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How to watch pay TV channels for free

watch pay tv channels for free

Today the internet has become our ideal place to find everything we want. So much is the expansion of services that we can find that are now available to watch pay TV channels totally free. So you can enjoy all the channels with just one device and an internet connection.

So if you find yourself searching watch pay TV channels on the internet for free, you are in the right place. Through this article we will explain how to watch pay TV just using a device and an internet connection.

What do I need to watch pay TV channels for free

To be able to watch television channels on the internet, the first thing we need is a good connection. Depending on the device you are using it will be easier or not. 

For instance, if you are using your mobile with network data, the quality and speed will depend on your mobile provider and you may spend a little money this way. On the other hand, if you are viewing payment channels on your computer, you will not spend so much money but, equally, the speed will depend on how good your connection is.

So, The first and most important thing of all is that we must have a decent internet speed. Also, it is important to bear in mind that we are viewing content that in most cases is live, therefore, we will not have the facility to load the content and continue when it has been downloaded.

Later, another requirement to be able to watch pay TV channels is to have a good device. Currently, the device that we are going to use is not important since technology has advanced so much that a computer or mobile can perform tasks with the same performance.

The importance of a device to watch streaming channels it's a good screen with a decent resolution. Also, it is important that you have availability of applications that are necessary to watch channels. 

Is it legal to watch paid channels totally free?

When we read the word internet and free, it is very easy to think of piracy and this is not far from the truth. In Internet many of the things that are paid and we get free are illegal. This is because they are violating copyright laws. 

In the case of TV channels, these channels pay the authors of the content to be able to transmit it to the air. And the advertising that we see in commercials is made by advertisers who pay these channels and allow this entire business to be profitable.

Therefore, when we use an application or software that allows us to view paid content for free, probably not a legal way and the time will come when the service will be canceled or the content will be removed from the platform.

How to watch pay TV channels on different devices

free android payment channels

Most of the applications that we are going to share with you are designed for mobile applications, especially on Android. Therefore, to watch TV channels from our computer we will need to install an Android emulator. 

Also, there are applications that are also designed to be used on computers, so we are not limited in software to be able to watch TV channels for free.

Applications to watch pay TV channels on mobiles 

To watch pay TV channels on mobiles we will use applications based on the IPTV system. This function allows users to add channel lists taken from the internet and view the content in Streaming. It is quite a common and popular method among users.

The immense variety of IPTV applications It is because each one has unique functions, some have their own systems and better characteristics. So, you will have to test each of the applications to recognize which is the best, or the one you like the most.


Among the best existing applications to view multimedia content we have Kodi. This application started its early years as a software for the Xbo consolex, however, as its software is open source, it obtained development for different operating systems.

Although it is possible to use Kodi on most operating systems, Android users love this application. Its popularity is due to the fact that it has a totally unique interfaceIn addition, it has functions for TV, radio, music and much more.


This is one of the most comfortable applications in terms of functionality. Wiseplay doesn't beat around the bush, its best feature is playlists in “.m3u” formats, and it is the first thing you will see when you run the application.

It has a very friendly interface, one of the most striking among all IPTV applications. Also, it is extremely simple and comfortable to use, we can add lists in different ways, even using a QR code.

In addition to being an excellent IPTV app, it has a good multimedia player. With WisePlay you can load any type of file, from audios to videos regardless of the format.

This application shows a complete affinity for Android. It was discontinued on iOS just under a year ago.

Lost tv

If we need an IPTV application that has an extensive catalog of content, Lost TV is the one. From this application you will find a large number of pay TV channels to watch totally free, you can watch movies, series, radio broadcasts and much more.

When we run this application, it will be necessary to register and create a user. Once this process is done, you can continue and start seeing all the content they have for you.

A detail of this application is that we will not be able to find it in official stores. Therefore, if you look for it in the Play Store, you will not find it. The most effective way to download this application is to search its APK by Google.

You TV Player

This app calls itself the best social player for Streaming. This is because you can chat with your friends in the same application that you see the content.

To start using this application you will need to register. This can be done by email or via facebook. Once registered, you will have your own profile, with it you can add other people who use the platform and chat.

However, the intention that you have an account in this application is not entirely based on your going to socialize with other people. This application saves all your playlists in the cloud, so that you do not lose any information if the application is removed.

This application is not available in stores. Therefore, to install it, you must go to its official website and download the APK. Also, you can download it from the popular application "Aptoide".

Programs to watch pay TV channels on your PC

If you prefer use your PC to watch pay TV channels there is no problem, it is also possible. Even if you are a bit ingenious you can have all the options available, including those for mobile devices.

You can install Android emulators on your PC, an emulator will allow you to run any application including the ones we have named above, so you have no limitations. The only difference in using the computer and mobile would be the ease of moving around with a mobile device.

If we want to install an emulator, we simply have to go to the official page of the emulator, download and install it. Next, we will give you a ordered list of best emulators for Android.

  1. Bluestack
  2. MEmu Play
  3. Bliss OS
  4. Nox Player
  5. Phoenix OS

Any of these emulators will be sufficient useful to run any application to watch pay TV channels.

Also exist PC-only applications. We will name a couple of them, that even some capable already have it installed on your computer.


This app is definitely one of the best players ever created for both computer and mobile devices. VLC has the best functionality and availability in formats that exist. In addition, it is an extremely comfortable program to view any multimedia content.

However, its use as a player is not what brings VLC to this list. VLC has a function to watch streaming content using any URL.

What's more, VLC is a cross-platform application. This means that you will be able to install VLC on any device or operating system.


Acestream is a well known software in the world of computer streaming. This program is based on the player named in the previous point, statically it is very similar but Acestream has some improvements in streaming functions.

One benefit of using Acestream is that there are websites created by the community to get IDs. Normally, we will find sporting events to view, however, we will also find any other type of content.

Another Acestream feature that can be quite usefulHe is your Chrome plugin. This add-on will allow us, through Google, to have a section to search for available television channels. This plugin is called Ace script and you can also use it using VLC.

Conclusion about programs to watch TV channels 

In internet you will find infinities of options to watch pay TV channels without paying absolutely nothing. We have given you the most common options available to be able to watch streaming content of all kinds regardless of the device you are using.

While is true that these applications or programs are not the complete 100% solution, we must be aware that we are enjoying channels totally free. In most cases we will only find small advertisements or in some cases not even that, therefore, it is a good alternative.