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Pornhub Premium Free – Shared Accounts 2023

Pornhub Premium Free

Nowadays, Pornhub is one of the largest adult content platform in the world and also one of the most visited websites In Internet. The service works on a registration basis and has a subscription option. Not interested in paying? Here we show you how to get Pornhub Free Premium!

Get Pornhub Premium It is much easier than it seems and with the tools that we bring you in TecnoGuias, you will be able to enjoy the best content on the site in the best possible quality.

All the methods that we will show you are fully functional And in case one doesn't work for you, you have others that will. Without further ado, let's get started!

What is Pornhub?

Pornhub has its beginnings in a distant 2007, being launched in that year by Matt Keezer. Later, it was acquired by Fabian Thylmann, a member of the conglomerate of companies Manwin.

The site allows users to view pornographic videos of different categories. A remarkable aspect is that the company produces his own videos, monitoring quality standards and delivering certified content.

At the same time, registered users will be able to upload theirs and even become part of "Pornhub Community", a section within the platform with great benefits for content creators.

Its operation is similar to that of another online video platform, allowing everyone who registers to interact through likes, comments and even letting the videos be bookmarked or downloaded.

Something that has characterized the administration of the platform is its way of acting in the face of disallowed content. The Pornhub rules They are strict and their team is always on the lookout for what many users might consider unethical.

Recently there was a controversy with unverified channels, in which more than 8 million videos with content that did not have the site's seal of approval.

Although this was a loss for its users, the site took the right decision and continues to grow despite criticism.

How to get Pornhub Premium Free?

Now that we know a little about the context of the site, it is time to dive right into the search for alternatives to get a Free Pornhub Premium account.

In the same way, we will add some options that, although they are not completely free, allow a user to enjoy the service. reduced cost or by a Limited time.

7 Days Free Pornhub Premium

The first method that we will see to obtain Free Pornhub Premium is limited to one 7 day trial, yes, all legally and from the same page.

To take advantage of this test, you will have to browse the site a bit until an advertisement appears inviting you to try Free Pornhub Premium.

Then you just have to follow the steps shown, usually a verification with a credit card.

Free Pornhub Premium Polls

Similar to the previous one, this allows us to obtain free trial times and discounts on the purchase of the subscription. The Pornhub polls They take no more than 5 minutes and offer various rewards to each user.

Surveys consist of a series of simple questions about the content consumed on the platform and options to improve the site. If you have a couple of minutes, this alternative can give you a pass from "Pornhub Premium test".

Free Pornhub during special dates

As the last legal method offered to us Free Pornhub Premium, we have the offer that is made on special dates such as Valentine's Day, Black friday and others.

Although only the two mentioned are those that are fulfilled annually, in some cases this offer is made with prior notice. For example, during pandemic, weekly events were held in which users could enjoy the Advantages of Pornhub Premium free.

It is important to be aware of site social media and to the forums, where it is usually given in good time when this offer can be seen.

Pornhub Premium APK Free

The following alternative is restricted to users with Android devices; If you don't have one, we recommend trying some other alternative.

To get Free Pornhub Premium, we will use a file APK, which allows us to install applications externally from our device.

These files have the advantage that applications can be modified, giving way to altered versions that unlock unique paid features. In this case, access to Pornhub Premium with a free account.

Opting for this method, you must follow the Next steps:

  • Search on Google "Pornhub Premium APK"
  • Search through the results to find an updated and functional version
  • Download the file and open it. If this is the first time you do this, you must allow the installation of unknown sources from mobile settings
  • Once this is done, click on install
  • Access the app and register
  • Clever! If you have gotten a working version, you will now be able to see the Pornhub Premium Videos no additional cost

Pornhub Premium Accounts – Username and Password

Paying for a subscription can be a bit annoying if you are short of money or think that you will not be able to make the most of it. If you find yourself in this position, you will be glad to know that here in TecnoGuias we have the perfect solution for you.

The list that you will find below has an email and a Pornhub Premium password, with which you can log in and take advantage of all the benefits.

OttoPerry88Trev88orPornhub Premium / 12 months
Michael335439 PatchPornhub Premium / 1 month
PlaysoccerStar59Pornhub Premium / 12 months
Josh44Fiur33rVeznPornhub Premium / 6 months
AlexMac44OlberTv33ZPornhub Premium / 1 months
Updated Accounts: October – 2023

Did you get in? Change the password! We recommend that you do this once inside, so that another user does not use the same account as you. Also, be aware of the subscription time, as it ends in a couple of weeks.

Free Pornhub Premium Account Generator 2023

Finally, we are going to show you the method with which we have obtained the accounts that we show you above. Well, these are taken from the Pornhub Premium account generator, a website that allows us to obtain multiple accounts at no cost.

You must bear in mind that the accounts are not self-payable, so your subscription runs out over time.

Use the generator it's very simple, you just have to:

  • Access the Pornhub Premium account generator for free
  • Click on the button "Generate"
  • Stay on site during the process, this takes 30 seconds
  • Check the captcha
  • Clever! At this time, the details of the generated account should appear

Note: The account generator has a limit of a monthly account per IP. Fortunately, the subscription usually lasts a month, so you can create a new account right when the subscription of the previous one ends.

What does Pornhub Premium have?

Since we have seen how to obtain Free Pornhub Premium, it is time to discuss what it offers and if it is worth paying for it or not.

Pornhub Premium prices

The Pornhub premium price It is 9,99€ per month and an annual plan for 95,88€, reducing the cost of subscribing to 7,99€ monthly.

Recently, a lifetime plan, allowing its buyers to enjoy an unlimited premium account for a single payment of 298,99€. It should be mentioned that this offer can only be found during Black friday (November 29) and Cyber monday (December 2).

The Pornhub Premium features are:

  • Get full access to more than 100,000 videos
  • Enjoy the best possible qualities, even 4K
  • Totally eliminate annoying advertising
  • Unique content for virtual reality
  • Free downloads in the highest resolution

How to cancel Pornhub Premium?

  • Go to the page of Pornhub support
  • Click on the section "Questions about billing"
  • Click on the last question and then in "Cancellation methods"
  • On the page of "Cancel membership", you will have three options to cancel the subscription: by phone, by chat and through a form. All three are at your disposal and are easy to use
  • Follow the steps indicated according to the method you have chosen and voila, you have successfully canceled your Premium account!


With this we are done, we hope you can get an account of Free Pornhub Premium and that you have learned more about this famous platform. Do not forget to stop by our guide Free Onlyfans accounts, where we show you some methods with which to enjoy the well-known network without having to pay.

In TecnoGuias You can find more similar articles that can be of great help to technology lovers. Leave us your opinion in the comments and don't stop browsing, see you soon!