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PGSharp Premium 1.65.4 APK – Standard Edition Free 2023

pgsharp premium apk

Maybe Pokémon GO may not be the international success that it was before, but, despite that, it is still one of the most popular games. If you're one of those loyal players who keep training their Pokémon, stick around to find out all about PGSharp Premium APK in the version standard edition.

The objective of this application is similar to that of Summertime Saga MOD APK, as it seeks to offer the player special functions and make it easier for him to progress in the game.

do you want to download pgsharp in your version premium completely free? Then read on to find out how you can do it.

What is PGSharp?

pgsharp it's a Pokemon GO Hack or, in other words, a modified app with tricks for the well-known mobile game.

Its main feature is that it allows the user to move around the map without having to do it physically. This is accomplished with the use of a joystick that moves our character, assimilating to a traditional Pokémon game.

pgsharp what is it

Thanks to this feature, we will be able to collect any Pokémon we want from the comfort of our home. As if this were not enough, we can also visit any point on the map and face other players. Other functions include:

  • Move around the entire map thanks to the on-screen joystick. Forget those tedious walks and get your desired equipment thanks to PGSharp Premium APK
  • Modify the speed at which your character moves to avoid raising suspicions within the servers
  • Move to the place you want using the teleportation map included in the game
  • Configure routes and let the work do itself
  • Save specific locations within the map to visit later
  • Unlike other applications that promise to alter Pokémon GO, PGSharp Premium APK it is fully functional
  • Get all the Pokémon you want without leaving home. Show off your team to your friends and defeat them in combat
  • Being developed on Pokémon GO, this modification is accessible and easy to use

Download PGSharp Premium APK (Latest Version)

Now that you know all the benefits it offers PGSharp Premium APK, you may be interested in getting it for your device.

The only requirement that you must meet is to have Android 4.4 or higher. In case you're looking for PGSharp for iOS free, you should know that it does not exist and it is impossible to modify Pokémon GO from said operating system.

pgsharp premium apk

An APK file is a special file designed to Android, working as installation packages for that system. Thanks to these, it is possible to install applications natively without using official stores, allowing access to a more varied list of options.

Download PGSharp Premium APK (Latest Version)

Next, we show you how to install pgsharp from your device:

  • Download the APK from TecnoGuias on your device.
  • While you wait, go to your device's settings and check the box for "Unknown sources". If you have already installed APK's before, you can skip this step
  • Run the file and click on "Install"
  • When the process is finished, tap on "To open"
  • Ready! Wait a couple of minutes while everything sets up and get ready to enjoy PGSharp Premium APK

How to use PGSharp Premium APK?

Since we have explained how to download pgsharp, what do you think if we take a look at the functions it offers?

PGSharp free version

  • Map: This option is disabled by default, but you can easily enable it from the app settings. Once done, you will have access to the complete map and you will be able to choose the coordinates to which you want to go, walking or with teleportation
  • Walk: You can choose the speed of walking and moving by touching on the screen. Remember not to raise this parameter too much, because you can be banned if you abuse this
  • Feeds: This feature allows you to filter Pokémon and see where they are. Once located, you can go to it using the tools offered by the app
  • Find level: Allows you to view a Pokemon's stats before catching it
  • Favorites: You can create markers on the map at places of interest and to which you want to return later

PGSharp Standard Version

  • Autowalk: Thanks to this option, your character will walk alone, passing through different stops and collecting his prizes. You can choose predetermined routes or create your own for greater comfort
  • Custom feeds: It allows you to add additional filters for a specific category of Pokémon, complying only with the parameters that you decide to establish
  • Block non-shinys: If you are looking for shiny Pokémon, this option allows you to focus only on them. Once activated, you will not be able to catch normal Pokémon, since the app blocks them
  • Skip evolution animation: Evolving a Pokémon with this option enabled removes the animation, allowing you to save time and evolve faster
  • Fast charge: This feature helps to load the map of new areas in a matter of seconds. This is very helpful for users with low-end devices or unstable internet connection.

PGSharp Premium License Keys 2023

PGSharp Pokémon GO It has a free version and a paid version, but thanks to the APK's it is possible to access both. However, some of them include malicious software for those looking for a free solution.

pgsharp license keys

If you don't want to risk your device and enjoy the payment advantages of PGSharp Premium, The team of TecnoGuias has the solution.

The following list includes different PGSharp premium license keys. Once you activate them, your free version will become Premium, allowing you to use the enhanced features it offers.


Frequent questions

Before finishing, we are going to see a few recurring doubts within the community of Pokémon GO. If you can't find your question here, leave it in the comments and we'll be happy to answer it. Let's start!

Why can't I install PGSharp Premium APK?

In case you can't install the app, try the following:

  • Make sure the pokemon go official version is not installed on the device
  • Check the configuration of your mobile and remember to activate the box of "Allow unknown sources"
  • Download the APK again, as the file may not have been downloaded correctly

I can't catch any Pokémon or receive rewards from PokéStops

PGSharp Premium APK It has a waiting time, in order to avoid banning your account. During this time, you will not be able to catch Pokémon, receive rewards, or teleport on the map.

If you opt for the Premium version of the app, this waiting time is significantly reduced, giving you more freedom to move around.

Conclusion about PGSharp Premium for free

Among the many modifications that exist for Pokémon GO, pgsharp is probably the best.

Its functions alone are well worth it, as they offer significant comfort when playing. In addition to this, it has a free version for all users.

Even so, you can get the Premium version thanks to everything we have shown you in this article.

Remember to continue browsing TecnoGuias for more similar content, like our guide to Summoners War codes.

What are you waiting for to catch your Pokémon? Start your adventure right now!