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How to search for a group on Telegram?

search for groups in telegram

In order to use this platform for effective use, it is coherent to learn how to find a Telegram group referring to the topics of your preference or those that are similar to your sector in this messaging platform.

Thanks to using the Telegram interface allows you to maneuver in a good way the positive advantages that this app allows you. On the other hand, it can be a way of creating a community with its own interests.

In order for you to use everything efficiently, I invite you to follow this post.

How to get and search for groups on Telegram?

If we compare it with other tools, Telegram is the most complete instant messaging tool of the moment, usually people they use WhatsAppHowever, with the new privacy policies implemented, a large part of its users moved to Telegram.

Of course the biggest focus and one of the most positive attributes is the groups that have a higher limit than WhatsApp. Because of that, we will explain how to find a Telegram group regarding the topic of interest you want to learn or the sector you want to navigate:

  • The first thing to find the groups, you have to click to the magnifying glass icon. As a result, the application search engine will open.
  • Once inside the search engine you click and write the topic of your interest.
  • As will be stated later, you will be shown the available results.
  • Now it's time to get the topic of your interest to join.

It should be noted that it is important to interpret the results that it throws at you. Because the platform does not segment those that are members, subscribers, bot, or a private profile.

So join a group or channelIt is relevant that when it is opened it has a window that indicates "Join me". Although the process is very easy, it is usually difficult because there are so many groups that you have to select the right one, depending on what you want to learn or want to be informed.

get Telegram groups

Where to find group directories on Telegram?

From a more general perspective, there are directories that recommend a good list of groups, these are:

Page that has a variety of options from groups, channels and bots. These are the possibilities offered by this website, the main idea of the portal is to gather information from different groups.

The best thing is that they are obtained first-hand by the group administrator user. On this website you must navigate in the same way, focus on enter the keyword of the category or sector that you want to join.


With the idea of being a portal to help with communication and interaction of people. It gathers a wide list with a Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram group, all Spanish-speaking.

Without a doubt, it is an opportunity to facilitate the search for what you want to find.

Finally, it is convenient to limit this web portal, since it has compiled in 17 languages, 24 categories from different sectors. It really is a tool for every new person who wants to filter out the important groups.

Differences between Telegram and WhatsApp groups

Differences Telegram WhatsApp groups

Choosing between the two options you have to think about the focus and objective you want to achieve. By this I mean that both platforms have their characteristics that are personal and useful to promote you.

So you have to take into account factors such as communication or products that you want to sell. Because if you are looking for a small community, WhatsApp has a limit of 256 members per group, although Telegram offers a total of 200 users, there is an advantage that they called supergroups they have the possibility of including almost 10,000 people per group.

If you are a company, it is best to work under the approach of managing large communities. In the case of Telegram, you also have the option to set up bots or open channels where you can anchor messages, in short, you can pass a normal group to a channel without problems.

Let's say that for now the only disadvantage of Telegram is that it barely has 200 million users on its platform, while WhatsApp exceeds 1,500 million.

That is why the recommendation is if you want to create a large community, the Telegram platform is your option to search for groups that are of interest or create your personal group and share valuable information through that means.