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Recuva does not recognize my mobile or cell phone, how to solve it

Nowadays mobile devices are widely used to store personal files, be it images, emails, music or documents. We are constantly introducing content to our cell phone until it reaches a point where we want to make room in our memory. The problem with this is that sometimes we make mistakes and lose important files. As a solution to this problem there is the Recuva application. However, this software when using it has given the following inconvenience to users, "recuva does not recognize my mobile." This is a very common thing and we will help you with it in the next article.

Losing files is very common, either from your mobile or from your PC. This usually happens in many ways, either by accident or you have a problem with the software. For this there are file recovery programs like Recuva, to get your files back before it's too late. So if you are interested in recovering lost documents from your PC or from an external memory, do not hesitate to use this program.

File recovery programs take advantage of storage technologies do not permanently delete filesInstead, they remove it from your view until another file is added to take its place. So if we have deleted a file from our computer or from our mobile, we can recover it if it has not happened for a long time or you have not made many changes.

Why doesn't Recuva recognize my mobile or cell phone?

Recuva is a file recovery application designed for PC, and in order to use it on our Android devices we need to connect our mobile or cell phone through its USB cable to the computer. However, many users find that this program does not recognize the device. So below we will explain the reason why Recuva does not recognize your mobile.

recuva does not recognize my mobile

First we must take into account what the function of Recuva is. This program is responsible for recovering files from your computer's hard drive. Also, you can recover files from removable drives such as pen drives, CDs, DVDs, or even MP3 players. The problem is that the new updates of Android won't connect to PC like USB / flash drive.

The latest versions of Android no longer use mass storage, but now use MTP (media transfer protocol). So if you want to use Recuva, we only have two solutions to this problem: 

  • If your Android mobile device is an old version, and you have the massive storage. You just have to activate it and use Recuva.
  • If the files you have deleted are on the external memoryYou just have to use a memory adapter and insert it as if it were a pendrive in your PC.

In case your Android device is more current and use MTP to transfer files, and the files that you have lost are in the internal memory, you will have to look for an alternative since Recuva will not work for you this time.

Alternatives to solve "Recuva does not recognize my mobile"

If up to this moment you have not solved your problem, we recommend you try some mobile applications that will serve as an alternative to Recuva. Which will help you find lost images and files. 

Before using these applications, we recommend that you take a look at the recycle bin on your mobile. Since the multimedia files that you have deleted remain in that folder for at least 60 days.

Between the applications to recover files available in the Android store we have the following:


DiskDigger is a image recovery program designed for Android. With this application we can choose an advanced search if our device is rooted. In the event that our device is not rooted, the search will be quite limited and perhaps not so useful, since it will only find images that have been stored in the cell phone's cache.

DigDeep or "Recover Deleted Images"

If DiskDigger is not enough for what you need, you can try DigDeep. This program has the same function as the previous application, but it is a bit simpler and does not need your mobile to be root. Also, you will find the recovered images categorized. However, while looking for images you will come across quite annoying advertising.

Conclusion about Recuva not recognizing mobiles

It is understood that the problem that "recuva does not recognize my mobile" is not due to the fact that Recuva has a bug in its software, but rather that the nature of its functions does not allow it to detect the storage of new Android devices. This program has been in operation for more than 10 years, and before Android started using MTP as a form of data transfer, Recuva worked perfectly.

The alternatives to Recuva can be so helpful as of little, since the fact that the device is not rooted can be a considerable limitation. For this reason, we recommend that you do not save important information in the internal memory of your device, since if for any reason the hardware breaks or you delete an image or file, it will be very difficult or impossible to recover it.