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How to number pages in Word

how to number pages in word

The most important thing when making a document in Word it is without a doubt, the order. Have a well structured document makes reading easier and adds a considerable level of professionalism. In this guide, we will help you organize your documents better by teaching you how to number pages in word.

It should be noted that this is a very simple, so you shouldn't have a problem putting it into practice.

As an accessory, we will provide you with some tips and other tools that the program offers you for a better organization. Pay attention and take advantage of everything that we will tell you below. Without further ado, let's get started.

Steps to follow to number pages in Microsoft Word

Generally, people who are unaware of the tools it provides Word, they usually do this manually; however, there is a way for the program to do this in a way automatic, what we will have to do is:

  • Go to the tab "Insert" on the toolbar Word.
  • Locate the section "Header and footer", which is on the right.
how to number pages in word
  • Click on "Page number", this will show you a list of the different places where you can include the numbering.
  • Choose the second option "End of page".
  • Next, you will have a list of default designs, highlighting the "Raw number", there are three and each one includes the number in a position on the page (left, center and right).
how to number pages in word

As a result, we will have solved the question of how to number pages in word, the number will be at end of each page and the numbering starts from the first. Once this is done, click anywhere in the document to close the footer and continue editing.

Number pages in Word from the second page

Anyway, the numbering cannot always go on the first page. That is why, if you have a cover, the numbers should start on the second page. If you want the numbering in Word start at second page, you have to:

  1. Go to the tab "Insert" on the toolbar.
  2. In section "Header and footer", select the last option "Page number".
  3. Choose the design that you like the most, depending on where you want the number to appear and in what position within the page.
  4. When you have chosen, a new section will appear in the toolbar called "Design", click on it.
  5. In section "Options", press the first box "Different first page".
  6. When you're done, the numbering will start from second page.

Note: This option starts the numbering from the second page with the number 2.

Identically, there is another way to carry out this process, for this you must:

  • Insert the page number as we explained previously.
  • In option "Page number", this time select "Page number format ...".
  • Go to the bottom of the box, where it says "Page numbering".
  • Check the box "Start in" and write a 0 in her.
  • Click on "To accept".

Indeed, if the numbering begins at the number 0, the second page will now have the number 1.

How to number pages in Word from page 3

Obviously, some works require as a requirement to add the numbering after a certain specific page. This is a bit tricky, but, is there a way to make the numbers follow the page (page 5 with the number 5) or that start on a certain page (page 3 with the number 1).

So if you are wondering, How to number pages in word from page 3? We are going to explain how you can do it. For this, we will have to divide the document into sections, this can be done as follows:

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Go to "Provision" on the toolbar.
  3. In section "Page setup", click on "Jumps".
  4. Select the first option, "Page", to insert a page break.

Consequently, you will now be on the second page of the document, jump again and being in the third, we are going to start the numbering. For this you must:

  1. Go to the tab "Provision".
  2. Choose the option "Jumps".
  3. Click on "Next page".

Since we've done page and section breaks, the document now has three pages and two sections. Now, we must solve the problem of footer link, for this we will have to:

  1. On page 3 of the document, do Double click at the bottom to open the footer.
  2. This will display the Available options to edit the header and footer.
  3. Locate the section "Navigation" and select "Link to the previous one".

Finally, perform the steps mentioned above in how to number pages in word and ready. In this way, the document will begin the numbering in the page 3 with number 3.

Advantages of numbering pages

You've probably noticed that something as simple as listing pages can be a bit of a process. tedious, therefore, we will give you some reasons for you to see the bright side from all of this:

  • Simplify work: Of course, it is somewhat tedious, but it is much better than doing it manually, since the numbering of Word It updates automatically and also I know syncs with index.
  • Facilitates the search: Of great help if you are doing any guide or job material, helping those interested to find the information efficiently.
  • Best organization: There is nothing to prove more professionalism than a well-organized document, that's why learning how to number pages in wordIt is a much greater benefit than the work involved.


Finishing, we hope you have taken note and acquired a new skill thanks to our guide "How to number pages in Word". We also remind you that here in TecnoGuias you will get more tutorials and news about the world of technology. Thank you very much for reading, see you!