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Wiseplay Soccer Lists Updated 2021

wiseplay updated soccer lists

If you like soccer and want to see the online matches from your own Smartphone or using your SmartTV, it is time to configure your device with the new updated playlists for WisePlay, in order to watch a large number of Football matches for free.

Using WisePlay We can watch football matches in streaming, not only that, we will not have to pay absolutely anything, we simply have to download the application, add a playlist and start watching the most beautiful sport in the world.

What is WisePlay and how does this player work?

If you still do not know WisePlay, you do not know what you are missing. WisePlay is a multimedia content player that allows us to view an abundant number of live channels as common videos. This App is available for any mobile device with Android, we can even use it on SmartTV or if you do not have a smart TV it can be used through Chromecast or DLNA.

Using this player you can view all the content you have stored on your cell phone. WisePlay will allow you to see most available multimedia formats, not all, but a large part of them.

What is an updated list?

A playlist is an idea that WisePlay designed so that users themselves can create and share videos in w3u and m3u format. The lists are in a json file, this can be easily created and contains the information of the videos or streaming channels. If you need more detailed information you can visit the WisePlay official website.

Usually the playlists you can find them on a page like thisThey are also shared in facebook groups, forums and anywhere where any type of information can be shared.

In addition to adding the list on your device, if you have the file you can edit it and modify its content to adapt the list to your liking; changing titles, images or deleting a video or channel.

It should be noted that if you use WisePlay it will be necessary to update the content periodically, you will have to purge those lists that do not have available content and add other lists.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WisePlay

WisePlay is an excellent applicationWe can really say a lot of good things about it and we would make a great list of its benefits. Still, it also has its downsides or its details, as there aren't really many reasons to complain about this app.

Between the WisePlay benefits have:

  • Multiple formats available. If you want to see a video that you have saved on your cell phone, you can do it.
  • Add, create and share playlists. It is the star function of this application and you will surely enjoy all available content.
  • Android compatibility. If you have a Smartphone with Android it is enough for you to watch your football games from your cell phone using the updated lists.
  • It has virtual reality. The VR format is an option that we have available and it is quite interesting.
  • You can use an Android TV. Also if you have a Chromecast or a DLNA, you can use a television together with this application.
  • Count with one own browser. This browser is special to find the lists we need, it also has a "Anti-Popup”That will help us navigate without annoying advertising

However, not everything is rosy in the world of applications, among the disadvantages of we have: 

  • The App has ads (you can avoid them by buying with the PREMIUM version).
  • Playlists may no longer be available so content must be updated from time to time.
  • You will not always find the soccer game of your choice.

As we can notice, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and if we detail each disadvantage it is understandable that they exist, we cannot attribute these details to the creators, since it escapes their hands.

Updated Soccer Playlist

It's time to add updated soccer roster. We will offer you the best selection of updated Soccer lists so that you do not miss anything and you can see this year's Leagues. So take advantage and do not miss any of the online matches. 


This playlist features a extensive varied number of channels and each channel includes several options. So it will surely be useful to watch your matches in streaming.

How to add the Soccer playlist

You already have the list at hand, you just need to add it to the WisePlay, this really is a very simple process and has no complications. If this is the first time you use the application, look at the following image and read each of the steps in detail. 

  1. First we are going to open the WisePlay and we will click on the button that is at the bottom right, a circular button with the sum symbol (+).
  2. Once this is done, we will have 4 options for us to add playlists, for this case we will use the first one, which is the Add the list from URL.
  3. Finally, you only need to paste the link that we have saved and confirm by doing click on the OK option.

And so, quickly and easily we add our list to WisePlay. You can also choose to use some other option, for example that of add list via QR It is quite a simple one since we only have to turn on the camera and point.

WisePlay as a Streaming platform for Soccer

Little by little, all the content that we view is being changed from television to the internet, this has opened a door to a extensive number of pages, programs and applications that are allowing us to see our favorite content just by having an internet connection. 

It is an excellent idea to have an application like WisePlay that allows us to create these lists and share them to watch football matches in Streaming, this makes it a platform that does not depend on the maintenance of the owners for its content but from their own community.

It still lacks details to polish and the WisePlay user community is not yet that developed, despite this hopefully this application continues to grow and that we can enjoy both football matches and any other content.