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Secret chat Telegram What is it and how does it work?

Secret Telegram chats

With the clear objective of explaining the benefits offered by this messaging platform, the issue of two types of secret and normal chat on Telegram that you can use.

Particularly in this post, we will talk in detail about what secret chats are and how it works. Thanks to the fact that it has a series of advantages and disadvantages that you must take into account for the security of each conversation you make on the platform.

These changes focus on giving you better privacy and security for better communication.

How does the secret Telegram chat work?

A secret chat is quite different from a normal chat, as a starting point the conversation that takes place can only be observed by the receiver and you. Interestingly, when you talk to another user in a normal way, the platform looks for store everything in the cloud and Telegram has the possibility to decipher said conversation.

Likewise, everything that is sent by this means cannot be forwarded to another person outside of the secret chat. Affirming that much less executing screenshots, so as you notice everything is synchronized between the sender and receiver, if one executes an action to the other it affects or is good for him.

It should be noted that applying to this type of chats, you also have the possibility of configure self-destruct for each message, image or video sent. As a result, your conversations will be safe, your task is to apply the settings and define the time for this to apply.

It should be noted that no secret conversation can be seen on different devices, because there is no backup or saved in the cloud. That is why as a user you must always use the device or mobile where you initially create the secret chat on Telegram.

create secret telegram chat

How to open and view secret Telegram chats?

In order to explain the easiest way to create a secret chat on Telegram, you have the following options:

Telegram iOS version

  • Open the application of this platform on your computer.
  • Then start a new message and at the top of the chat, you have to choose several options, select "new secret chat."

Telegram Android version

Here the process is more direct, you must execute the following:

  • Open the application and pull down the menu.
  • Among the options is "new secret chat".

You can also choose the pencil shaped chat icon, when you choose select the secret chat option. Remember that when you open a conversation in this way, it will only be available on that device, because there is no backup in the cloud, or with the same Telegram platform.

How is it different from normal chats?

difference secret chats normal chats

There are many differences, exemplifying a little the most striking thing is the end-to-end encryption, only the two people who are participants in the conversations share the code, if you like you can check such an anomaly.

On the other hand, if you activate the self-destruct setting, all video or photos that you receive from the other person will not appear directly to you. You must open it to view it, otherwise, it will be blurred.

Setting up self-destruct for messages is very easy. You just have to click on the profile of the other person and select the time you want delete received files.

This methodology is recommended when you have to carry out a traditional conversation with family, friends or clients, on the other hand, when having a conversation that you do not want to have any type of support, it is best to use the secret chat on Telegram.

As you can see, this platform has great virtues, perhaps some even better than WhatsApp itselfIn other words, I invite you to evaluate this possibility, because little by little it is becoming an indispensable tool.