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The best dark and black themes for Google Chrome

dark themes for chrome

If you have entered this article it is probably because you are looking for dark themes for Google Chrome, that is, themes that have black or gray colors and have a positive impact if you are a regular internet browser.

black and dark themes

We are going to show you the best themes that you can download for Chrome and that will not only change the appearance and colors of your browser, but also have other advantages using a browser with dark colors.

Advantages of using a dark theme for Chrome

One of the main advantages is the reduction of white colors and light emitted by your screen, so that it will positively benefit your eyesight especially at night, when there is less light. Too will improve energy consumption of our computer, since the darker the colors are, the less energy our equipment will use.

Even though many of the users who install this type of theme do it merely to customize and look better in chrome We must not forget the advantages that we have previously discussed.

Top 5 Black and Dark Themes for Google Chrome

Here we show you the best black themes According to our criteria, they are not ordered and you can get them by clicking on the title of the topic.

Just black

just black chrome theme

This theme is characterized by being very simple and the most used dark theme Developed by The Chrome team that is part of Google, the theme perfectly fulfills its function, even if you are looking for something with more style, keep reading below.

Simple Material Dark Gray

simple material dark gray

According to our criteria, this is best minimalist dark theme, since unlike Just Black, it uses softer colors with different shades of gray. Which makes it nice to look at and quite modern.

Galaxy View

galaxy chrome theme

We wanted to include in our top a different dark theme, in this case an image of a forest at night where the stars and galaxies are seen, which can be a relaxing theme and nice for lovers of the universe.


dark blue chrome theme

This is the dark blue version of Just Black, the first topic of our article, we think these bluish tones are more pleasant. In the chrome web store you can find it in different colors.

Slinky Elegant

chrome black theme

One of the themes best rated by users, is characterized by its elegant design using black and gray tones in a gradient, and the developers have worked hard to improve it constantly.

Alternatives to activate dark mode on any website

If what you are looking for is to reduce white as much as possible to reduce the brightness of your screen and thus be able to navigate more comfortably, we recommend that you read the following article. We will teach you to turn the background of any website you visit to dark or black automatically with an extension for Google Chrome.