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How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram?

know if you have been blocked by telegram

Finding out when the people who have you added block you on Telegram for certain reasons, it must be assumed that it is difficult to realize. The truth is quite the opposite, you can verify with different types of signals that said person does not have you among his contacts or worse still has limited you.

The block a person It can occur for personal or work reasons or simply to not continue the contact. However, whatever the reason, here I will show you how to verify that they have blocked you on this instant messaging platform. 

How to know if you are blocked or have been blocked on Telegram?

When you realize it, you only have to analyze certain things to certify that you deleted or blocked directly:

No status available

Interestingly, Telegram shows the option of "Online or last seen" each time. When a person blocks you, these updates cannot be viewed.

So doubt when this anomaly happens, because if it is affirmative, you will get out of the state "A long time ago".

You do not receive any type of message

According to what means lock option In any instant messaging platform, the idea is that the person who applies this option does not receive reception messages from the blocked user.

Therefore, this form is a means to find out that you are blocked to 100%, specifically when you send a message and you realize that the read confirmation never arrives, it is because you are living this scenario.

Person does not respond

This form goes hand in hand with the previous one, when a person does not respond to the message or the call made and on your own you have not received a notice of a deleted account, then it implies the imminent blocking of the other person.

Called brands

Being blocked you noticed that the other person will not receive your messages, in the same way, they are with videos or calls, they will not arrive and your efforts will be in vain.

Contact photo deleted

Both in Telegram or WhatsApp and any instant messaging platform, it will be seen that the profile picture is deleted. In Telegram when that happens instead of displaying the profile photo, the initials of the contact's name appear, this is another sign that you are blocked.

telegram user blocking

Reasons why the lock is generated

Generally when this type of blockage occurs, people they seek to avoid contact, especially when it comes to a former partner or friends who do not want to be tempted.

It is also good when you are at a stage where you want to go through the transition from a quiet duel, that is, a couple breakdown motivates you to not want to feel harassed.

That gives you enough emphasis to apply when you receive threats, any lack of respect or any verbal aggression. Although you may not believe it on a psychological level, these blocking functions allow you settle accounts and close cycles, looking for another way to generate new activities, interests or create a new circle of close friends.

Despite the fact that networks are used in a positive way, when certain levels of conflicts are reached, reaching favorable agreements is never easy. So the option to block a person it is always current and you can apply it without problem.

How to block a person on the Telegram platform?

In the case of applying this type of method on your own to eliminate toxic people within your contacts. You just have to apply the following steps:

  • Enter the application.
  • Look for the icon with three horizontal bars, usually it is the one that is taken as the menu category.
  • Enter the section of your contacts.
  • Choose from your list the contact you are going to block.
  • Open the chat, click on the part of their name and then click on the icon with three dots, which is located next to your photo.
  • Choose to block, execute the action.

Keep in mind that the platform also allows you report users who are violating the rules of the application. Maybe you hadn't thought about it, but Telegram has the means to protect your privacy and security. Especially when someone else wants to harass you or abuse your trust.

On the other hand, do not worry about being blocked on Telegram, if you go through an alien situation on your part, otherwise, if you are the one involved, try to regain friendship or contact with the other person, trying to reach a favorable agreement for both.