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Where are Snapchat photos saved?

In recent years, social networks have evolved and grown daily, and have become part of our day to day. New updates appear day after day, this has made us wonder, "where does the content we save go?" Therefore, we will show you where snapchat photos are saved.

Being able to share multimedia content with your friends is the basis that has made social networks a trend. Snapchat became a platform known for its peculiar way of sharing content, however, many new users wonder, How are Snapchat photos saved?

What is Snapchat and how does it work?

It is a messaging and multimedia content application, where users share, send and save photos and videos they receive from friends or content that other users share.

Snapchat offers you a huge number of functions To edit your videos and photos, you can add filters, music and emojis, and save it on your device or share it with your friends.

Where are Snapchat photos saved?

Many of the users of this platform wonder where the photos that are sent to their private Snap go, how they can save them or where they are saved. The answer to this is very simple, because the application does not have the function to save images or photos that other users send you.

Where are Snapchat photos saved?

Nevertheless, there are tools to save photos from any platform. If what you want is to know how to save the photos that you have taken or sent, with the effects that Snapchat offers you, it is very simple.

How Snapchat photos are saved

Because Snapchat does not offer the option to save the photos you receive or see on the platform, many users have looked for tools or tricks to do so, which we will show you below:

Save Snapchat Photos Taking Screenshot

The Screenshot or screen capture, is a function offered by most Smartphone, which consists of taking a photo of the mobile screen In use. You just have to open the image you want to save and take a screenshot of the screen.

In case of having Android, the Screenshots are taken pressing the power and volume down buttons at the same time. And in the case of having an iOS device, you just have to press the power and activation button at the same time.

However, not all devices have the screen capture tool, if so, you just have to install an application that does it. There are many applications that offer this function. One of the most popular is Screenshot touch, and you can find them for Android in the Play Store or you can also download the APK of the application.

How to save the photo I just captured to Snapchat

Likewise, if what you want is save the photo you just took on your device, you just have to follow these easy steps:

  • Take the photo do you want to save
  • Add the effects and functions what you wish
  • Press option "Keep" what will you see in the lower left corner
  • Now, you must select "Memories and Device"

Finally, you will be able to observe your photo saved in gallery, specifically on the Snapchat album.

How sent Snapchat photos are saved

Now if you wish it is save a photo you sent and it was not saved on your device, you will not have problems, since this is done in a very easy way, following the following steps:

  • Enter Snapchat and search the chat where the photo is what do you want to save
  • Press for a few seconds the photo
  • Select option "Keep"

And that's how easy the photo you have saved will be saved on your device, you can now view it in your gallery.

Where to view saved Snapchat photos

Regardless of the method you use or the type of mobile device you use, Snapchat photos are saved to your gallery, in the Snapchat folder or in the Screenshots folder. After this process you can save the Snapchat photo you want, just by following the method of your choice step by step.