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Anonymous Email Services Which is the best?

secure and anonymous emails

Next we will show you the best email services that are characterized by respecting the privacy of the user so that your data is not tracked and sold by large corporations.

Having an email address other than Gmail and Hotmail has different advantages when it comes to privacy.

By using the most popular email services, they capture information about your searches and may even offer you products based on the content of the messages you receive.

If what you want is to use a service that respects your privacy, here are the best ones in our opinion, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Anonymous and secure email services to protect your privacy

Although it is possible to anonymously use the most popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, this requires many steps, such as purchasing a VPN, creating a virtual machine, and using a portable browser with different plugins.

In this post, we introduce you anonymous email services that respect your privacy. We remind you that to increase your privacy online, it is always advisable to use a VPN service.

1. ProtonMail


ProtonMail is the alternative service and best known worldwide Because different people such as Julian Assange and other hackers have used it to be able to maintain anonymous conversations.

Your IP address is not registered in the system and it is not necessary to give your personal information to create an account.

It is characterized by using end-to-end encryption so that your messages are completely inaccessible by third parties. They would only be accessible by logging in with your account, which contains the valid encryption key for the messages to be decrypted.

ProtonMail software is open source, so that it is accessible to all. In addition, creating an account is completely free, but you can opt for payment plans with improved storage capacity.

How to create a ProtonMail account

  • Log in to ProtonMail
  • Choose the type of account you want.
  • creat your account
  • Complete your account setup
  • Update your account, if you wish.
  • Enjoy a secure email

2. Tutanota

tutanota website

Tutanota is a mail service similar to ProtonMail, it also has a app for Android and iOS, so that you can access your email through your mobile devices.

Use end-to-end encryption so your messages are stored encrypted on the server and they can only be read with your account.

One of the main advantages is that it is very easy to use and to create an account, it is right behind ProtonMail.

Additionally, it has a subscription of € 0 to € 2 to expand the storage space.

How to create a ProtonMail account

  • Access the website or download the application
  • Click on the button «Create account»
  • Fill in the fields with information not related to yourself.
  • Once you have created your account you will be able to access the service.

3. Disroot

disroot enter login

Disroot is an open source platform that allows you to create a secure and anonymous email account with end-to-end encryption.

This software was created by volunteers who defend the privacy and anonymous use of internet communication services.

Creating an account on this site is completely free, as are several of the tools that this group that fights for freedom and anonymity on the Internet.

4. GuerrillaMail

guerrilla mail

GuerrillaMail It is a service of temporary email and anonymous where users receive a completely random email address, which is used to receive or send messages anonymously.

If someone sends you a message to your GuerrillaMail email account, once you log into your account, the message will be collected and from this point it will be completely removed after 1 hour.

We know that this service has appeared in several important media, however, we recommend that you read their "About" section where they explain in more detail how it works.

5. Runbox

runbox email

Runbox is one of the lesser known secure email services, but one that is getting a good reputation on Reddit. Like Hushmail, there is no free account option. However, their paid accounts are much cheaper than ProtonMail's and offer more storage.

There have also been online reports of excellent customer services, as well as transparency on social media at times when there have been issues or downtime.


  • Servers located in Norway and subject to its strict privacy protection laws.
  • Lots of storage space
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP supported
  • External mail client support
  • Two factor authentication
  • Supported existing email addresses
  • Smart spam filter
  • Import and Export Address Book
  • Virus filter
  • Accept Bitcoin payments.


  • No free account option
  • Requires a separate client for end-to-end encryption

Ways to stay safe and anonymous online

You must bear in mind that when you browse the Internet you leave traces such as the cookies or your IP address. We recommend that use a VPN service o Virtual Private Network, which in Spanish terms translates to Virtual Private Network.

These payment programs will change your IP address to the one of the country you choose, this combined with an alternative browser do not save your history and protect your privacy it will increase your anonymity and security considerably.