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How to have OurTime Premium Free in 2024

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It is never too late to find love, if you have reached the mature stage of your life and want to find your ideal company, you have nothing to worry about. OurTime is a platform designed with dating from adults over 50, who want to meet and flirt. Do you want to know how to get the pass OurTime free and how it works? Do not miss it! 

OurTime is a project created by founders of Meetic (Another social network for dating) which has the purpose of connecting those people over 50 who are looking for a partner. In addition, this application is very complete, simple and intuitive to use.

Today, OurTime has become one of the dating platforms most used by older people in Spain. With thousands of registered singles, this website has brought together hundreds of new couples around the world, reigniting the flame of love.

Are you over 50, single and want to go back bet on love? Without a doubt OurTime is an application that you must use. However, like most dating platforms, this one has different plans and rates, in order to improve the experience of its users through its multiple premium functions.

Now imagine getting all these features totally free, it sounds crazy right? We already teach you to get Meetic Premium free, but the truth is that there are methods that will help you achieve OurTime free happens in Spanish. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to the end! 

What is OurTime? 

This is one of the sites biggest and best known in the world of online dating, mainly among older adults. This is because OurTime is specifically designed for this audience.

You may be wondering, why not use another dating app? The truth is that big dating sites like Tinder or Badoo tend to have a younger flow of users, doing a lot more difficult for people over 50 to find a partner.

ourtime web

OurTime brings the solution to this problem, focused only on the public over 50, this site has thousands of users, ready to meet. Therefore, this is the best option for those adults who seek have fun and give life excitement.

Give this app a try, you may find the person you've always been with dreamed of. In addition, this application has different planes, which vary depending on the service they offer. However, you can also enjoy OurTime for free by taking advantage of its free trial.

OurTime Features

It should be noted that OurTime works in a similar way to other dating applications, only with the difference that it is aimed at people over 50 years of age. In this sense, to know how OurTime works, it is necessary to know each of its main characteristics:

  • It is aimed at single people +50 years old
  • An ideal place to meet people who share your tastes and preferences of life
  • All profiles are verified and authenticated
  • Customer service 24/7
  • It allows you to meet people from all over the world or close to you geographic location
  • Group of experts who ensure the security of users' personal data

These are some features of the application, which can be expanded when dealing with the premium version. Therefore, so that you can enjoy this social network properly, we teach you how to get Ourtime for free premium pass.

How to get the free OurTime Premium pass?

Would you like to be part of OurTime, but you don't want to spend your money? Let me tell you that it is possible. Most dating sites have different paid versions, which have very cool functions.

Although OurTime free in Spanish and other languages, we cannot deny that its free version is very limited, which will make it almost impossible for you to meet new people. 

ourtime prices

Therefore, this social network has different Payment "passes", which allow you to perform many more functions within the app.

Now, if what you are looking for is to enjoy this application ifno limitation whatsoever, without a doubt you need the Premium version. But, if you want to learn how to have free OuTime Premium, here we show you the different methods to achieve it.

Try OurTime Premium free for 3 days

Like many other applications in this sector, OurTime gives the opportunity to all its users to enjoy a free trial of its premium version. So, you can try all functions of this application and determine if it suits what you are looking for. 

Like Meetic, to be able to access this promotion you just have to go to the platform and register on the 3 days free promotion. It should be noted that you may be asked for your bank details to access this promo, but no charge will be made.

After 3 days, your account will return to the free version and you can continue using the app without any problems. Without a doubt, this is one of the safest and most reliable methods to obtain OurTime free premium pass.

Download a MOD for OurTime 

Another method to get the unlimited OutTime pass is by installing a mod or patch in the application. In this way, the unlimited subscription of the application will be enabled, allowing you to access all its payment functions, without having to pay.

Although this seems like a attractive option, the truth is that it is quite risky, since these patches are created by third parties and they are not official versions. Therefore, nobody assures us that these work correctly.

Also, if the patch works correctly and does not have drawbacks, the OurTime team, upon detecting any anomaly in your account, may eliminate it or ban you from the app. 

Download OurTime Premium Mod APK

Other of the most popular alternatives to get the OurTime premium version, is downloading your APK full. Of course, this is an unofficial APK, which is designed by a third party.

By studying this option, we see how interesting and effective it can be for get OurTime premium for free. But, we recommend that you be careful when downloading any of these APKs.

Download OurTime Premium APK

In general, there are many sites that focus their activities on scamming people by offering modified applications. But, the truth is that most do not work or they simply send you to download any other file, which can affect your privacy, your mobile or even your pc.

OurTime accounts with Premium pass [Username and password]

In tecnoguias we focus on providing the best solutions to our users, the accounts we share on our site are fully functional and are periodically updated by our team.

[email protected]hereERbPremium
[email protected]cuttablePremium
[email protected]carl0s1970Zen
[email protected]URyERYATurbo
[email protected]tecnoguias.comPremium
[email protected]UctriCKZen
[email protected]onlybear34Premium
[email protected]manu3lzTurbo

This in order to ensure that the shared accounts are always available. You just have to enter the account with the username and password, and change the password.

So you can have an account of OurTime free unlimited, without tedious processes. It should be noted that these accounts come from an online account generator.

OurTime prices and plans

OurTime has become one of the applications More popular due to its incredible price. Well, their plans are one of the cheapest in all of Spain and they guarantee their quality of operation.

Now, OurTime has different passes and extra plans, which you can use depends on the need you have. Therefore, you must determine what you want and thus know which of these plans is adapt to what you are looking for.

Subscription TimeMonthly priceTotal price
1 month 34.46 € 31.49 € 
3 months16.09 € 48.27 € 
6 months8.39 € 50.34 € 
Updated prices

OurTime app extras

On the other hand, we can also find different extras in OurTime app, lwhich also allow you to access different payment options, without the need for the premium pass.


This option allows you to have a unlimited number contact details, as well as choosing who contacts you and who does not. In addition, you can enjoy the app without advertising.


This allows you to access more contacts than the other plans, so you can write to anyone, even if this do not have your pass active.


If you want your profile to be seen by many people, without a doubt this is the option you should hire. This gives you many more possibilities to find love. 


With this option you can visit any profile of way anonymous, becoming someone invisible within the app.

How does OurTime work? 

OurTime Spain is a dating web platform that allows you to control all your data and profile, which can be personalized by each user. This is possible from the "My account" section, where you must fill in all the details of your profile.

From this, you can begin to introduce yourself to others, making known who are you and what are you looking for. Thus, you can meet people with yourself tastes and preferences in common.

OurTime free

It should be noted that, like Meetic, OurTime is characterized by manage events and activities for singles who live nearby, be it excursions, wine tastings, hikes, even cruises. These activities are of Additional payment to the app subscription.

Frequent questions

In this section we bring you answers to the most frequently asked questions from new OurTime users. 

Is OurTime free?

Yes, the platform has a free version.

How to unsubscribe from OurTime? 

You can unsubscribe from OurTime by accessing your account, then "Support" and finally "Delete my profile". After 24 hours tyour profile will disappear from the app

You can also temporarily suspend your profile, choosing the option to "Suspend my profile" so it will stay suspended for as long as you want.

Is OurTime Meetic?

The creators of Meetic created the OurTime platform focused on people over 50. This works independently to Meetic, but it has several similarities.

In conclusion get the free OurTime pass It is not a difficult task, but you must bear in mind that most of these accounts are not unlimited. Usually when the OurTime team detects any anomaly, ban the platform account.

But, you can go back the processes to get another Our Time full account. If you want to continue learning how to get the free premium version for dating, we recommend taking a look at Free Tinder Gold.