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How to activate dark mode in WhatsApp Web

dark mode whatsapp web

Recently WhatsApp released an update to be able activate dark mode, which changes the colors of the interface and chats to a black tone and in this way reduces the brightness of the screen which consequently increases the battery life and helps not overload our vision.

it's possible activate dark mode for WhatsApp Web through the steps that we will show you below. In case you didn't know, this is the browser version of WhatsApp.

Steps to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp Web

Unfortunately, still there is no official version to activate the mode, but using Google Chrome extensions, we can change the colors of WhatsApp Web without affecting the operation.

whatsapp dark web

There are different extensions that can change the color of WhatsApp Web, but we will show you only the best free. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Install the extension Dark reader
  • See in the icon of the extension
  • Enable marking [Yes] o Disable by checking [No]
  • Clever!

By default you will activate dark mode on all pages, if you just want to use it for some specific web pages, can be done in setting, or deactivating manually on each website you visit.

dark mode whatsapp dark

Configure Dark Reader so that only dark mode is enabled on Whatsapp Web

As we have mentioned before, it is It is necessary to specify the sites where we want the black mode to be activated. If we don't, the Dark Reader extension will enable it for all sites.

If you want to activate it only in specific places, and that it is deactivated in the others, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the extension icon to open the menu
  • Choose 'List of sites
  • In the tab 'Invest only in listings
  • Job the following link
  • Clever!

Thus it will only be enabled on WhatsApp Web, and you can continue browsing normally through all the other sites!

configure dark reader whatsapp