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¿Cómo encontrar los mejores grupos de Telegram en July de 2024?

find telegram groups

One of the main advantages of Telegram over other applications is that it goes far beyond individual or group conversations, which is common in WhatsApp. Within Telegram we can find many options that allow us to have relevant information on any topic that we want, using the best telegram groups

You do not know how to find groups on telegram? Are you looking for a specific group? Do you want to be aware of top topics? So, don't get detached from the screen. In this article we bring you the answers to these and many more relevant questions, so don't miss it!

It should be noted that this article is focused on helping all those users who use Telegram, know how to get the most out of the application. Therefore, if you still do not have Telegram downloaded, we invite you to install it and continue reading this post.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most popular and longest-standing instant messaging applications on the market. It is one of the alternatives favorites to applications such as WhatsApp and stands out for its approach to issues such as the security and privacy of its users.

what is telegram

It is an application used throughout the world, which supports several languages and has various options that have led it to collect more than 500 million of active users per month, this according to data provided by Sensor Tower.

One of the most notable differences of telegram is that you do not need another person's number to be able to chat, because we can meet people in groups of the theme that we want or we can directly search for a person by their Nick or username.

Within telegram we can find great possibilities that others Applications They do not offer messaging, so it is a social network that will keep you entertained and offers you a lot free content. 

Do you want to know how to get the most out of Telegram groups? Here we will teach you more about it.

Know the difference between channels and telegram groups 

In telegram we can find two main terminology, which are the groups and telegram channels. If it is the first time that you use this application, you probably do not fully understand what these concepts are about,

Therefore, here we are going to explain how clear and summarized which are the groups and channels, as well as their main different ones.

telegram channels 

Telegram channels were developed with companies in mind or public figures, which want to communicate with many people easily. Within a channel, you can Send a message and many people who belong to the channel can read it.

In addition, you can choose other administrators to help you manage the channel. In general, these channels are used to inform customers, fans about specific topics or to share news.

telegram groups 

The main difference between the groups and the telegram channels is that the groups are created thinking of gathering friends or family. On the one hand, channels have an unlimited number of people, while groups have a maximum limit of 200,000 thousand people per group.

Within the groups, there is no administrator who writes and the others read, but everyone can participate equally. We can find private groups and public groups, which are shared on the internet and anyone can join the chat.

How to search for groups on telegram? 

Since we know what the telegram groups and its main characteristics, it is time for you to learn how to search for them. If you wonder where can I find telegram groups? You should know that this is a very common question among users.

how to find groups on telegram

But the truth is that on the internet, social networks and many forums are frequently shared by public telegram groups. It should be noted that if you want to be part of a private group, you will have to be the administrator who invites you or adds you to it.

The easiest way to search groups on Telegram, It is from the app itself which has a tool that will help you find what you are looking for. 

Steps to search groups on telegram

Although it may not seem like it, searching for groups on Telegram is much easier than it seems, you just have to have the application installed on your device and follow a few steps, which are: 

  • Open Telegram on your device 
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon located on the top right from the screen
  • Enter the theme of the group you are looking for
  • Wait for the results to load on the screen
  • Click on the icon of the group that catches your attention
  • Once inside the group, click on the button "Join the group"

With these simple steps, you will be able to enter the group that you like the most and start chatting with new people. 

Best Telegram groups today

 If you are in search of the best telegram groups and channels with thousands of users, and focused on various topics, here we have compiled a list with the most searched groups.

In addition, we leave you the link to each one of them, so you can join immediately and start enjoying all its content.

Sports betting Telegram groups

sports betting telegram groups

If you like sports betting and want make money betting, then you must belong to the best telegram groups on this topic. If you don't know where to find the best ones, here we leave you their direct invitation links:

Name links
J Bets
Michi bets
JR sports betting
Stake Free
Bets 1.50
updated minutes ago

Telegram groups about Football 2024

group and telegram channels about football

If you want to see the best matches and broadcasts of European football, then you are interested in joining the Soccer groups on Telegram. For this, we have compiled a list of invitation links for soccer groups from all cities of the world. 

Name links 
Watch European Soccer leagues for free
Free football online Cups and leagues of Europe
See the Champions League, Copa del Rey and more competitions
Soccer around the world for free
Real Madrid Women
Free Soccer Matches Mexico
Updated 1 hour ago

Anime Telegram Groups

telegram group about anime series

 If you like anime and want to belong to one telegram community on this subject, then the list of links that we leave you below will be of interest to you. Here we bring you the various groups available focused on anime, film and tv.

Name links 
anime mensia
One Piece Universe
otaku forever
otaku friends
anime fans
Updated 1 hour ago

Telegram groups about music 

group and online music channels

If you want to hear the best music of the moment and download it to your device for free, then you should be interested in these groups. In them, you will find the best groups with new and not so new music, ideal for any taste.

Name links 
Music in English Lyrics US
Music in Spanish
Reggae band, Riddim, Dancehall
Telegram VEVO
Video Library CC In
Ringstons Bgm
100%Rap FR
Updated 2 hours ago

Telegram groups of free movies and series 

telegram group movies and series

If you are looking for telegram groups where they share Movistar Plus accounts, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Spotify, among others, completely free and effective, then you must belong to a group of free Telegram accounts.

Next, we leave you a list with the most relevant groups:

Name links 
Premium Accounts
Netflix, Spotify, Disney, HBO, Star accounts
Netflix Premium Accounts
Premium Accounts Free Fire
Spam premium offer
Flirt buy premium accounts
Premium Subscriptions
Updated 2 hours ago

Telegram groups of Only Fans (+18)

onlyfans telegram groups

If you want to enjoy all the exclusive content of Onlyfans, here we bring you a list with telegram groups They offer this content completely free of charge.

Name links 
TuPackProhibido Spanish
OnlyFans 24/7
Onlyfans Goddesses
Updated 2 hours ago

How to leave a Telegram group?

since you know how to search telegram groups and join them, it's time you learned how you can get out of a group. This is if you already got bored of the group or simply lost interest in it.

Telegram allows us to leave all the groups where we are, both private and public. But, How to do it? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Telegram on your mobile
  • Find the group you want to leave
  • Click on the name of the group at the top of the screen
  • Open the group profile
  • Click on the three vertical points that are on the top right of the screen
  • Click on leaving the group

If in your case you want to leave several groups, you will have to repeat this process with all of them until you achieve your goal. It is not something so complicated, you only have to spend a couple of minutes and you will be able to leave all the groups what you want.

Final words

!! Congratulations!! If you got here, now you know what they are and how to find better telegram groups of the moment, which will keep you entertained for hours and provide you with relevant content on the topic you are looking for.

It should be noted that sometimes these groups tend to die over time, as their activity may decrease due to different circumstances.

In such a case, that any of these groups is no longer active, we invite you to make it known in the comment box. 

Do you want to know more tricks on Telegram? Here we show you how to use the Secret Chat on Telegram. You can not lose this!