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Listas Wiseplay DAZN actualizadas July de 2024

wiseplay DAZN list

Do you like sports and do not want to miss any game? So you should know about the Wiseplay DAZN Lists. It is a list with sports channels that you can watch completely online, without the need to have a TV with a cable signal.

It is no secret to anyone that cable TV is less and less relevant, because with the arrival of streaming and large platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more, fewer and fewer people are using that service. However, if you want to watch your favorite sports, many of us find ourselves with the doubt of Where can I watch sports broadcasts online?

Due to the need to fill this gap, a new platform focused on sporting events has been created. In this way, you will be able to see your favorite matches and some other content, all thanks to Wiseplay.

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The Wisplay Dazn lists They allow you to enjoy tournaments, competitions and matches from all the events and leagues that are played, all without having to spend a single penny. Are you interested in knowing more about it? Read to the end! 

What are Wiseplay DAZN lists? 

Nowadays, one of the most used alternatives in the whole world to enjoy events and paid sports tournaments, it is through the internet. Since, if you do not have contracted television channels, you can search for platforms that broadcast live and on high quality, no need to pay.

This is a simple, convenient and free way to access all the programming and events broadcast around the world. Of course, you need to have a stable internet connection and with a speed greater than 4mbs.

The Wiseplay lists have had a great reception in Spain, which has led it to be compared to Netflix given its quality, although its content is totally different. One of its main characteristics is that it offers live broadcast of the most watched and anticipated sports and events around the world.

But not only that, they also stream matches so you can watch an earlier match, anytime you want. This is perfect for those occasions where we can't watch a game or want to ravoid emotions.

Wiseplay is currently available in several countries around the world and continues to expand over the years.

What sports can you watch on Wiseplay DAZN? 

Usually, Wisplay DAZN its content usually varies depending on the country where it is broadcast, with the aim of adapting to the tastes and interests of each region. Today, its most visited catalog is football, motor, fight. tennis. basketball and much more.

The interesting thing about this app is that they have a wide variety of competitions for each sport, which is fascinating. Currently, you can find in the Wiseplay DAZN lists to download, where you can find competitions from all over the world.

This is because Wisplay has acquired the rights to most competitions and it is expected that this year it will reach Champions League and La Liga in Spain.

Among the transmissions available, we find:


  • Euroleague
  • NBA
  • CBA


  • South American Cup
  • Libertadores Cup
  • italian super cup
  • League One
  • gold Cup
  • FA Cup 
  • premier league
  • Copa del Rey
  • Italian Cup
  • League Two 


  • bike 2
  • bike 3
  • Wordl SBK
  • Moto E World Cup
  • motorcycle gp


  • golden-boy
  • Matchroom Boxing USA/UK


  • PDC Darts
  • Olympic Games
  • Grand Slam

Wiseplay DAZN Sports online list 2024 

If you already know how it works Wiseplay DAZN and you are looking for the best lists of the moment, then this section will interest you. Here we are going to leave you a series of recently updated lists, so you can enjoy your favorite sport.

Wiseplay dazn sports

You just have to click on the URL and it will take you directly to the broadcast, if you cannot enter or it is not available, then you should try another list.

DAZN Wiseplay sports – 2024
DAZN Wiseplay Football Spain – 2024
DAZN Wiseplay MotoGP – 2024
DAZN Wiseplay F1 – 2024
Dazn Wiseplay NBA – 2024
Dazn Wiseplay FOOTBALL EUROPE – 2024
Actualizado en July – 2024

MotoGP Wiseplay DAZN List 

Wiseplay MotoGP Dazn List

If you are a fan of competitions on two wheels, you should know that within the Wisplay DAZN list you can see the MOTOGP world championship, which is called the highest category in motorcycling in high speed.

Do you want to see the best competitions wherever you are and from your mobile? Then you must visit Wiseplay DAZN motoGP list, which you can see from your application or using the links that we leave you below.

Description Wiseplay Link list type Update date
Wiseplay MotoGP list July – 2024
Dazn Wiseplay Moto GP July – 2024
Wiseplay list MotoGP 1 July – 2024
DAZN Moto GP July – 2024
Actualizado en July – 2024

Updated Wiseplay lists for Formula 1

wiseplay formula1 DAZN list

We have all heard about Formula 1, as it is the largest category in the world of high-speed motorsports, which has been practiced for many years and today is recognized as a sport worldwide.

This event is very popular in Europe and Latin America, being one of the first auto sports to originate, which has led Formula 1 to reach millions of followers and has been awarded with great prizes around the world.

Currently, Formula 1 has more than 20 grand prizes, among which we highlight the Monaco Grand Prix, held in an urban field, the Belgian Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix, the Monza circuit and much more. 

Do you want to enjoy the magic of the great circus? Here we leave you with a Updated Wiseplay list: 

DAZN Wiseplay F1URL: – 2024
DAZN Wiseplay F1URL: – 2024
Actualizado en July – 2024

DAZN list to watch NBA (Basketball)

wiseplay nba DAZN

Other of the most sought after events on the internet are the NBA tournaments. It is the most followed sport in the world, where great sports stars like LeBron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry and many more.

This has become one of the most watched sports on Dazn, sIf you want to start enjoying this content in the best quality, online and totally free, then you should know these lists.

DAZN on Wiseplay NBA – 2024

DAZN Wiseplay Football 2024 List

wiseplay watch football

If what you are looking for is to enjoy the king sport that is played all over the world, then you must know the wiseplay lists to watch football online. Within the application, you will be able to watch live broadcasts of the best events in the world.

DAZN offers you a high-quality service, so you can enjoy the matches to the fullest, without annoying advertising or interruptions. From the premier league to the French League, within DAZN you can see the best leagues in the world.

But not only that, you can also enjoy great tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League, etc. 

DAZN football from Spain – 2024
Wiseplay European soccer – 2024
Actualizado en July – 2024

How to download DAZN Wisplay app? 

See them Wiseplay channels online It's incredibly easy, the first thing we have to do is download the app and enter it. To download the app, you can go to the official store of your device, it is available for both Android and iOS.

Once inside, you will find a menu where two options stand out:

  • Install a Wiseplay code
  • Enter Wiseplay lists with QR code

You can use the Wisplay URLs that we leave you in this article, in the m3u or w3u format. When we introduce all the lists, we click on “okay” and you will now have the best Wiseplay lists on your Android device.

Other ways to see Wiseplay is using the computer. To do this, you will have to download the emulator Bluestacks and install it on your pc. Once the tool is complete, you will be able to emulate an Android device, allowing you to access the Play Store.

Steps to install Wiseplay DAZN sports lists

Adding a new wiseplay list is quite simple, you just have to do the following:

  • Open the Wiseplay app on your device
  • Click on (+) that is in the lower right side of the app
  • Go to the “Add list from URL” section
  • Place all the Url what do you want
  • Click on “OK”
  • That's all, now you have to wait to enjoy the Wiseplay content you want so much

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you know the best Wiseplay DAZN lists of the moment, it's time for you to clarify your doubts with our frequently asked questions section. Here we collect the questions and answers most frequented by users who use Wiseplay:

Is there an error installing a wiseplay list? 

Normally, this app works fine and error-free, but some incidents may occur. Usually we can find two common mistakes, which are:

  1. The list cannot be read from its source: When this happens it is because the list was deleted or It's not updated. We recommend you look for updated and functional lists.
  2. The list url does not open the app and is added automatically: If you are Android users, you have higher chances to open .w3u or .m3u from the browser, you can choose which one to run them with.

How to recognize a malicious wiseplay list? 

If you got the urls from a page not recognized it may be malicious. To recognize them, you just have to enter the list in the app and if they ask for personal data such as email, account data, etc., it is a malicious URL.

What to do if I added a malicious list? 

If this happens, it is because you ignored what we told you above. When installing this type of lists, you will notice that the app goes much slower and ads will appear on your device, even if you don't have any apps open.

In this case, what you should do is uninstall Wiseplay, then install an antivirus on your device and follow all the steps to clean it. In case the problem continues, then you should go to a computer technician.

Final words 

Congratulations! if you read this far you already know what they are the best updated Wiseplay DAZN lists. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you follow our advice and tips to the letter. 

Do not wait more! start watching the sporting events you like so much, in high quality and without spending a single dollar. 

Has this article been helpful to you? We invite you to leave us your opinion in the comment box. Also, if you want to know more lists, here we have articles like Wiseplay lists for adults 2024.