?

OkCupid is a dating website with thousands of users around the world. The site puts at our disposal a series of tools and an endless number of users so that we can find a partner that meets our standards and with whom we have Common tastes.

Its operation is somewhat different from that of its competitors, since, before even creating a profile and uploading photos, we will be forced to answer one considerable amount of questions.

Just when you enter, they start in a simple way, your gender, age, what you are looking for, etc. However, once completed, the questions continue and they have no end.

Each of the questions that users are asked have the objective of looking for someone with similar answers and so maximize compatibility. In this way, you can even choose the importance of certain answers when looking for a partner.

How does OkCupid work?

Not surprisingly, this service was created by a group of young mathematiciansTherefore, its operation is based on numerical data.

Based on all the answers that users give to the different questions, a success rate of a possible relationship.

This is not always the case, therefore, on different occasions OkCupid has used its users as test subjects, matching singles with little compatibility.

As silly as it may sound, this has paid off, achieving even longer lasting relationships than people with high percentages of compatibility.

How to get OkCupid Premium for free?

Get OkCupid Premium free it is possible and we will show you how. The method of payment for this service online dating grants great benefits to its subscribers, however, the price to pay can scare more than one.

The methods described in the following section will be used to enjoy all the Premium benefits totally free. You can try several and decide which one you like the most, since they are all just as functional.

OkCupid Premium APK Free

OkCupid Premium APK Free

The APK consist of applications that can be installed on your device Android and they are external to the official store of Google. These applications usually contain special functions that are paid in the normal version of the app.

This is the case of "OkCupid app Spanish", a version of OkCupid in Spanish. Since, in case you didn't know, this dating service is only available in English.

Luckily for us, through the OkCupid Premium APK free, not only will we have access to a Spanish version, but it will also contain all the advantages offered by paid subscriptions.

Without a doubt, an excellent option to find your partner effectively. We remind you that to install a APK, you must have the option of "Unknown sources" in your cell phone settings.

Free OkCupid Premium accounts username and password

If you prefer to use the desktop version of OkCupid, you will necessarily need an account. To prevent you from paying, here at TecnoGuias we bring you a series of free Premium accounts, so you can enjoy everything the web has to offer for a while.

To use it, just go to the website of OkCupid and enter the username and password of the table that we leave you below.

[email protected]Luigi541Premium / 12 months
[email protected]atres 335Premium / 1 month
[email protected]Poseidon55Premium / 6 months
[email protected]2020GrandPremium / 12 months
[email protected]69pZaraPremium for / 3 months
October / 2023 Updated

We advise you that, if you manage to enter an account, change the password, so that you do not repeat account with another user. In this way, you will be able to personalize your profile and start the search for a partner.

This table will be constantly updatingSo don't forget to visit this article again in case you can't get an account the first time.

Free OkCupid Premium Discount Codes

For everyone who is willing to pay for a subscription, but still wants to save money, they will be happy to know that this website supports promotion coupons before making a payment.

These codes or coupons can be easily found on the web, in forums or in OkCupid social media.

  • Ok10off 
  • 5mOTH 
  • FREE8574 
  • EHCODE12 
  • TURT44
  • 66OKCUP
  • FREE30

Similarly, on certain dates, administrators usually give away these coupons just enter the official page.

Coupons offer you discounts for subscriptions of the site, special bonuses, free usage time and much more.

What does the OkCupid Premium option offer?

As is customary on dating services, OkCupid is free, but, it has a payment method that allows you to obtain unique benefits.

That is why there are two plans with different characteristics: the Basic plan and the Premium plan, which we will detail below.

Basic plan

The main attraction of these plans is that they offer a discount the longer you hire the service. These prices are:

  • 9.90€ one month
  • 7.90€ monthly for three months
  • 4.95€ monthly for six months

Between the features of this plan, we can find:

  • Eliminate the advertising permanently, so you can navigate with peace of mind
  • It allows you to know the users who have visited your profile and which have left you a I like
  • The invisible mode allows you to visit other profiles without leaving traces

Premium plan

OkCupid Premium It is the most used plan within the platform. Same as him Basic plan, its cost is reduced by the time you decide to use it, resulting in prices of:

  • 24.80€ one month
  • 22.80€ monthly for three months
  • 19.80€ monthly for six months

The features of OkCupid Premium are:

  • All the benefits of Basic plan
  • Know if a person has rejected or accepted your message before i answer it
  • Opportunity to appear on the lists of Featured Singles
  • Easily find the most relevant users and communicate with them

Advantages of OkCupid

Now that we have seen all that it offers OkCupid Premium free, we are going to talk more specifically about this dating service and all its advantage, of which we can highlight:

  • Conversations free with users before matching
  • Offers a compatibility percentage based on the answers you have given to the variety of questions that are available
  • 6 filters for your photos that you can use at no additional cost
  • They can to block users
  • You can see them responses from other users, giving you the opportunity to have information beforehand before starting a conversation
  • It has a written description that you can use in your profile
  • Presents you a candidate list with which it determines that you have greater compatibility
  • Allows you to link your account Instagram
  • Low level of fake profiles and spam

Frequent questions

Before concluding, we leave you with some doubts that usually arise among first-time users of OkCupid.

How to put OkCupid in Spanish?

Nowadays, OkCupid It does not have an official translation into our language, neither in its desktop or mobile applications.

Can OkCupid be downloaded in Spanish?

Yes, making use of certain APK, it is possible to obtain a translation made by Android users.

Can I get OkCupid for free?

Of course, the use of the app and the web is totally gratuitous. What subscriptions do is provide extra tools and benefits.


To conclude, we can only hope that this article will help you to achieve OkCupid Premium free.

Want more free dating apps? To who TecnoGuias we have it for you. You can start by taking a look at the APK of Free Badoo Premium. Thank you very much for reading and do not forget to leave your opinion down in the comments, until