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How do I unsubscribe or delete my POF account?

unsubscribe pof

In this article we will explain how you can dunsubscribe or delete your Plenty of Fish account or POF, quickly and effectively.

Plenty of Fish is one of the pioneering platforms in internet dating, since its inception in the 2000s, opening up to the market in direct competition with the “” page. He managed to have a great opening to the world of online dating in a fast and successful way. It wasn't until the platform had a lot of thousands of users when they began to have the first employees to maintain the site.

People who use these types of applications have several things in mind, in most situations there are two cases; those who just want to meet people and spend some time, nothing serious; and people who want to find their ideal partner and thus be able to establish a serious relationship. 

For this same reason, many people at the time of find the right person, they have no other reason to continue using this application and uninstall it, or stop using it. Even so, if they don't completely delete your account, Your profile on this platform will continue to be active and others will think that you are still looking for a partner. 

Thus the most ideal would be to cancel the account and ensure your exit from the platform permanently, although you can always re-register by registering again

Unsubscribe or delete my POF account

The same page Plenty of Fish is aware that anyone can find love from their platform and stop using it. For this same reason they offer users the option to hide their profile or, if you consider that the person you have met is the ideal one, you can even permanently delete your account.

It is possible that you use the Plenty of Fish platform from the computer by entering its website or that you use the mobile application, in any way We are going to teach you step by step how to delete or cancel your POF account regardless of where you connect from.

To cancel your Plenty of Fish account from the browser, follow these steps:

  1. From any browser, copy and paste the following address in the navigation bar:
  2. Enter your details, the username and password, in order to enter your account.
  3. Plenty of Fish before unsubscribing will ask you for information about your experience, either; reasons for your departure; experience; Couples achieved and if you would recommend the page to an acquaintance. It is not mandatory but it is quite useful for the platform, since it serves to improve the service.
  4. Finally, after having filled in all the boxes with the information they ask for, we click on "Delete account”.

How to unsubscribe or delete POF account on Android or iOS

Now, you may have downloaded the Plenty of Fish app on your cell phone and for some reason you can't or do not want to do this process from a computer

There is no problem, you can cancel your account regardless of the device you are using, you only need a browser and internet connection.

If you want to cancel or delete your Plenty of Fish account from your cell phone, follow these steps:

  1. From your Android or iOS device, access the browser and then copy and paste the following link: You can also click on it.
  2. You must provide the page your data to enter the account, user and password.
  3. Next you will have a form where you must fill out information about your POF experience, here they will ask you about; the number of dates you had, if you found a partner and if you can recommend the platform to an acquaintance.
  4. Filling in each of the boxes with the information they ask you, you must click on "Delete account”.

As you will see, you can do the same steps that would be done from a browser using your mobile phone Android or iOSIt is not very complicated and you do not need any application installed, only the browser.

How can I hide my POF profile

If we terminate our Plenty of Fish account, it is important to understand that all content will be deleted and we will lose total contact with the account, even if you bought a membership.

For this reason, it is important to know if you really want to delete the account permanently or, you just want to hide your profile so that other people cannot see it. It is not necessarily a gesture of insecurity with your current partner, but a less drastic way to remove this platform from your love circle.

So if you are interested in hiding your profile on the Plenty of Fish platform without having to unsubscribe, follow these steps:

  1. You must first enter the platform using your account details.
  2. Then you go to your Profile and select the option My profile.
  3. You are looking for the option “Hide Profile”And click on it.

Before deleting your POF account

If you think about no platform is interested in having its users withdraw. Therefore, if you try to do it, Plenty of Fish will give you enough options not to do it, even in the process to unsubscribe it will give you enough warnings and advice before deleting your account.

It is possible that some people instead of finding their partner have had problems with the platform, either because did not allow them to find an ideal person or that someone within the community is bothering them. 

If someone inside Plenty of Fish is bothering you you can easily enter your profile and block it, is an option that is available in practically any social network.

In case that you could not find your ideal partner, Do not be disappointed. As the saying would say “in the sea there are many fish”, And now with the internet the possibilities are very extensive, remember that there are many options available To do so, from web pages to mobile applications, you will surely find the person of your dreams.