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Free dating apps: Updated List 2024

Free dating apps

Every year the platforms for dating and meeting people online are updated due to popularity, functions, among other characteristics. The free dating apps They are widely used and in case you don't know them, we present them to you today.

In these modern times, the internet is a tool that works for almost all areas of our lives. So if, meet your better half Through a dating app it is possible.

There are different options available in the official Android and iOS stores that you can try completely free, each one with different ways to match people and exclusive advantages. 

What is the best App to find a free stable partner?

When looking for a internet dating application, there are a couple of aspects that we must consider. Well, despite being a site to flirt with other people, we must also ensure our own safety.

Thanks to this type of applications, it is much easier to meet a potential partner or have a casual but very pleasant encounter. All depends on your needs, tastes and interests. 

Best dating apps


Put together a top of free dating apps Without mentioning Tinder it is impossible, since we are talking about the best app focused on this topic. On this platform, you can establish everything from nights of passion to very strong love bonds.

To use Tinder You don't need to add many details to your profile beyond a good couple of photos, your name and age. Well, this application has a "Match" system which works when two people give each other a "Like" to start a conversation. 

Apps to flirt

This same system makes Tinder a fairly safe application to meet people and flirt with them. Since those users with whom we do not have a “Match”, they will not be able to interact with us, thus avoiding receiving annoying messages. 

Tinder is completely free in official stores for any operating system, you just have to create an account. However, it is possible to purchase a premium subscription to have exclusive features and increase your chances of making a “Match”


This application is a little different from the others, and its main theme for flirting is video games. MeetMe, has several Minigames that will help you get out of pressure before meeting your potential partner. 

It is a platform designed for those introverted people, but despite this it has a high percentage of long-lasting relationships established in the application. In addition, it has a good matchmaking system that prioritizes finding other people near your location who also have compatible tastes and interests. 

meetme premium free

Another of its features worth highlighting is the variety of options it has in its cha windowt. Well, not only will you be able to send text messages, you will also have the opportunity to share multimedia files, voice audio, and make both voice and video calls.


Another option is OkCupid, a dating application that maintains a classic style but is very effective in bringing people together. Well, to enter you must complete a form with different questions about your personality, tastes, interests and what you are looking for in your next relationship.

And this is free dating app It focuses more on matching people who want a long-term bond. It also has a paid version in case you want to increase your possibilities and make use of premium features.

free okcupid premium


Did you know that you can use some social networks to flirt for free? In this case, Facebook Dating It is an extension of the app belonging to Meta. Which, thanks to its algorithm, has as a priority to search for other users with the same tastes, groups and interests in common who are in the same city.

Another of its features is the option “Secret Crush” which allows you to chat with any user with whom you are compatible. Something like the Match function on Tinder and other free dating apps.

Facebook Dating how to activate

Although it is an extension of Facebook, Dating is totally safe and keeps your privacy intact. Since upon entering you are asked to create a profile especially to meet other users looking for love.


Known for being one of the first free dating apps available in this market, launched initially as a website that over time was adapted to mobile devices. 

To use Meetic you only have to register and create a profile with all your personal data, then their system will analyze all the information provided to show you highly compatible profiles. In addition, you can explore profiles on your own as if it were a social network.

free dating apps

Meetic is different from the others thanks to its good administration, from time to time they organize events where singles can meet and participate in fun mechanics to get to know each other. Of course, to participate in these meetings you must be subscribed to its premium version. 


An exclusive alternative for people mainly attracted to others of the same gender where the majority are men. Grindr is generally used for one-night stands, but many people have been able to establish a long-term relationship. 

Its interface and compatibility system is similar to that of Tinder, it does not contain any type of invasive advertising, so it is not necessary to apply for a paid subscription. It even has very interesting functions such as having “Exclusiveness” with a preferred user.

gay dating app


If you've been interested in playing while you meet your potential partner, you should try Joyride. This dating application has a small catalog of games like Trivia Quiz, Speed Dating, among other activities that will allow you to get to know other people's personalities in a more fun way. 

On the other hand, it has a system of “Matches” that allows you to have a conversation with the person of your interest. You can download it right now from the respective official store of your mobile device. 


If you are looking for an app based on physical attraction, then you should download Bumble, since it has a compatibility system which begins as a result of a “Match” to give way to the conversation. The only difference is that only women can decide whether to talk to you or not.

This is a good one alternative for introverted men They wait for women to take the first step, otherwise they will not be able to interact. Even so, once chat is enabled, you will have other options available such as making voice and video calls, sending multimedia files and much more. 

free dating apps


We have previously talked about this application and it is one of the best in its area, as it offers a geolocation service out of the ordinary. Happn will show you profiles of users who have bumped into you in a restaurant, park, or public place.

To do this, the application will remain in the background, allowing detect anyone who is near you and also own the program on your mobile device. Next, it will show all the information and photos of each profile, if both give a “Like” the chat window will open to start a conversation. 

Happn Premium free


It is an application recently launched on the market, which has a concept quite different from the others. free dating apps seen before. Well, Skout will not only show you people close to you, but also from anywhere in the world. 

This is a perfect feature for those users who are about to move to another country or are interested in other cultures, of course, while looking for their other half. 

Skout free dating app


We finalize our list of free applications for flirt with eHarmony, a platform that has a compatibility system through answering some surveys to define your tastes and interests. Likewise, you will be able to imply what you are looking for, whether it is a special meeting or a long-lasting relationship. 

It is one of the most used applications due to its high probability of success, as thousands of people find love every day thanks to eHarmony. It has a very interesting payment method, but meet and chat with other people is totally free.

free dating apps

Free dating apps, which one do we recommend? 

Although there are a large number of options when choosing a online dating app that adapts to any need, taste or interest, most users have a preferred platform in common. According to studies, Tinder would be the quintessential option if you want to find your better half. 

But to tell the truth, we cannot recommend a single application, since all of them have different features and functions that give them a unique touch. We invite you to try each of them to increase your chances and lucky in love, but keep in mind to be very careful when exposing your personal information on the internet. 

That has been all for this occasion, we hope that this top has been to your liking and that you can have unforgettable experiences thanks to the free dating apps. Keep browsing Tecnoguias to learn more about this world.