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TeamViewer 14 Licenses - How to Activate FULL Version Forever 2021

teamviewer free license

In the era of communication, the tools to connect are very varied, this time we will talk about TeamViewer, this is a software that allows us to manage computers remotely, a very useful tool when it is required to operate equipment from a distance. Therefore, we will provide you with a list of TeamViewer 14 licenses, so that you can receive all the benefits of this application without hindrance.

Throughout time there have been multiple programs that have allowed us to manage computers remotely, however, the one that best satisfied the needs of all users has been TeamViewer, it offers a comfortable interface and its functions are easy to use. 

¿What is TeamViewer 14?

TeamViewer is software that was developed with the intention of connect two computers, allowing a totally remote connection. In this way you can use a computer even if it is miles away.

TeamViewer works by unique IDs and login codesThus, a person to remotely access another computer must enter said data and thus be able to start managing it from their own computer. 

The Using this program commonly requires two people, since this way the data can be sent and the person who wants to access can enter it. In addition, the most common of remote management is to guide the other person to perform actions.

From 2005 to the present This program has gone through multiple updates, and with this they have changed versions until reaching the current version, TeamViewer 14. They have managed to keep millions of users connected simultaneously and more than one billion people registered in the system.

How to download and install TeamViewer 14 full

TeamViewer is a program that can be used free of charge only if its use is for personal purposes, for this we have to go to its official website and download the application without further ado.

If you want to use TeamViewer full professionally, you will have to look for activation licenses or buy them.

To download and install TeamViewer for free To use it in your home, follow the steps listed below:

  • You must first go to Official site by Teamviewer. On the official site you just have to click on the menu option "downloads"
download teamviewer
  • Once on the download page, we click on the button "Download Teamviewer”And the download will start automatically.
  • We open the installer and follow the steps until we reach the step where we must select which license we will use.
  • Here we will have three options, in the first we will test the Business version for a certain time, in the second we can select the personal version, and lastly they let us enter a purchased license.
  • If we will use it only for use personal we can select the second option and we will have this program totally free. We click on the option and voila, we will have TeamViewer installed.

How to use TeamViewer 14

For some people TeamViewer 14 It can be a bit complex if you are using the program for the first timeHowever, after the first use they will understand how easy it is to use this application.

In this article we will explain you step by step how to make a remote connection with TeamViewer completely successfully. So follow the steps that we will name you below:

  • To start we open the application, then we will see the application interface with all its options and functions.
  • In the interface, in the main tab we will have everything necessary to start a remote connection. 
  • First we will have the ID and password to share and access our computer, and second we have to enter a partner ID to be able to remotely access a computer. This is the basics.
how to use teamviewer
  • Then if we want to connect to a computer We will simply need to enter the ID of the partner to which we will connect and then enter the password, if the data is correct, the connection will begin.
  • Now, if we want to allow remote connection of our computer to another person we will simply have to share our data (both ID and password), and the person who wants to access our computer will carry out the step named above.
  • And voila, these are the steps to make a simple remote connection.

In addition to the basic options we have options for remote use, which allow the application to Start with Windows and another that allows easy access. With this we can easily connect to a computer without the need for a person to be on the lookout.

List of licenses to activate TeamViewer 14

License keys for TeamViewer 14 full

  • TK5D9-0IM15-Q1TT1-RMMS8-015WP
  • 3F3CM-KU5FX-R3304-261Y9-AU9X0

Activation keys for TeamViewer

  • X651O-DZ5E5-Z5R9I-TEEN5-T1MAM
  • H8I3G-J9PA5-5Q12M-4XYM6-AQSFI
  • 893F5-OP1GV-25QRB-QCB9P-CHM3M
  • YWUAM-XIS68-4T6D2-WR0CE-AC005
  • 9H7CI-B2EK1-LTN71-UZ06B-F1LNH

Codes to activate TeamViewer 14 full

  • 5DI6O-NTK5C-3YYAT-6VXHK-1181Y
  • 32W5L-7F0CL-9OLW1-K0LOM-4PDKK
  • 2VO1R-9PTPG-CTYZV-1X000-3FNO0
  • IUV4B-G8H4W-ZPGL3-P8FV9-35OP5
  • 31C3C-SNO3F-0O7YH-N54B8-IDO64

Product keys for TeamViewer

  • 2I502-2QGI5-OWUSV-MLZ3I-63WPN
  • 0BXM8-KTFBB-8N0J4-CQ1ZG-75W4R
  • 69I8P-R5JU4-RDFX7-8G2DW-QNIX1
  • 9QGPE-5RQG3-L0801-9RSCD-08L2D

Conclusion about using TeamViewer 14

Teamviewer is a program that has grown a lot over the yearsWhen we talk about remote connection programs it is impossible to think about this, this is because it has established itself as one of the best, if not the best, of the programs that fulfill this function.

Its growth is thanks to the fact that it has satisfied a specific need of many users around the world, offering its services to more than one billion users worldwide, and in most cases without charging anything at all thanks to its version for personal use.
In case you want enjoy this program in the professional field It is important to know that the activation licenses will allow you a better benefit in the use of the program, therefore, depending on the use that you are going to give them, you must be aware of which license you will use.