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The best sites to download free audiobooks

pages download free audiobooks

The audiobooks are in their prime, in technological times, where it is possible to enjoy them through multiple devices and get it from online platforms. Before this was much more complicated, you could hardly find your favorite book in this format and if you found it capable, it was not in your language or it was only available in a store.

And as much as we want to pay for content that we like, sometimes it is impossible or we cannot do it. So for this reason we will share with you the best pages to download free audiobooks.

These pages provide free audiobooks since they work within the legalThis allows them to grow and distribute a certain amount of books. 

Therefore, you may not find the most current content on these sites, but you can entertain yourself and do your day-to-day tasks while listening to an audiobook about a classic novel.

The 5 Best Pages to Download Audiobooks for Free

exist multiple pages available To download free audiobooks, we are going to give you a list of the ones that we consider the best depending on the quality of the platform, the number of books available and the functionality of the site. 


This page is simple, has a basic design and quite comfortable functionality for the user. 

On the main screen we can choose a book based on its author, title, genre or language; however we can use the advanced search if we want to be more specific.

The site has a large number of languages, but only a couple of languages are those that reach the thousands of audiobooks available, among them we have the English with an amount of 28 thousand audiobooks available and German with 2 thousand books available. An interesting option if you are looking to learn languages by listening to audiobooks. 

If you prefer the Spanish you will have available some 600 audiobooks for you.

Too has a forum where you can discuss with the community, order books, and volunteer to read books.


Loyal Books has an interesting platform, where we mainly have the books organized by categories.

If we look at the main page we will find a section where it includes options for most popular books, children's books, fiction, fantasy and mystery books. 

On this specific page we can find the audiobooks with ratings, it is an interesting feature if we want to find good audiobooks.

The primary language of the site is English, and in that language they have more than 6 thousand audiobooks available. In Spanish there are approximately some 100 books.

Loyal Books has a app available for devices Android and iPhone devices. So it will be an excellent option if you want to listen to audiobooks using a mobile application.


Without a doubt iVoox is one of the best platforms to listen audiobooks in Spanish. They have a system created not only to share audiobooks, but to share any type of audio format and upload it to the site.

The focus of the portal is more related to world of podcasts, but this does not limit users to record audiobooks and upload them to the site.

If you want listen to the audiobooks for free and in Spanish, I personally recommend this site. It is one of the best available, its web portal is well created, it has a mobile application and the overall user experience is excellent.


This is an interesting site, it is a blog dedicated to visually impaired people. It has reviews, summaries of literary works and biographies

Each item has a Audioplayer where we can listen to the content offered to us from the same site.

It is not the most complete site on this list as it is a fairly common blog, even so, it has a lot of content in Spanish and the intention of the site is quite admirable, wanting to help people who cannot enjoy written reading, giving them a platform to enjoy reading through audio.


This is a page in Spanish dedicated to audiobooks. This website has a pretty classic design, but without a doubt it is one of the most complete and well structured sites that I have seen.

Most of the sites they just share an audio, categorize and find people who help share content. 

However, at AlbaLearning we have a site completely non-profit, with the main objective that the content is the most important thing, and it is.

There you can find a large number of authors of various genres.

We can read and listen to the audiobooks at the same time. Each content is correctly divided into parts, and the experience is really very satisfactory

Undoubtedly it is one of my favorite places for his great dedication and effort in creating a unique platform, which allows the user to enjoy without any distraction.

How to download audiobooks books for free

Downloading an audiobook is the most convenient And it is one of the options that people look for the most when entering an audiobook site.

Have the audiobook downloaded is quite important, not all people download the applications on their phones or, they prefer to have the downloaded audiobook to listen to it whenever they want no need to connect to the website.

Most of the sites we've shared have buttons to download quite visible to the user, even so it is likely that for some it will be difficult or difficult to find these buttons, because some sites are in English. 

So we are going to guide you on your way through these websites, so that you can download your favorite audiobooks.

Download audiobooks on LibriVox

From this site it is extremely easy to download an audiobook, you simply have to go to a category. For example, if you are in the category of audiobooks in spanishRight next to the name of the book you will see a button that says "Download", clicking on it will automatically start the download.

Download audiobooks on LoyalBooks

If you want to download an audiobook from LoyalBooks, it's not very complicated, just has more options than usual and if you don't know English you can get confused with the site.

For example, if we search for the Audiobook of Don Quixote and we go down the page, we will have some options. 

From first we have to download each chapter individually, It is an interesting option if you do not want to have the entire audio, in the opposite case that if you want to have the entire audiobook, to the right of the site we will see an option that says "MP3 Download”, From there we can download the audiobook in MP3 format. 

We also have an option that allows us download it from iTunes Podcast, and we can also download it in iPod / iPhone format.

Download audiobooks using iVoox

Because iVoox is not specifically designed for audiobooksPerhaps it is not so easy for you to download them, don't worry, it is quite simple. 

The first thing we have to do is use the search tool and write "audiobooks”, We will immediately see all the content related to the audiobooks. 

As an example, we have a user uploaded an audiobook from Harry Potter, the philosopher's stoneWhen we enter there we will notice multiple options because it is a very complete page. To download the book you simply have to click the Download button.

Download audiobooks from AudioBooksFree

For the reason that this page is a simple blog, it is not very complicated. We simply have to choose the article, we go down to the bottom of the article and we will find the player, right next to the "play" button will be the download button, we click on it and the download will begin immediately.

Download audiobooks from AlbaLearning.

Finally we have the AlbaLearning page. From this website we only have to look for the audiobook that we want to download, then just below the audio player we will see the text to download that says “Download MP3 file”, We click on it and the download will begin. It is quite simple.

Is listening to an audiobook the same as reading a book?

Reading has always remained as a very beneficial activity for usThis is because through reading we learn, use our imagination and improve our way of speaking, in addition to a great many other benefits.

Now, a very common question The question for people considering listening to audiobooks is, will listening to an audiobook have the same benefits as reading a book? 

The truth is that there is no specific 100% answer for this question, what we can answer is that listening to an audiobook is quite similar to reading a book, for the same reason that there are almost no differences in the act of receiving the information.

A person who listened to an audiobook can speak as much about the content of the book as a person who read it, Besides, both being a process without images, they have put their imagination to the test regardless of whether they have been reading it or listening to it. 

Between the most notable differences of each action we have are; a person who reads a book does it mostly because of what the action of doing so implies, many people prefer to be in a quiet place, without noise, with a book in hand, reading; we also have that it is possible that the sounds, voices, effects that are used in the audiobook determine in a small part the way in which we imagine the story.
In conclusion we can say that there are almost no differences between listening to a book and reading it, the information that each person receives is exactly the same. So do not worry, choose without worry the option that interests you the most, the important thing is that you like reading and are looking for a way to enjoy it.