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How to watch Movistar Plus for free? Shared Movistar+ Accounts 2024

watch movistar plus free

If you have landed on this article it is because you are looking for a functional way to watch Movistar Plus for free. Formerly called Canal Plus or also known until recently as Imagenio.

There are several ways to watch Movistar + on your mobile, computer or Smart TV without paying, but depending on the device on which you want to view the content, you must use one method or another.

We are going to explain how you can visualize Movistar Plus, you just have to carefully read our step-by-step guide. We will give you the necessary tools so that you can see Canal Plus free in May 2024.

What is Movistar Plus?

Movistar Plus is a Spanish pay television platform, which was the result of the merger of Movistar TV and Canal Plus, currently broadcast by ADSL, Fiber and Satellite, and is the television with the most subscribers in the country with currently 4 million subscribers.

In this service you can view live or delayed content, said platform has a mobile application and website where you can access movies and series from anywhere.

In addition, being a Movistar Plus subscriber, you have the advantage of being able to access Netflix, this service is already included in the subscription price.

Channels that you can see in Movistar +

Movistar Plus has a variety of its own channels, from general channels such as #0 or #Vamos to a football channel where you can watch LaLiga or Football Replay.

A sports channel that covers Formula 1 and others such as Golf or Hunting and Fishing among others. Currently you can also see bullfights.

The most popular channel of Movistar Plus is that of Series and films which are divided into smaller channels of Premieres, Comedy, Action, Drama, CineDoc & Roll and many more.

Applications to watch Movistar Plus Free (Canal +)

Next we will show you the best applications that you can install on your mobile or Smart TV and that will help you to watch Movistar Plus for free. Several of these programs are also available for PC.

Once one of these applications is installed, you must search for the necessary resources to watch Canal +, for example, in the case of Wiseplay, you must search for Movistar Plus lists for said application.


see movistar plus on wiseplay

Wiseplay is a player designed for mobile devices that allows you to open any format of multimedia content you want, both audio and video.

It also has a simple but attractive interface that allows you to play the videos locally or remotely without any inconvenience.

It also has playlists that you can create or add by searching for them online. Lists are added in .M3U and .W3U format from a file, a URL, or even a QR code.

To see Movistar plus from this application you must search for Movistar + lists for Wiseplay.

TV Spain Android

tv spain movistar plus

It is an application that is not in the PlayStore so you must download it directly in an APK version. It is easy to use, there are not many channels to choose from since it mainly offers an open signal in Spain and some payments such as Movistar +.

Their design is nothing new and they exaggerate with advertising. Then there comes a time when you get stressed out about this. So it is not a highly recommended application.

Sport TV

It is known as one of the best applications for these sports fans, it offers a wide list of recognized channels such as BeinSport, SkySport, ESPN, DirectvSport and of course also with Canal + from Movistar Plus is included in this package.

The interface is easy to use. The only detail is that you only access these channels when there is a league match or an international championship in progress.

You TV Player

see channel + on youtvplayer

Among the most recommended platforms to watch Movistar Plus online, this is one of them. It happens that it has streaming channels that allow you to get up to more than 100 channels so that you can watch a fairly wide program and not miss a minute of current trends.

You can see from live sports, shows, news and programming for the little ones at home. It is about choosing the category that you like the most and you will be able to see a file with the program's properties. It should be noted that this platform is available for Android devices.

In addition to being able to access all the streaming content in the application, it also allows you to download all the content you want so that you can watch it as many times as you want. This application can only be downloaded through its website, as it is not available in the Google Play virtual store.

  • It is available for Android devices.
  • Their services are free.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • It can only be downloaded from their website.
  • Unlimited access to all Movistar Plus content.

Movistar Plus App

app to see movistar plus for free

Here we are facing a limited area because only those who are customers of movistar + can access it for free through the satellite TV contract. There are a few ways to activate it for free, but it's not very reliable to be said to do it this way.

However, it is the best way to enjoy this channel without advertising or restrictions of any kind to the content it offers and you will have Full HD coverage.

Shared Movistar Plus accounts? Updated list May 2024

One of the easiest ways to enjoy and see Movistar Plus is through a Shared Account. Because movistar allows access to more than one person, it is possible to access the platform using an account of a user who has subscribed to the service.

If you want to access Movistar + below we share one list of shared accounts With +1000 accounts available, you just have to access and choose one that is not used by more than 10 users simultaneously.

How to watch Canal+ for free in 2024

As we have mentioned previously, Canal + has merged with Movistar TV. If you are looking to watch this television channel, we recommend that you follow all the above instructions.

You can use an application called Wiseplay and add a list in m3u format to watch the channel from your mobile. If this method is not successful for you, there are several pages to watch Canal Plus for free.