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How to get all the skins of Among Us for Free?

skins among us free

Among Us is the most popular game this season, being one of the most played in recent months. In addition to its game mechanics, Among Us allows you to customize your character with hats, skins, or even a pet. For this reason, we want to inform you about how to get Among Us skins totally free.

The Among Us customization is quite varied, for free, users can choose from a list of hats without paying. Also, alternatively there are many options for your character that you can pay for. 

Among these options are pets, skins and hats. Each of these customizations costs approximately $ 1 to $ 3 per customization.

Like any game, the community has managed to bypass the security of Among Us and this has allowed certain users to be able to customize your character skins without paying. This is what we will talk about in this article, how to get all the skins for your Among Us character for free.

¿Why use skins in Among Us?

We know that Among Us skins are an added value to the player, this can give your character more attitude and personality. Each user has free skins or rather, hats that are available without paying. 

But, to look more exclusive and different, we can opt for payment customization. And in this case we would have the skins, pets and more hats.

Now, we may think that this is not necessary even though there are ways to get it for free. Nevertheless, a skin in Among Us can help you win a game. As you read it, there are cases where the skins are so personalized that they are capable of confusing other players. 

For example, in one situation a player might think that he saw a color when he saw you, but he was not able to distinguish it and is wrong.

For this reason, if you are able to pay for a skin or you will get skins for free, you can win more games than usual. Either confusing people as a crew member or managing to hunt more crew members as an impostor.

Get all skins for Among Us

Mainly and officially we know that we can acquire the skins and each customization from the game, or from the Steam platform. For example, if you play from your mobile device you can enter the store from the game itself and buy any skin. On the other hand, if you are using the computer version, you can make the purchase from Steam.

Now, if you want to get all the skins of Among Us for free it is important to know that this is not suitable for creators. Every application focuses on advertising and micropayments, if users evade this type of monetization, the creators do not generate money. 

We warn you of the consequences Since every application is based on its earnings, if there are not earnings, the creators may not be able to continue supporting the application and the game would not have updates.

So, if possible, try to contribute your grain of sand to the application so that it can have better servers and keep running.

How to get Among Us skins totally free

Without further ado, we are going to explain how to unlock or get all the skins of Among Us for free. The method that we will explain below is for Android mobile devices.

To install all the skins of Among Us you need the following:

  • Install Among Us and have opened it at least once.
  • Download a file manager. Can be RS File Manager, RAR, or any other that fulfills the same function.
  • Download the files to your phone with the skins from the following link. Skins Among Us. You will find the link in the description of the video.

Once we have everything downloaded, you simply have to follow the steps that we will name you below.

  • Unzip the files of the skins of Among Us. You will notice that when unzipped inside we will have a folder "Files".
  • From our file manager we will copy the folder "Files" to the clipboard.
  • Now we have to go to the main folder of your phone and locate the folder Android> data> com.innersloth.spacemafia.
  • Inside this folder we will get another folder "Files". Simply we will have to paste the folder we have in the clipboard and overwrite the files if necessary.
  • And ready! Now we just need to enter the Among Us and enjoy all the skins, hats, pets totally free.

As you can see notice, the steps consist only of downloading the files with the skins and paste them into the folder where our Among Us information is stored. 

Done every step Our information will be erased and we will have another usernameThey just have to change it and continue enjoying this game.

If by any chance the game gets updated, you will have to try the steps again.

Conclusion about using free Among Us skins

This is an interesting method for those people who want to customize their character and cannot afford it. Nevertheless, using this method to get all the skins of Among Us has a disadvantage, or rather a detail, since it is still free. 

If you want a more complete version of Among Us with additional functions to always be an imposter, we recommend the Among Us Mod Menu

The moment we enter the game, the first thing we have to do is choose the customization we want to use. Then, if we wish, we change the nickname of our character. It is important to change the skin first.

When we choose another nick, all customizations are removed from the store. So if we want to constantly change our skins, we must keep the name of the account that comes with the files or choose to change the files folder every time we want another skin.