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Free Telegram Premium: Updated in May 2024

free premium telegram

We all know about Telegram, one of the most downloaded apps in the world and that has earned the trust of many users for its fabulous functions. In its new version of 2024, it has included a new paid version, which has very exclusive functions that will leave you amazed. You would like to have Free Telegram Premium? Keep reading! 

Although Telegram has a very large number of free features, with its premium version we can perform many more actions with almost no limitations. This is perfect for people who use Telegram for work reasons, since we will not have any limits.

From Liego, you will only be able to access your paid version going through the box However, at tecnoguias at the request of our users, we have created this post where we teach you how to have Free Premium Telegram accounts. 

What is Telegram Premium about?

Thanks to the great popularity and the millions of active users on Telegram, with each passing day there were more users who demanded to increase the limit of chats, send multimedia files and expand storage. This got to the point that for Telegram to comply with this for free, it became unfeasible.

For this reason, in order to meet the demands of users, they have found a very simple solution, which is a Premium version. You can acquire this version by paying a monthly subscription, and it allows you to obtain functions such as more speed and resources.

what is telegram premium

But not only that, it incorporates functions that will meet the needs of the most demanding users. Of course, you don't have to worry if you are a normal user, because the application will not force you to buy this subscription.

It is simply a paid version for those users who need even more from Telegram. In general, companies and businesses tend to purchase this subscription to have more freedom when talking with customers, suppliers, sending files, etc.

Main benefits of Telegram payment

we have taken care of try telegram premium for a while to give you a better idea of the news that it incorporates. 

Among them we highlight:

  • Sending multimedia files up to 4GB
  • Higher download speed, limits to download documents are eliminated
  • You can enter up to 1,000 channels
  • Save up to 20 public links
  • Chats can be organized into 20 folders, each with up to 200 chats
  • Connection in up to four accounts
  • Ability to write a long bio with links
  • Extensive comments for photos and videos
  • You can save up to 40 Gifs and 10 favorite stickers
  • New button to generate transcription of the audio that we have sent
  • Unique reactions and stickers, with additional effects
  • Chat management to be able to archive or hide new chats
  • Badges and Animated Profile Pictures
  • 0 Ads
  • New icons for the home screen

These are some of the features that incorporates Telegram Premium into its paid subscription. 

Methods to get Telegram Premium Free 

On the internet we find a large number of sites that offer us free premium telegram, but the truth is that almost none offer us an option that really works. 

In addition, you should be careful when entering unknown sites, as viruses and malware can be installed on your device.

In order for you to keep your privacy and the operation of your mobile device safe, we have taken charge of studying the different options to have Free Telegram Premium. Thus, you will not have to spend hours looking for an option that really works.

get free telegram premium

Download Telegram Mod Apk – Latest Version

One of the most frequented options to access the telegram premium version, is by downloading a MOD or patch. It is a modified version created by third parties, which allows us to have all the features of Telegram Premium, but without paying. 

Now, if you search the internet “Download Telegram Premium” You will find a large number of pages that offer us to download the apk for free. But, most of them are riddled with advertisements and contain unknown files that do not work.

download telegram premium mod apk

You should be careful with these web pages, since they can lead you to download files contaminated with viruses and malware, which can affect your personal security and that of your device. 

If you don't want to risk downloading a file that doesn't work, we have taken it upon ourselves to scan the different apks to bring you one that really works and that, above all, is safe.

do you want to download Free Telegram Premium? Congratulations! Here we bring you the direct link to your download.

Steps to download Telegram

To download telegram mod apk on your Android device, just follow these steps:

  • Click the download button below
  • Go into your device settings, look for the security option and allow downloads from unknown sources. 
  • Download and install the app on your device
  • Ready! you'll have Free Telegram Premium on your device 

Get a discount to have Telegram Premium 

If you are about to purchase Telegram Premium you should pay close attention, you can get a reduction in your subscription if you only follow certain steps. 

The official price of Telegram is about €5.49 per month, as long as you activate the paid subscription from the official application, that is, the one downloaded byr GooglePlay. But, there is a little trick that will make you get a discount.

to pay only €3.99 per month for Telegram Premium, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Telegram app on your android device
  • Enter the TG Files channel from the following link:
  • Download the latest version of Telegram Beta and install it on your device
  • Access Telegram settings
  • Click on the option Telegram Premium
  • Click on the button for 3.99 euros per month that appears at the bottom
telegram premium discount

Once these steps have been completed, you can now delete the version of Telegram downloaded from the Play Store, since the new version you just installed will automatically update with your own messaging. 

How much does Telegram Premium cost? 

If you are considering contracting the Premium service but you do not know what its real price is, do not worry about high figures. You can access all paid features for as little as 5.49 euros per month, which is paid automatically each month while the subscription remains active.

Therefore, if you use this subscription annually you will have spent about €65.88 per year, a fairly comfortable price for all the incredible features of Telegram premium. 

Final words 

Now that you know the options to get free premium telegram accounts, It only remains for you to put into practice the method that you like best and start enjoying this fabulous subscription. 

Of course, you should keep in mind that the official way to get premium telegram is by buying your subscription. Only then can you have telegram without violating their policies.

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