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SWYP – The Adult Tik Tok of 2024

swyp tik tok for adults

Today we can find thousands of mobile applications that offer content for all kinds of audiences. If we look at the short video sector, Tik Tok has undoubtedly won the first place, but did you know that this format was copied to offer adult content? In this article we teach you everything about SWYP Tik Tok for adults.

This is an app created by YouPorn which has been widely accepted by users, as it offers a unique experience that has never been experienced, that is, it offers a new way of discovering content, which works in a similar way to how it happens in Tik Tok. 

Therefore, if you ask yourself, Is there a Tik Tok version of adult contentor? The answer is NO, but there is this quite interesting alternative, which was inspired by said application. 

What is SWYP about?

Although its official name is SWYP This application has become known as the Tik Tok for adults, due to its great simulating features. 

SWYP was described in YouPorn press releases as “The mobile app that looks similar to Tik Tok in functionality, presenting users with a wide variety of full-screen video previews and simply scrolling to down you can go to the next one. 

Another of the main features of SWYP is that learn the consumption of its users thanks to employing Machine Learning, the intelligent system that is capable of recommending content based on the consumption and preferences of each Internet user.

How to watch Tik Tok for adults? 

One of the reasons why the “Tik Tok for adults”Has become so popular, it is due to its easy use, just by entering the YouPorn web portal and going to the SWYP section you will be able to access the platform

It is recommended sign up for SWYP so that the algorithm that works with artificial intelligence, can recommend those videos that you really want to consume. Once registered, you will be able to access the entire app content.

To watch videos this app works in a similar way to Tik TokIf you want to see a complete video, you must swipe to the left. On the other hand, if you want to see the previous video, you must scroll down. 

To be able to finish a video and go to the next one, you just have to swipe up. Now, despite being known as the Tik Tok for adultsOne of its main disadvantages and differences is that this YouPorn function does not have its own application, so the only way to enter is through its official website.

Download SWYP for Android and iOS

The first thing you should keep in mind is that SWYP allows you to access its application from any browser, allowing you to create a direct access on your desk of your smartphone iPhone and Android.

  • Enter its official page.
  • Tap the "Launch SWYP" button
  • Click on the settings button at the top right.
  • Click on “Add to home screen”
  • Give it a name 
  • Access the application and start swiping to find new content

Download SWYP

By following all these steps, you will have shortcut in your menu to access all this content whenever you want, like any other app on your mobile.

Adult alternatives to Tik Tok +18

Not only is SWYP known in the internet world as the Tik Tok for adultsWe can also find different platforms that have adapted the style of this social network, so we can find a large number of options that you are going to love.  

For this reason, we have compiled the best sites to watch adult videos Tik Tok style.


This is one of the new web applications that allows you to browse adult videos and slide those you want to see. This app allows you to preview popular videos and navigate between them. 

Like Tik Tok, all its content is based on the discovery experience, which you can access from your mobile phone's browser or directly from its application. Keep in mind that this type of app is not allowed in stores like Google Play and Apple app.

Video sigil 

Other applications of Similar videos to Tik Tok And that many consider as the Tik Tok for adults is Sigil Video. This is an app developed by the Sigil Social Media group and is aimed only at people over 18 years of age.

This app is known as an adult-only network where short videos of any type of multimedia content can be published. Undoubtedly, it is a fairly cozy and equitable alternative to Tik Tok for adults. 


Although there is no official version of Tik Tok for adults, we can get a fairly similar experience with other applications and web pages that we find on the internet. 

Among the options that we leave you above, we show you pages and apps that are dedicated to sexual content, but not only that, some of them have a social network design, allowing a more app-like experience.

Did you like this article? We invite you to leave your opinion in the comment box. Also, if you want to know more about apps and social networks for adults like Ashley Madison Premium, we recommend that you continue browsing our website. you will not regret! 

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